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>Let's go with Foggy London Dolls. No need to go fully all out.
>Soar over the lake, and get within range of Sanae. "Ready?"
> Still holding the curtain up,approach the "pebbles and the little ceramic castle "...

>...examine them and,while at it,note if and how they are reflecting through the Large Glass box next to them

>Looking at them, the pebbles are all rounded and clearly have spent a long time in water. The little ceramic castle is just that, about the size of the your hand. It seems to be hollow, from what you can see through the windows.
>You can see them just fine through the glass box.

>You head back, and grab a couple lengths of curtain and tear them away from...whatever it is that is holding them up.
>Holding up the length of curtain, you approach the glass box. Nothing odd seems to happen. The box itself is empty. You notice there is what seems to be a small amount of pebbles near it, and what seems to be a little castle made of ceramic.


> Still holding the curtain up,approach the "pebbles and the little ceramic castle "...

>...examine them and,while at it,note if and how they are reflecting through the Large Glass box next to them
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Death's Gatekeeper: Elly
« Last post by Neovereign on Yesterday at 10:45:27 PM »
> "How would I explain to Miss Yuuka what I did to this poor soul if your face is scratched up by my scythe?"
Yeah, it's a really interesting chapter. Thanks for the write-up, SusPerson
Latest chapter 13 is now out ! Dunno if it's just me, but it feels to me like there's been quite the mood shift ever since the new artist took over. Dunno if it's just the artstyle or the story this time

Anyway, as expected, the shadowy figure is indeed Marisa ... I might be a bit biaised in finding her suspicious (considering what I previously brought up), but honestly I think this should solidify Marisa's position as being closer to the side of the no gooders than on the side of those who are actually helpful this time around ...

It's EXTREMELY WEIRD and suspicious that Marisa would straight up go to the bamboo forest to look for Reimu, and even enlist Mokou's help to try to search for her, as if it was certain that Reimu was in the bamboo forest ... Marisa believes that a still-possessed-Yukari took Reimu away, but we, as readers, we know that Yukari shouldn't be possessed anymore around the time she contacted Reimu, and couldn't have transmited the vengefulona spiritus to Reimu since they didn't share a drink, so we should know from the onset that Marisa's theory is wrong. But for her to suppose that Reimu would pop up in the forest and more specifically in Eientei makes no sense : if she suspects Yukari, why go to the bamboo forest ?! And also, what connection could there be between Yukari theorically kidnapping Reimu then somehow sending her elsewhere ? That makes no sense at all, UNLESS Marisa is in on whatever plot the baddie's got this time.

Marisa's insistence on getting in Eientei (despite being rejected by Reisen and the guards), along with the fact that she strung Mokou along with her puts me on the side of the people who believe that the two shadowy figures at the end of the chapter should be Marisa and Mokou (especially since one of them has a long staff-like thing that ought to be a broom)

The only mystery in this chapter to me is the letter : how did it find it's way in there ? But considerin gthat Yukari was the last known character to be possessed before this, it's possible that she would be used as an explanation (there could be other ones tbh)

Marisa is most definitely extremely suspicious and has been of more help to the Vengeful spirit than the investigation efforts. IF she indeed turns out to be one of the shadowy figures, then her planning her break-in 30 minutes before what's stipulated in the letter doesn't do her any favors. My assumption is still the same here she is an accomplice, but the question I have remains the same too, still : is she a willing helper or an unwitty accomplice who's been controled in some way or another ?
Chapter 24's been out for quite a while now, hmm

Checking back on this manga, the latest chapter 23 and 24 really strike me as a repeat of that chapter of WaHH where the Zashiki Warashi left their households for a time. While the Okina picture from chapter 23 made it seem like there could be something bigger going on, actually there wasn't at all, it's just a chill, cool regular day in the land of fantasy. I find it weird that the random Zashiki Warashi would know of the secret domain of Okina somehow. How did they even contact her in order to get there ?

It's a bit like in WaHH too where they get to go to the outside world in order to work in big franchise hotels (iirc, but don't quote me on that). Either they are special in some way, or there is some suspicious brand of favoritism from the leading figures when it comes to this particular race ...

Also gotta appreciate the fact that the random greater fairies from the final chapters of VFiS get to make a cameo in chapter 23, color palette and all. Some mob characters are oddly interesting that I kinda want to see em occupy the background a bit more. Hopefully we'll one day get an opportunity to have the FS Doomer or the WaHH dark haired kappa again

All in all, this "A """"ghoul's"""" life is full of ups and downs" arc is, all in all, pretty chill and tame. Prolly nothing to glean from it unless you really, really overthink a bunch of stuff
Not sure if a new thread would be more appropriate for this or not, but on the topic of big boi fangames, just today, Ankake Spa, the Circle behind some well appreciated title such as Dat Youmu game (Youyou Kengeki Musou) and Touhou Koukishin (Scarlet Curiosity) uploaded an announcement of sorts for their new fangame, Touhou Choushinsei (?)

Announcement vid / trailer(?) here :

Game has been in the works for quite some time, with only a tweet featuring a Reimu model doing some attacks in Scarlet Curiosity (can't find where that tweet is ...) showing that the circle was working on something, but this confirms that they've been going at it for real. Game is slated for release in 2022, and aside from having Reimu and Marisa as confirmed playables, it's gonna be similar in style to their previous games (just see the trailer)

Game is quite pretty as we have quite a few scenic views, just like in Scarlet Curiosity, and the fact that there are new enemies and new characters (with a few returning locations too) is gonna make things interesting.

So yeah, since Scarlet Curiosity was quite the fangame, so I'm absolutely looking forward to what this game's got in store. Definitely something to look forward to as far as new 2hu fangames go in.

Circle's twitter here
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Death's Gatekeeper: Elly
« Last post by Philosopher on Yesterday at 04:18:11 PM »
>"True, but clothes are easier to repair.  Plus I need a cute foil for my mature appearance."
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Neo Quest
« Last post by Philosopher on Yesterday at 04:13:47 PM »
>Give a Shrug
->"In spirit?  Other people's eyes?"

>Do we think our ability and lack of a past are connected?
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