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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #120 on: January 06, 2022, 11:32:02 PM »
hi hi! err, i've never really done the whole "forum posting" thing before, so apologies if there are any format errors!

my name is azazel, i'm 18, and i'm.. I guess a dude? don't look into it too hard ^_^;; i'm a hobbyist artist looking to go fully independent -- Freelance! i'm. not doing too well on that front at the moment, but i have high hopes! high school dropout, seeking my GED. i'm american, though i have the sleep schedule of an australian (according to my friends LOL)

i think i first heard about touhou around 7 years ago? it was because of a mixture of bad apple and cirno's perfect math class as far as i remember! plus i was really into mmd videos, so i watched a ton of random touhou mmd videos and just sorta.. slowly absorbed touhou knowledge! then i forgot about it for a few years LOL. but i saw something about cirno again about 2 years ago and decided to finally play one of the games from the series, phantasm dream. it was like.. brand new at the time i think? i genuinely have no idea, my concept of time is a bit shoddy. BUT i ended up falling in love with the style of the game!! ...for a bit! and then i fell out all over again. this time around, however, i'm here to stay. you can thank muse dash for that! their collab with touhou project dragged me back in so hard i swear i got my legs stuck in the ground that is Touhou. as for finding the site.. i really just looked up "touhou forums" and went from there.

..i have only drawn patchouli. i plan to draw as many touhou characters as i possibly can, though, and maybe even, and this is NOT a promise lol, make a game for it? who knows!

i'm very big on art (as i've mentioned a couple times haha) and rhythm games! favourite rhythm games are project diva and muse dash~ i'm also a novice writer and want to learn how to sew!

i look forward to chatting with you all here on motk2 ^_^
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #121 on: January 07, 2022, 08:33:03 PM »
Long time lurker deciding to join this forum, mainly interested in the gameplay part.

Learned about Touhou in 2011, but started seriously playing only recently in 2021. I have most N1cc's and several H1cc's, and started dipping into easier Lunatics (MoF done), so I wouldn't say I'm a high skill player yet.

I'm also interested in Touhou fangames - like Touhou Luna Nights, Strawberry Bose JRPG trilogy, Labyrinth of Touhou, Kaisendo danmaku fangames.

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #122 on: January 15, 2022, 08:47:19 PM »
As the username suggest, I'm Gonkanau. Well, I do have other names in other social like Final Gonkanau, SecondGonkanau, Konumi, Konumi1820, etc I can't even remember them all lol
I found Touhou around a year ago when a red and white girl keeps popping up in my socials and I was like "just who the hell is this" and now here I am.
I do play the official games, but I'm just around average at it I guess?
Anyway. When I was finding patches for fangames and stuff like that most of the time I ended up in this forum so I signed up. Forums aren't my thing though so I don't know if I'm gonna be active...
I like to play rhythm games like osu! and reading visual novel (uh... don't judge me please)
is this 2012


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #123 on: February 14, 2022, 08:29:35 PM »
This is a complicated one, but... I'm not new. I've been for a small bit, but had to move on due to some complications. HOWEVER! I will be popping back in every now and then, so if anyone remembers me, I guess I'm back!
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #124 on: February 19, 2022, 03:20:32 AM »
Well, might as well give my real introductions here:

Hello, I'm Alex, but Memomecha's my name here. I've seen this site for the longest while and even helped out in the early days of this site, but I disappeared for about over a year until now. I've found it through that infamous U.N. Owen Was Her full version video and it has been with me throughout my life right now.
Age: 19, nearing 20
Occupation: Freelance Artist
Hobbies: Writing and making 3D models
Going into buisness once more.

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #125 on: February 21, 2022, 09:28:48 PM »
I don't have a nickname of my own, but for few years now I've been going around in Touhou communities as Kotohime. It's obviously obvious she's my favorite though I have a heart for other characters too. Not to sound ignorant, but mostly all of them are wonderful. Well well, what's my purpose here? I've made this account some time ago, but I haven't considered posting, just lurking. You all know that forums are pushed aside by social media like Discord (earlier by Facebook) or Twitter. Honestly though - I am happy to have at least one Touhou related forum that's lively and I want to be a part of it one way or another. Even as a pillar~ (I'm kinda strong when I put effort).
Anyway, more about me - I'm a gamer. I've played through and completed all of the mainline games (except for Touhou 1 and some spinoff like 13.5 and later fighters) on normal or higher difficulty. I find big enjoynment in Phantasmagoria games unlike other people (these were my first that I beat on Lunatic due to how they're not so different from normal mode to be honest). Anyway, don't take me professionally. I only completed few Extras and don't bother with others because I see no point in doing so. Touhou games aren't the only ones I play. I generally play every kind of game ranging from AAA titles from a 15 years ago or more, to indie games that get released tomorrow. It's easier for me to say which ones I don't like and these are RPGs in which I hate grind, slow progression and repeating the same thing over and over.
Besides games though - I like mostly everything. Music, films, books, cooking, gardening, electronics - name it. I avoid politics whenever possible as they've been doing more harm than needed from my perspective.
I'd almost forgot my main thing I do with others in the fanbase - that is roleplay. The roleplay servers on Discord have been getting a bit stale. I wonder if I'll be able to find something here?
Well, that's it for my personal blog in this not so long post. (I feel like it's longer from anything else others wrote). Oh well~
Thank you for reading this. I hope that I have sparked some interest.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #126 on: February 25, 2022, 07:15:18 AM »
 :cirnotan: Hello! My name's Vaz, 22, they/them from California. I work on contract as a tutor and work as a cook currently.

I'd always known about Touhou from it showing up in memes and references but I had zero idea about the characters or story, it was just this weird phenomenon that would happen sometimes. However I'm a huge yuri manga fan and after burning through my regular series someone posted a Touhou yuri manga, and when googling for more it turns out there is a strawberries TON OF MANGA FOR TOUHOU. Reading through the various fan and official manga helped get me caught up a bit on the characters.

I also started playing Mystia'a Izakaya and loved it, and finally have been playing the official games. When I saw screenshots online of the games it seemed impossible to play but now having played them it clearly is less about being impossible to dodge and more about dealing with the disorientation of a thousand bright neon lights moving in different directions. Been loving it! Also started playing fan games too, basically have become a new obsession of mine.

Maybe one day I'll finally buy a Fumo...

Favorite character currently is Mokou!


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #127 on: March 26, 2022, 08:47:33 PM »
I'm Gree!

I've been into Touhou for a few years and completed up to LLK so far (I force myself to clear ex stages) I've never really been on a text forum like this before so I hope to learn the etiquette and such.

My favourite Character is Sakuya and my favourite game is between Double Dealing Character and Imperishable Night

Also generally into anime and fighting games
"High Anxiety" is my middle name


Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #128 on: March 31, 2022, 06:23:18 AM »
New to MotK? Feel free to write a brief introduction for yourself here. Try to keep it to at most a few paragraphs, please.

Returning members from MotK v2 are also welcome to introduce themselves.

Potential topics (nothing is required, be as specific or unspecific as you like):
- Name, age, job or education status, country/location
- How did you learn about Touhou/find this site?
- What have you done so far in Touhou?
- Other interests or hobbies

I dissected a Swissman from London, it is how I obtained my biomedical science’s diploma to be frozen in Edinburgh.

I am retiring to video games and casually living to cure the trauma now, peace and fear! Yay!


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #129 on: April 10, 2022, 11:51:57 AM »
I'm completely new here..

I go by jrm1007 on Xbox, PS4
Sumireko Usami on Discord, and various other places.
I ended finding this site through a friend who mentioned it, and I was curious.
I'm 19 and I live in the US

I'm big into Touhou, discovered it in early 2018, I'm also a big fan of racing games, and mess around with MUGEN a lot, I edit older characters and such.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #130 on: April 15, 2022, 11:02:16 AM »
Hey hey, my name is Kai/Kaii
I go by kaiidentical/mashedjunko

I've been playing Touhou since the release of Unconnected Marketeers, not very good at it tho.
Found this site through r/touhou
I live in the Netherlands :cirnotan:


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #131 on: June 25, 2022, 02:57:14 PM »
Hi, my name is SirtheBastard but you can call me Sir for short. I've been a Touhou since 2 years (January 2020) which I am surprised especially when my relationship with it was strained this year before June 2022. I think I have known Touhou thanks to the the video Reimu VS Sakuya ( and listened Night of Knight. Ever since, I have become a prominent member of this fandom. (I forgot how I found this website. :cirnotan:)
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #132 on: June 27, 2022, 04:15:50 AM »
-Braveheart, 22 years old, unemployed, Hong Kong
-I learned about Touhou when I was just consuming mangas, doujins and other jp-related media back then. I stumbled on a doujinshi about Touhou one day and got me hooked onto the series later. If you're wondering which doujinshi it was titled Yagokoro Syndrome.
-Played and cleared some of the mainline games but my favorite ones are probably the figthtan games especially soku and other tasofro-related works.
-I just consume japanese media for a hobby.  :meiling:

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #133 on: July 09, 2022, 11:42:52 AM »
Hi all! I go by the name "pandakekok9" in reddit. I'm from the Philippines.

I first learned about Touhou from a danooct1 video about Rensenware. I found Touhou interesting and browsed the Touhou Wiki to learn more about the characters and setting, but the interest soon faded for some reason (I think the wiki's weird interface compared to Wikipedia is to blame). Then I somehow regained interest in Touhou when I started playing the games in early 2020 with HRtP as my starting point. Yeah, it was a bad idea. I skipped that and went with the second game instead. I got turned off by the difficulty. So I lost interest again. It wasn't until I saw a remix of Dark Matter's theme mixed with Koishi's that I regained interest again, since the comments in the video about Koishi intrigued me. I'm now stuck in the Touhou rabbit hole, help.

I found this forum from the Touhou Wiki.

My current 1ccs in Normal (and in chronological order) are LLS (ReimuA) and SoEW (ReimuB). I almost got a Hard 1cc in LLS with MarisaA, but I didn't have enough lives for the 2nd Yuuka fight... I also play fangames; Touhou Mother and its sequel are my favorites. As you can probably guess, I love the PC-98! Please bring back Mima ZUN

My hobbies would be programming, collecting lossless music, wiki editing, and tinkering with Linux. I'm interested in old computer tech, world history, and archiving stuff.

Despite my username, Nitori is my favorite character.
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #134 on: September 03, 2022, 09:42:00 PM »
 :player:: :T::E::N::S::H::I::S::A::D:

Hey there everyone! I'm Tenshisad (100% real no virus guys trust me)

Just made an account here and I figured I'd stop by here and say hi before I mess around and see more of the site. A friend of mine was talking about the site, so I decided to drop by and it seemed like a fun little place.

As of posting this, I've been into touhou for roughly 2-3 Years and I don't plan on letting go of this series. I really like writing and I've been working on a rather big Touhou fanfic (I'd put a link here but I don't wanna advertise lol)

I also wish to become a Walfas content creator of sorts, messing around with Walfas is a fun past time of mine and I really wanna put myself to the test by making some Walfas comics/Walfas animations.

There isn't really much more I can really say about myself, but I really hope that whoever is currently reading this considers just talking to me, I mainly came here to meet some new people and get just a small bit further into the Touhou community.

I thank you, the reader for your time. I hope this message has found you well and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Keep on writing!

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #135 on: September 05, 2022, 05:03:41 PM »
Hey, what's up? It's your boy, ReUKing.

Someone told me that these forums still exist, so I kinda made an account just for the sake of it.

Been interested in Touhou since the Ten Desires demo so almost 11 years at this point.

Always trying to find more people to talk about it with, and if IRL were more common, maybe that too.

I wish everyone a good day. Who knows, maybe I'll be active. The last I enjoyed forums was back in the Animal Crossing Days.
An ordinary guy who likes Video Games.

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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #136 on: October 17, 2022, 08:37:01 AM »
Saluton! I'm Winslow, or Winslow S.E.M., the webmaster of's dead) and also the admin of the Seihou Project "subreddit" in Tieba(the Chinese version of Reddit).
I cannot precisely tell when I found Touhou, but Touhou has become one of the most significant parts of my life since I found it
I found this forum when I was searching for info about Dolls in Pseudo Paradise, here, this raised my interest in this forum.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #137 on: October 18, 2022, 01:45:29 AM »

Goshka, Gender: Female, Aircraft Mechanic from Poland, Witam! (Hello)
Favorite music: Polish Accordion/Folk music
First Touhou game I played was EOSD on Windows XP, despite learning about it from the early PC-98 games while traveling in japan.
Hobbies: Old computers, old Polish cars (I curently own a Polski Fiat 126p) and Polish Soviet era aircraft such as (one of my favorites) the Polish Lala-1, Collecting soviet era equipment (aside from the Medical equipment the Polish soviet army issued me, such as dosimiters, naval range finders and Atgm launchers/Towed AA platforms) Drawing/Pixel art and games such as Simple planes or Scrap Mechanic and Touhou.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #138 on: January 30, 2023, 12:35:46 AM »
Hello.  Please don't mind me, I am just a lost little Lv.86 Swinub.  I hope we can get along.  I'm hoping to find two old friends who meant the world to me and helped me get so massively into Touhou, and with luck make some new friends.

I like spicy food, and stick to a vegetarian (ideally fully plant-based) diet for [Personal Reasons].

This is accurate:
Shortcomings: Socially awkward, slow at processing information, bad at video games

And another accurate quote:

Give me spicy food and you have you a great big smile.

Please take good care of me, and let's have lots of fun.

*crawls back into its Friend Ball*
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #139 on: February 03, 2023, 02:09:33 AM »
Hi there. I like Touhou and and its fangames in general. I discovered this series back in 2010 and have since been a fan of it. I use forums in general so I know my way around more or less.

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #140 on: March 21, 2023, 09:02:48 PM »
Hi, I'm Shiina. I went by "Shiina Tamai" on the old forum. I was really into Touhou from 2014-~2016, then other things got in the way. I first got into Touhou when I played the fangame Touhou: Wondering Souls Since then, I've gotten SWR and Hisou, which is very fun on a rainy day. I saw an advertisement for a new Touhou game coming out and figured I'd re-register here. As for my old account, I don't have the password and don't even remember the E-mail I used. Besides, I had been thinking about changing my name there and like to consider this a new beginning for the new SMF.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #141 on: April 06, 2023, 02:57:32 AM »
Greetings folks! I am DeityDiz93, known simply by friends as Diz. I have finally moved to the new MotK from the old one, took me long enough. ^^;

I was first introduced to Touhou in March 11, 2008 with my watching Ronald McDonald insanity, which I came back to later that August to find a new video called Deaf to All but the Ronald which is where it all began. From there I found Touhou 8's second boss, Mystia Lorelei, via her theme Deaf to all but the Song on this exact video. It is from that point in time that my life changed, and I grew up as avid Touhou fan; today that's no different. I still stay with the series with just as much enjoyment to it that I did 15 years ago, and am happy to remain that way henceforth.

After getting quite familiar with Touhou music, fan animations, and such for 2 years - I started playing Touhou first day of summer break from school of 2010 and started my journey with Touhou 1 HRtP, which had sufficiently handed me back my own butt. I played the first shoot 'em up in SoEW next, the only of those games to have this exact translation patch at the time! Thus, ZUN's comment on my end results were "You should die, you suck." which sent me into laughing fit for nearly 20 minutes straight because I sat in my chair caked in sweat from the summer heat feeling almighty accomplished for not running out of continues somehow on the semi-last boss, only to get hit with that assessment. It is that very assessment that got me hooked to play the rest of the games and keep me coming back to face the challenges, as it is with each new release and now.

My favorite game in the series is Touhou 5 MS, followed closely by Touhou 7 PCB, and in third place Touhou 11 SA and have been able to beat each game in Hard mode, and nearly 1cc'd MS on lunatic. My favorite character is Komachi Onozuka, followed by Iku Nagae who both remain my unchanged top 2. At the time of writing my favorite Touhou manga is firmly Forbidden Scrollery, fav written work is Cage in Lunatic Renegade, and if I had to pick one of the fairy stories it would be Oriental Sacred Place. My favorite of the fan games are Labyrinth of Touhou 2, Touhou Katsugeki Kidan 3, Ephemeral Unnatural Balance, and Touhou Puppet Dance Performance.

What I tend to gravitate towards is Touhou's written works and canon lore, Touhou PC-98 and obscure media advocacy, and enriching other people's experiences with what I know of the modern material. I love to contribute to Touhou with thought pieces of my own, and despite not being usually that active will pop up from time to time with hopes to be more involved in the wider community. Being here is a bid to that involvement, so I hope to be here as a way to give back to the series that gave so much to me. I wish all reading well, and hope to make the most of my contributions!

— 御像嗣 Diz
A decade and a half later, huh? It's always been great though. ♪
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Hazama Yuutou

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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #142 on: April 06, 2023, 03:57:36 AM »
hi hi im yuutou!!

im an artist musician and permanent strawberriesposter that got into touhou as a wee little baby. 2008 marks the very first time i discovered the franchise through a parody of cirnos perfect math class. got really into it because of the music, became obsessed with the designs of the characters, and 15 years later here i am. touhou is the main source of my inspiration to draw and make music. i wouldnt have gotten so serious about pursuing those things as a hobby if it werent for the franchise and i owe a lot to it.

my top three are flandre scarlet, eiki shiki, and yuuma toutetsu! my favorite games in the franchise to play are mystic square and phantasmagoria of flower view. some favorite songs that i listen to are immemorial marketeers, doll maker of bucuresti, the last judgement, swordsman of a distant star, and fate of sixty years, just to name a few of them.

all things considered, despite having been in the scene for so long, im not very good at the games. ive only ever 1cc'd a handful of them, that includes pofv with aya and medicine, perfect cherry blossom with reimu, imperishable night with reimu and yukari, and mystic square with reimu and mima, all on normal. the games are great fun! i just suck at shmups. :sweat:

have a good day!
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #143 on: June 11, 2023, 05:09:18 PM »
Hey, everyone!

I'm a 16-year-old boy who likes Touhou, Pizza Tower, LittleBigPlanet, and Minecraft. I also like to play games on my PC, 3DS, Xbox ONE, and PS4.

I also have two fumos; Patchouli Knowledge and Marisa Kirisame!


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #144 on: June 13, 2023, 08:15:35 AM »
Oh hey I totally missed this thread when I was first going to post.

So uh, been a Touhou fan for a while. Not neeeearly as long as some people, but it's still been over a decade now I think!

My favorite character is Youmu, but after her it gets really hard to sort. I know I like Marisa a lot too, but I like so many characters putting them in any kind of order just gets super difficult.

I really like writing, and I've been doing a lot of Touhou writing recently.

My love of Touhou has been a big influence on my life and it's the way I met some of my current closest friends, so I guess that's why I felt like I wanted to join.

Just A Goofball

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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #145 on: June 18, 2023, 07:49:57 PM »
Howdy, it's a pleasure to meet all you kind internet strangers.

Seeing as this is an introduction, how about I start with how I got into Touhou in the first place.

My story begins in the early days of college. I was assigned to make a brief paper on whatever topic of my choosing, and for some reason or another, nuclear energy clicked with me. And so as I worked on the project, I wanted to find some music to listen to as I wrote the paper. Looking for something more fitting, I search "Nuclear Fusion music".
I think you can see where this is going.

And so through the theme of the three-legged hell raven, I found myself quickly getting sucked into the rabbit hole that is Touhou.

But that is not where the story ends, as that is simply the beginning.
I quickly found myself delving into the lore of both the characters and the world they lived in, and I was fascinated by this hidden little wonderland. A world where simply being strong or smart doesn't mean you'll decimate any opponent. A place where fights are dictated by beauty, and most conflicts end with you having tea with your foe.

And I loved every bit of it.

The world ZUN has created mixes so many mythologies in such a unique setting, that I can't help but get sucked into hour-long delves whenever I visit the Touhou Wiki.

And that's not to mention this creative and welcoming community, as I wouldn't be in this fandom if it wasn't for people just like you reading this.

So, you have my thanks.

You may or may not have guessed by now, but I come from the Reddit exodus as their admins and owner try to kill the platform as a whole. So, I wanted to share what I wrote about Touhou, and maybe meet a few new friends along the way.

My first and current only series I'm been working on is called "A Guide to Headpats: Touhou Edition", though the name is a tad deceiving.
It's an exploration of Touhou's characters and world, and every chapter focuses on a different location. It also catalogs my own experience with learning about Touhou's lore, as I mainly delve into the wiki for information on writing these, along with a few of the manga.
So, if you ever wanted to know about the Kappa's hideout, where it's located, who lives there, their history, how to befriend them, and ultimately headpat them, maybe check it out.
I plan to go over and polish it a bit before I post it here.

I suppose I should also go over which Touhou characters I like and why.

The first would likely be Yukari Yakumo.
I find her to be a fascinating character, one covered in mystery and yet predictable in some manner.
She is by far the most informed person in all of Gensokyo, and likely one of the strongest with how much utility her authority over the concept of boundaries is concerned.
She works in the background, keeping Gensokyo safe and maintaining the barrier that separates them from the outside world. Even helping manipulate events to maintain the delicate balance that holds Gensokyo afloat.
So whenever she comes up in the lore, the manga, or the games, I look forward to whatever scraps of information she'll drop.

The next would be Doremy Sweet.
I feel that she is a character that hasn't been explored nearly enough, along with the dream realm as a whole.
Does that dream realm connect to the people in the outside world?
Are there other entrances to the dream realm?
What other creatures live in such a place?
Are there more youkai like Doremy?
The fact Doremy is connected to such a strange realm that could potentially expand across all people, along with her ability to manipulate this realm, I find it to be an untapped gold mine.

Also for whatever reason, every dream I've ever had has been connected to the last. So for just over twenty years it's been a single growing storyline that has a stable continuity, a plethora of characters, and is just overall fun to write about.

Now, I believe I've rambled long enough.
Thank you for being such a welcoming community, and I wish you all a wonderful day.

Life is but a game, and I lost the tutorial manual in the wash.
Bring it on.

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #146 on: August 11, 2023, 02:08:43 AM »
I’m not sure if people still even use this site, but I see it every now and then and decided I wanted to make an account. Maybe this’ll just be some random mark on internet history, but  hopefully someone will see and read this!

My name is Sunny. I’m 18 and really like touhou. My favourite game is TH01, HRtP. It’s a weird game, but I love it. My favourite character is probably Mima.

Have a incredible day, year, life, whatever if you’re reading this. God knows no one will for a while.

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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #147 on: September 09, 2023, 07:05:03 AM »
Hi there, just an Internet dweller from Vietnam who goes by the name of Yuuritsu Yumegane (夢鏡勇立). As of this point I'm a 12th-grader who is just trying to survive high school.
Has a profound love for mecha anime and Touhou Project, and knows a substantial amount of Japanese.

I first discovered Touhou on July 6, 2018, through a Fortnite compilation video (fr) which used Night of Nights as an insert song. I gradually began to explore the wonders of this series through fan animations, music, games, and before I knew it I have become a full-fledged Touhou addict.
Over 5 years later, and I am still as passionate with Touhou as ever before, probably even more so ever since I achieved my first 1cc Normal of a Touhou game (Eiyashou to be precise) earlier this year. I enjoy the games, the music, the characters, the community, and pretty much nearly every single aspect of Touhou.
The memories I have of this wonderful series in those 5 years has helped to cement Touhou as an important, irreplacable part of me, of my soul, as if we are bound together by fate (thanks Remilia). When I grow up, I definitely want to contribute something to the series, either through drawing art, translating doujinshis, or helping out on the Touhou Wiki. I feel that I need to leave a mark of my own on the series, on the community, so that people would know of this one Touhou addict who has an unrelenting love for Touhou. I will definitely continue to love Touhou for many more years to come, probably until the end of my life.   

I do share the same feelings for mecha anime but this is a Touhou forum so I'll pass on elaborating it :p

As for more information regarding myself:
Touhou games achievements:
  • Touhou Eiyashou 1cc Normal (Reimu/Yukari + Remilia/Sakuya + Youmu/Yuyuko)
  • Touhou Yumejikuu 1cc Normal (Reimu)
Favorite characters:
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Yukari Yakumo
  • Reimu Hakurei
  • Marisa Kirisame
  • Miyoi Okunoda
  • Mystia Lorelei
  • I love the rest of the girls equally, as they all have something to add to the vibrant world of Touhou.
Favorite type of music: Rock + Speed/Power Metal, or Trance, depending on my mood.
Favorite Touhou BGM: Necrofantasia (Magical Astronomy ver.)
Favorite Touhou boss fight: Touhou Eiyashou Stage 4A (I really dig Reimu's gimmicks).

Also, happy Cirno Day! 5th year celebrating this day for me.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #148 on: September 21, 2023, 08:56:34 PM »
Hi! I'm moons1de_ I guess. I'm pretty new to posting on any type of forum similar to this so forgive me if I seem not too knowledgeable on posting. I've been a lurker here for over two weeks just to get to know how this forum does stuff so this isn't my first ever experience with this site in general.

I'm in school still, I play video games less than usual nowadays but I still pick up traditional games I usually play, and I dabble in some music and pixel art from time to time.

I found Touhou probably from old Youtube flashes or music from older Touhou games like EoSD or IN. Even though I love Touhou, I'm not tooo keen on bullet hells or shmups in general. (I'll still play Touhou though since the bullet patterns and music are very appealing to me and are fun to play through.) I like to learn about Touhou's lore quite a lot as I find the games and it's universe as a sort of celebration and acknowledgement of old Japanese folktales and legends.

I wanted to make this longer to give more information about myself but this is pretty much all I can get out of my brain seeing as school is exhausting. It's cool to be here!


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #149 on: November 20, 2023, 01:24:12 AM »
Hello! Call me Ale or Nish, either is fine. 18, he/him, going into 1st year of uni next year.

For a long time I had a very rough idea of what Touhou was ("that bullet hell game based on Shinto"), and I had been exposed to a lot of Touhou content on the internet, sometimes without realizing (there have been multiple occasions while playing the games where I go, "Hey, I've heard this song before"). However, I only became a fan about a month ago.
I'm part of the Googology community, an amateur mathematics community dedicated to set theory and large numbers; Touhou is really popular in the Japanese side of that community, theming large number contests and even a Googology-based manga around Touhou. I don't speak Japanese, but at the time I had a lot of interest in googology works from the Japanese side of the community (using machine translation to understand them), and that led to a curiosity about Touhou; eventually I decided to try EoSD, and I fell in love with the series.

Since early this year, I've been avoiding social media and algorithmic content: I stopped using YouTube, Twitter and Reddit, accessing them through frontends that remove/have an option to remove algorithms (e.g Nitter and Piped), and only use Discord very sparingly if I have no other option to communicate with someone. The sheer amount of ways in which these sites try to optimize themselves for engagement through A/B testing and psychological manipulation, even to the point of silently breaking some of their basic features, is really disturbing to me (not to mention unhealthy for everyone), and I've sought to regain that control through frontends; but I haven't really experimented much with other forms of social media, so it'll be interesting to try talking on forums for the first time since I was a child

With that said, nice to meet you all, and I hope we can get along ^_^