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Introductions thread
« on: February 13, 2020, 11:10:04 AM »
New to MotK? Feel free to write a brief introduction for yourself here. Try to keep it to at most a few paragraphs, please.

Returning members from MotK v2 are also welcome to introduce themselves.

Potential topics (nothing is required, be as specific or unspecific as you like):
- Name, age, job or education status, country/location
- How did you learn about Touhou/find this site?
- What have you done so far in Touhou?
- Other interests or hobbies
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2020, 03:05:04 AM »
(first!1112@@@@! looks like i sniped two people...)
oh nice motk already has a remake
goodbye motk :pensive:

i just go by latiasred/luma/luminous/AzuraAzureA/whatever, im a girl
i nolife touhou games and fangames, especially ephemeral unnatural balance, even though right now im at the normal mode level
i found touhou through osu (arrange of patchys theme by shibayan, getsurei 11.3 no candle magic) and i found motk through... huh how did i find it
i didnt even get into touhou that long ago, just february 7th of 2019. i got there just in time because then i got to experience the hype of a new game being announced
i just uhh like eating food
i use dnh and might make a fangame on it idk, maybe ill make my own game too or something
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2020, 03:06:02 AM »
Obligatory FIRST. (spot was stolen as I was typing, ffs)
But sure, let's get this started.

Hello, I'm Wish, the illusory Daniel Maku in some circles.
Currently a university student in the USA.
Found Touhou through UN Owen memes in 2012 and "BUZZ LOOK USATEI".
Done a lot in Touhou, but my biggest things are Danmakufu Woo Edition (an update to PH3 after mkm abandoned it) and Return of Eastern Wonderland, a game that will be completed soon(tm).  Also I worked on Ephemeral Unnatural Balance (go play it on Steam now!!!1)
I also adore the SMT and Persona series, as well as most JRPGs tossed my way.  I listen to Yousuke Yasui and Caravan Palace religiously.
Happy to see MotK reborn!
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Also known as the Return of Eastern Wonderland and Danmakufu Woo Edition guy.

1ccs: SoEW (N), LLS (N), MS (N), EoSD (H), PCB (N), IN (H), PoFV (N, all shots), MoF (N), SA (N), UFO (N), TD (N), DDC (N), LoLK (N), HSiFS (L), WBaWC (N)
Extra 1ccs: All Windows mainline games, including PoFV.
Scoring: HSiFS Easy (PB: 1.1b)


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2020, 03:33:03 AM »
Figures I should start DAMNIT I TOOK TOO LONG, given for the whole of the original MoTK thread I never did this.

Personal info: My name is Bronson. 21, he/him, autistic. Born in, and currently live in, Louisiana. I used to rep Austin until I moved at 17.

Touhou origins: Three specific things, in order and around 2008-2010 (UFO-TD era);

• A 2x speed version of the Ronald McDonald Insanity (aka McRoll) video. Somewhat like the first part of this video.

• An AutarchOfFlame-styled countdown video themed around boss themes where Voyage 1969 and Necrofantasia were high on the list. No way in hell would I be able to find that video again, though because of this video and Terry  Wit's infamous Mushihimesama Futari video I had the misconception that shmup TLBs were always geishas.

• For MoTK specifically: I was introduced to it by Tokiko Tatsunagi (formerly Mewkyuu, 希遠瘋癲, Neoty Kairyu, Zwyx Yajion, Victini Victory, Serperior, Miransu Uwabami, Misaki Rindou) through a video of his 0.12m script of Victini from Pokémon. That was also my induction into the group that would later become the Land of Codes and Apertures, originally hosted on PPIRC and later Skype. At the time the group was starting work on a fangame called "Worldwide War" but it only got two stages in before breaking down due to internal issues. Maybe I might put it up somewhere for archival purposes.

Touhou accomplishments: No maingame 1ccs yet, but I currently own HSiFS on Steam so maybe that'll change one day. I did, however, 1cc Suwapyon 2 on Lunatic and Extra, as well as the Len'en game Reactivate Majestical Imperial twice (thanks Vierne!), and held a couple of good Suwapyon 2 scores on the old MoTK scoreboard, including the only SuwakoA Extra score posted on the thread.

Also, I have conquered the first Danmakufu script I ever played, Suikama's "TLB Sapzdude" two times so far, after trying after several years of practicing, since, well, it's TLB-level danamku insanity.

I also have contributed the cover art for the canceled LoCAA fangame Lost the Leader, as well as the finished fangame Ephemeral Unnatural Balance, and even have a place in the credits for the latter (which I haven't seen for myself yet because no 1ccs yet, but SOON!!)

What else do I do? Collect cassette tapes, ephemera (written-in postcards and handwritten recipes), do graphic design, listen to varied musics, and find jobs wherever I can.
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #4 on: February 19, 2020, 04:07:26 AM »
I'm ZPS, some Touhou player that exists.

I've known Touhou has existed since as far back as 2008 but never really had any interest in it until 2017, when I decided it would be a fun challenge to beat one of the games. I chose EoSD for this, and ended up developing a bit of an addiction.

Fast forward to 2020: Now I mainly score UFO and have a high score of 2.110b. I also have a Lunatic 1cc in every main series game (PC98 included) and an LNB in 6 different games (LLS, MS, EoSD, PCB, SA, and UFO). I also have the lowest miss LNB of LLS so far (2MNB)

I also play arcade shmups.
Notable Achievements:
All 17 main series Lunatic 1ccs
6 games LNB (LLS, MS, EoSD, PCB, SA, UFO) + PoFV LNC and UFO LNBNV
All shots Lunatic 1cc in UFO
All shots LNB in LLS LLS Lunatic: 101,701,550 (Reimu A) UFO Lunatic: 2,110,443,100 (Sanae B)


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #5 on: February 19, 2020, 04:11:36 AM »
Oh, uh, this is a thing, I suppose.
  • I go by Naz. I exist somewhere and spend too much of my time toying around with Danmakufu. I'm the representative of the group giving TCL the BoSM treatment. I should remake the topic about that, actually.
    I study game programming and have previously received education in teaching English as well as graphic design.
  • My Touhou origin story is one about Bad Apple!! and Ronald McDonald. Nothing too usual.
  • I don't really play the official games as much as I should, but I do have Normal 1ccs under my belt for every main series game barring PoFV, I think.
    As for fangames, I have Hard 1ccs for RSS and HSoB, and probably some other game I can't remember right now.
  • I draw animal people sometimes, and will draw your very own animal person as well if you pay me. Also, linguistics is fun. Talk to me about it.

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #6 on: February 19, 2020, 04:20:36 AM »
Hello, I am HTFCirno2000!
I have been a Touhou fan since October of 2010 and had joined MoTK v2 sometime in December of that same year.
Besides that, I haven't actually been active on MoTK, but I've definitely been active in other parts of the fandom.

My Touhou origin story happened after I left a Lucky Star Forum back in 2010, essentially left me forum hopping from place to place like SMW Central and AnimeSuki forums. For whatever reason I just kept seeing the word Touhou pop up every now and then, and I was left wondering "Why do I keep seeing this Touhou thing everywhere??" One thing led to another, I went back to the old Lucky Star forum, found an actual Touhou subforum, discovered Walfas and the games and I just fell in love with the series!

Formerly known for Walfas stuff, now known for Fumo posting and technology hacks with Touhou. It's been a wild ride, seen many parts of this fandom for many, many years and still try to involve myself with them!

By trade, I am a computer systems expert and IT professional.
By hobbies I like electronics, science, 3D art, programming etc.

I hope to stick around here!
Cirno the Ice Fairy~


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #7 on: February 19, 2020, 04:52:41 AM »
Copying this from yeashie’s Discord server because I am quite lazy:

Name: I will remain silent on that question.
Nicknames: Silent Sinner in Scarlet; SilSinn
Age: older than Toby Fox but younger than ZUN.
Pronouns: I will remain silent on that question.
Languages: English, Spanish, some German, Google Translate Japanese, PMD98 MML, HP49G RPN, Perl, some Python, just started Lua.
Country where I live: one of the five colonies of the United States of America.
Hobbies: chiptune music (preferably PC-9801), some pixel art (mostly recolors and GIF animations, but not from-scratch pixel art), some 3DS gaming, some Switch gaming, some Touhou Wiki editing (I wrote the articles on music circle Keine Ahnung and its albums).
Likes: ZUN’s music (preferably the PC-9801 classics), pre-Switch Pokémon, Mega Man X, VOCALOID.
Dislikes: Switch-era Pokémon, fakebit music that fails to disclose its reliance on soundfonts.
Favorite Music Genres: chiptune music (preferably PMD98), eurobeat, some J-pop.
Favorite Games: pre-Switch Pokémon, Bravely Default, Ever Oasis, Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Legend of Zelda, Cave Story.
Favorite YouTubers: most other chiptune musicians.
Favorite Colors: Scarlet Red (in Gensokyo), Navy Blue (in Pokémon).

If either my username or my artistic name (or both) sounds familiar to you, it’s most likely because you played at least one of my legit PMD98 demakes of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil’s soundtrack on YouTube, or my PMD98 demake of Seraphic Chicken. I am open for PC-9801-type music commissions (either originals or covers/arranges of pretty much anything you might think up, just don’t commission me for Touhou covers since ZUN’s basslines & zunpets are very hard to transcribe and because some old MotK v2 thread still discourages doing Touhou music covers by commission).

I spent a cumulative total of two years within the Maidens of the Kaleidoscope community (all of them during its second incarnation): the first year was slightly more than ten years ago under an old username I no longer use (and wish to remain silent on), while the second year was just last year. Hereby I enter my third year in the community under this new third incarnation of the forum.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #8 on: February 19, 2020, 05:03:36 AM »
Literally all of the things.
(Yes. I really do like the moving text.)

Ahem. Well hello. I'm James (but not the other James) - call me Kurzov if you'd like. I discovered Touhou and all the things that go with it early on in 2017, and I have fumbled around between different communities, servers, and chat rooms ever since. As such I'm generally not one to stay in one place, but because I work as a site editor for a shall not be named Touhou site I've been forced to do that exact thing. Bah.

Anyway, I hope to make more of a lasting impact than I did on MoTK v2.0. Thanks for having me aboard.
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #9 on: February 19, 2020, 05:06:44 AM »
G'day to you all once more! \o/

Name: I am not giving this out. :P
Nicknames: Some call me DX, others call me EP, and I'm fine with either.
Age: Not saying that one, haha.
Pronouns: Neutral here.

As for my story in retrospect.. I took interest in Touhou around early uni (thanks MADs), and found the last iteration of Shrinemaiden back in spring 2011 whilst looking for GTA:SA mods. Somehow that led to partaking more actively in Touhou stuff for a while, before gradually favouring community things such as conventions, the IRC side of things, and TF2/Minecraft game servers. These days I don't do too much with Touhou, other than picking up the occasional print work and hanging out with old convention friends, but it's still nice to check back every once in a while.

I'll have to keep checking back here, yeah? :D

Agent BSoD

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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #10 on: February 19, 2020, 05:36:15 AM »
Gosh, when did I post this in the old thread? ...*checks old forum*... oh, I never did. :V

Well anyway, I go by Agent BSoD (formerly Agent of the BSoD but I got tired of the length). I'm probably known for having the detailed guide on running the PC-98 emulators well.

I got into Touhou from a friend back in high school (hi donut) who was persistent about it back in early 2009. At first I wasn't sure about it, and he had me watch Dracil's IN extra clear video on Youtube, and I eventually picked up EoSD. And now here we are. While I'm not as active with the series as I was when I was new, I still play the games a bit. Still yet to 1cc lunatic in any of the main series, but I keep trying.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #11 on: February 19, 2020, 05:52:54 AM »
Returning member from MotK v2

Andrew, currently employed as a Software Development Engineer.

Touhou origins date back to Death Waltz (*groan*), Night of Nights, Bad Apple, and Nudarai's remix of Utsuho's theme.

Not really entrenched in the Touhou Community anymore but I spent a good many years on RaNGE, progressing from a n00b to a mentor and digital librarian as I inevitably write and back up many of the important things that help the Danmakufu community continue to grow.

Not planning on doing much on this new forum outside of lurking and assisting with logistics on RaNGE, but time will tell...


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #12 on: February 19, 2020, 07:23:07 AM »
Hahaha... It's me, Neo/Mini, from v2. I'm the guy that did a bunch of things in Rumia's Party Games. Ah, it's good to know that we'll all still be able to have more good times in MotK. I will miss all the things that I've already done, though...

My favorite Touhou characters are Daiyousei and Koakuma. Kogasa is also up there.

For games, I mainly play a few things on the Nintendo Switch, PC, or occasionally PS4.

In MotK, I run a bunch of Touhou themed quests/forum games. They're pretty much interactive adventures where the player(s) control the protagonist of it.

It's nice to be back. I even see some of my friends have made it here, too!
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Rei Scarlette

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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #13 on: February 19, 2020, 07:35:54 AM »
Good to see you, new friends and old friends alike. Returning from MotK v2 here.

- I don't tend to prefer to go by my real name, Rei works for me.

- It's been so long ago that I think I forgot the exact way I learned about Touhou. I probably tell a different story every time, but I'm pretty sure my first general exposure was from smwcentral and there was a user named Flandre Scarlet (or some variation) and I thought the characters in their avis and signatures looked nice, so that sparked some interest to research where they were from. Many years ago, if that person is still there they may not even be under the same username anymore lol

- I've forgotten my accomplishments in Touhou, for the most part. I mostly played the older games and I like Imperishable Night most and its the only one I was able to comfortably play Lunatic/Extra on. Beyond that I know I at least cleared normal-modo for everything up to and including Ten Desires but that was quite a time ago now. Anything else I forgot. I also used to hold the record for Hopping Tenshi flash game for some time but I don't know if I still do uh oh

- Sadly my interest in Touhou has faded over time (I don't dislike it or anything, it just doesn't capture my interest as it used to) but I have some good friends in this community or the Touhou fandom at large. So I may not be super active in on-series discussion too often, but I'll be around.

- My other favorite games these days are games similar to Dark Souls, either in gameplay or in aesthetic. I also quite enjoy many JRPGs and most first-party Nintendo games. I spend a lot of time playing things like Ocarina of Time or Metroid Prime randomizer hacks, those are a blast.

thatonefrogxd / Gren

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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #14 on: February 19, 2020, 11:46:16 AM »
I guess I'll also go for a introduction since I always wanted to be a member of MoTK :eyes:

Name/Nickname : People tend to call me Gren for obvious reasons, but personally I don't mind other similar names.
Gender : Male.
Age : secret At the moment I'm 18, and my 19th birthday is coming close.
Hobby : Normally I'm an artist currently taking commissions (although I'm not this much confident so I only take them from my close friends), and I play Touhou on almost daily basis. Due to my computer limitations, all runs I do are done on No Focus, which is personally something I find rare among the players nowadays.
My current projects/involvement : At the moment I'm a playtester of Treasure Castle Labyrinth, a fanmade Touhou project I'm a huge fan of, and partly graphic designer/playtester of a Len'en fangame called Glorious Memory Lane.
Something about myself : There's not really much I could mention besides that I'm a cheerful and a kind person who's willing to help others whenever needed.

That would be all from me, I hope my stay in here will be really enjoyable!
A barely-known Touhou player who does NoFocus runs on Luantic, and unofficial #1 fan of Treasure Castle Labyrinth. Playtester of Treasure Castle Labyrinth and Glorious Memory Lane.

No Focus Clears :
Lunatic : WBaWC, RSS, HSoB, BoSM / Hard : MPP, GoDS / Normal : EUB / Extra : WBaWC, RSS, HSoB, MPP, EUB (Blind!) (Elite Extra Dissonant), BoSM (No Miss) / Recent achievement : 2020-03-01 - GoDS Reimu A No Focus No Burst Hard 1cc

32th System

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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #15 on: February 19, 2020, 11:53:55 AM »
I am a Touhou modder and one of the developers of the Touhou Community Reliant Automatic Patcher. My biggest achievements in Touhou modding to me are: a practice tool for Touhou 14 Double Dealing Character (which up to this day is not obsolete), reverse engineering the input handling (this allowed for mods like Priw8/DIO to actually activate their mechanic with the press of a key, also the creator of the patch made a custom global variable that makes the input state accessible from ecl) and the work I did for thcrap. I also contributed to ReC98 to get progress for free.

I got into Touhou because I wanted to know what the background music in a Super Mario World hack is called (it was UN Owen)


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #16 on: February 19, 2020, 01:32:48 PM »
Hi all! Those coming from the previous iteration of the site already know all about me, but if you're new and you don't:

I'm generally called Ammy (a shortened form of my original user name, Amaterasu-omikami). I've been into Touhou since 2007, and have been local to this site since 2008ish. I'm an IRL reporter, ergo the affinity for Aya. I came out as trans about two years ago and have been transitioning since then, so if you're questioning, any of you are free to DM whenever.

I also represent Iceland's Touhou fanbase. And by that I mean I'm the only one, to my knowledge.

"The past days are infinite. That's why it won't have a meaning if we don't have fun now. A thousand years or ten thousand years, there's nothing in them matching this moment."


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #17 on: February 19, 2020, 02:52:37 PM »
Hey all returning member from the old forum here. I mostly stick to posting in the games section but I do follow news and stuff on the rest of the site. I just never feel like I have anything to add.

-Name: commandercool is the only thing I tend to go by in polite society.

-Age: 28

-Job or education status: It's complicated, but basically I work for a library.

-Country/location: Michigan in the United States

-How did you learn about Touhou/find this site?: Oh man I don't even remember at this point. I got into Touhou when I was in college and I'm sure it was through fanart but I couldn't tell you what the art was or when.

-What have you done so far in Touhou?: I had beaten every modern game on at least normal up until LoLK but it was too hard for me and kind of knocked me off of the wagon a bit. And I almost never play games on PC anymore which makes checking out the newest entries trickier.

-Other interests or hobbies: My "main" hobby is Magic: The Gathering. I play, watch, and follow Magic pretty heavily. I also draw casually but I'm not comfortable sharing my art identify here.
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we don't bake pie and we don't bake cake

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #18 on: February 19, 2020, 03:10:08 PM »
Long-time member who's been around since just before the end of the v1 forums, although I'm mainly active on IRC over the forums nowadays.

Name: T-A-C (no relation to the Kirby enemy), although a lot of people prefer to call me Tack. What does T-A-C stand for? Whatever I feel like at the time.
Age: As of this post, just slightly over 30. I'm an old maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Job: Volunteer for a community group
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
What got me into Touhou: A variety of factors, but I joined this community in early 2009 around the time of the UFO demo.
Other: Also into a wide variety of other interests and hobbies, which tend to come and go like the tides so I won't make a list


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #19 on: February 19, 2020, 04:21:40 PM »
Hello, I'm Mari, a 24-year-old Touhou player, who started in September 2011 and is mostly known for running the website and hosting the Touhou Replay Showcase stream through 2018-19. I score TD and have also done a good number of other things. As of the time of posting, my strongest achievement is a score of 3,376,993,770 in TD Lunatic with Marisa, and notable other Touhou achievements include my personal bests on other difficulties in TD, HSiFS Lunatic AyaAutumn 7,040,149,600, and Lunatic No Miss No Bomb (LNN) clears of the A routes in GFW. I also seriously play the related doujin shmups of Seihou Banshiryuu C67 and Samidare, both of which are two of my favourite games; I have the highest known score in the former (206,254,030) and the highest known score in Samidare's Extra Stage (294,204,460).

Outside of Touhou, I am a nearly finished master's degree Computer Science student as well as a nerd for anything that concerns countries, whether it be fun facts, geography, or history. Perhaps unsurprisingly given this, I love travelling and want to visit and experience lots of places. That and public transportion are also things I take an interest in. During these trips, as well as at home, I absolutely love to listen to VGM. It's the only kind of music I ever listen to, Touhou and arcade shoot 'em up games being a large portion of it.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #20 on: February 19, 2020, 05:22:53 PM »
I guess I'll write a post myself.

I'm Karisa, Touhou scorer, co-founder of MotK v3, longtime HME moderator. I've primarily posted in HME/scoreboards and site-related discussion, so not everyone would've seen me around.

I discovered Touhou since someone had uploaded videos to YouTube of a "Touhoumon Lunatic" hack, and I happened to like the music enough to keep watching it out of curiosity (despite that it was full of overleveled opponents and dark Flashless mazes). I continued on by watching a video by the same uploader of IN Extra, thought it looked intriguing and had good music, and decided to try out the game. That was around July 2010. I came across MotK a few months later (probably from searching for Touhou information; I've always had an interest in game mechanics), lurked HME for several years, and finally started posting in April 2012.

I have most of the Lunatic 1ccs but decided I didn't enjoy playing for survival. I prefer Easy/Normal scoring, especially in new games/games I haven't explored yet, and as such have learned to score nearly every main series game. I'm best at DDC Easy, though.

I also enjoy various Nintendo series including Mario, Zelda, Metroid, hacks of them (with a preference for high difficulty but not Kaizo), and randomizers. I'm a SMW hacker myself, and at the time of writing I'm on world 8 of 10 in a hack I started 10 years ago. Interesting to see how often SMWCentral has been mentioned so far, actually. Touhou was popular in my time there, though.
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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #21 on: February 19, 2020, 05:29:02 PM »
Guess a reboot of MotK means I could try to be more active now, since it's not scarily filled to the brim with old veterans (yet)!

So huh, name's ParadoxPython or just Python, if you play DNH stuff you maaaaay have heard of me before? I'd like to think I'm somewhat known to people who don't just play complete fangames, but give smaller scripts a chance to shine, too. I'm no good with words so let me just dump information on you!

Name: ParadoxPython / Python
Age: 19 years at the time of writing
Location: Germany
Occupation: Soon-to-be-second semester BSc CS student
Likes: Appreciation for my work, woodruff-flavored things, mythology and religion, sleeping, writing (to an extent)
Dislikes: Large gatherings, loudness, promiscuity, grapefruits, hot weather
Touhou skill level: 70% Normal, 30% Hard. I don't play all that often, actually.
Favorite animal: Snakes. Don't tell me you're surprised. Cats and birds are cute too.
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Fried duck with rice

How I discovered Touhou:
My first contact with Touhou was this exact video:
Moving on from there, Bad Apple!!, black MIDIs, you know, all the usual stuff that catches new people. Eventually after reading into the series a bit I gave it a try. My first game was Imperishable Night, and thus that was also the first game I 1cc'd. I've been into Touhou for uhhh...six years by now? Maybe a bit less. I've been working with Danmakufu ph3 for about five years.

My YouTube Channel
My BulletForge Page (advertisement thread in RaNGE will be migrated soon :} )

I look forward to trying to be more active here and getting to know everyone!


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Re: Introductions thread
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I'm KirbyComment, but please refer to be as just Kirby or KC or whatever else you come up with. I got introduced to playing shmups by playing Touhou around July 2013. I've quickly taken an interest in scoring and did most of my contributing in the PC-98 games, particularly PoDD. Back when I started playing the PC-98 games probably around the start of 2014, these games were almost entirely unknown territory. As such I really enjoyed figuring the games out and kind of pioneering in figuring out mechanics, subtleties, strategies and routes. I've also been scoring DS since October 2017. I'm probably most known for scoring PoDD, where I currently hold almost every record thanks to 5 years of semi-active learning, flailing and competing with Zil. Despite what my achievements may suggest, I'm not a good dodger and see myself having more technical skill than anything. Other random information goes as follows:

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Discovered Touhou: Through meme videos and a platform-shooter called "Copy Kitty" of which the same devs made a Touhou-styled fangame
Most notable achievements: 133m PoDD Lunatic, 80.9m LLS Extra, 42.9m SoEW Lunatic, 6 WRs in DS, PoDD Reimu LNN, GFW A1/A2/B2 LNN.
Top 5 games: PoDD, DS, GFW, LLS, StB
Top 5 characters: Flandre, Nazrin, Suwako, Cirno, Sunny Milk
Top 5 music: Magic Shop of Raspberry, Romantic Children, U.N. Owen Was Her?, Last Remote, Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity
Other interests: Speedruns, platform/RPG/puzzle games, video-game music, denpa, anime
Fetishes: Loli/shota (90%), gay furry (10%)
Shortcomings: Socially awkward, slow at processing information, bad at video games
Past occupations: Rayman glitchhunter/speedrunner, Copy Kitty beta-tester
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Latest high-score get! :

SoEW Lunatic ReimuA - 42,942,800 - Replay
PoDD Hard Mima - 106,552,090 (WR) - Replay
MS Normal Mima - 139,776,270 (WR) - Replay


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I'm a duck! My pond is filled with coins and dollar bills. Throw bread at me; free food can't be a bad thing.

Although my interest in Touhou has heavily diminished over the years, I'm still sticking around as cheerful boring company. Main interests include astronomy, history (local, military, science), video games (predominantly PC), metal music and ski jumping.

Shortcomings: Socially awkward, slow at processing information, bad at video games
Might as well have just copied this line. Describes me so well.

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'Sup everyone. Since registering on the second incarnation of MotK in October 2014 a lot of things have happened in my life. Graduating college, getting my master's, getting my first job, and finally having a place of my own to live. Though I've gotten rusty I still play Touhou STGs every now and then, but with other games out there and more than an entry-level laptop like what I had in high school I've become invested in a lot more series. That said Touhou still has a place in my heart as a series of games made out of passion and not corporate greed, with none of the "predatory" practices popping up elsewhere. Proof that in the new decade there are still games you can buy once and enjoy it the way it is.


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You might know me as Tsukasa, or you may know me as Tokiko. I'm a Canadaboi.

I'm mostly into the Danmakufu community in general, and I do make music for others' fangames. I'm making my own, too, but it's just kinda Coming Along™. Baby steps, aye. Expect me to be mostly active in RaNGE.

I like to think of myself as a Hard mode player. Lunatic in most cases is just plain out of reach.
One of my favourite characters is Nue but her stage is so difficult and arhghrg though a close second is Suika. Suika gud.

Give me spicy food and you have you a great big smile. Fluffy animals will do in a pinch. Give me winter and you have you a great big frown.

Hope we get along. Cheers!


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Re: Introductions thread
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Hello all. I'm Lebon14 and I've been a Touhou fan since... 2009? I'm always been somebody interessed by the lore and mangas of Touhou over the games. In fact, I never played a single Touhou game because shumps aren't my thing. I'm more of a Nintendo gamer with a very short attention span. I don't have any recognition within the community and I'm OK with that.

Age: 32
Gender: Male (he)
Country: Canada
Discovered Touhou: I don't remember much but I think it was at or because of the release of Toho Eurobeat Vol.1 when somebody pointed it on forums. or a Toho Mother let's play I watched a long time ago. Don't remember which one came first.
Top 5 characters: Momiji, Momiji, Momiji, Momiji, Reimu
Top 5 music: 廃獄ララバイ, 霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion, さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream..., ラストリモート, ネクロファンタジア (HM: 永遠の巫女)
Other interests: video games, music, preservation and computers


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Re: Introductions thread
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Name's Otaku I suppose, been rolling with it for so long that it has lost the original meaning.
I'm a cosplayer and sorta okay-ish artist from the smoll Denmark, granted I'm horrible at the games themselves.
Best girl is Miko.


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Re: Introductions thread
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Hi friends, this is my first time being on a touhou forum o/ I heard good things about the site from previous MoTK members so might as well give it a try for nostalgia sake.

My name's Kitty and I'm currently a university student. I discovered touhou way back through the music (bad apple, cirno's perfect math class, etc etc) and eventually got into it more through fanart made by namie-kun and luluseason. I played the main series up to Ten Desires, but I've been out of touch since.

It's hard to choose top favorites but Youmu has a special place in my heart as best girl!! Interests include drawing, video games, anime/manga, and cooking.
A dream is a wish your heart makes.


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Re: Introductions thread
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[22:40:12] <Drake> "guys i donwloaded esod but its not workan"
[22:40:21] <Drake> REPORTED
[22:40:25] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> PROBATED
[22:40:30] <Drake> ORGASM
[22:40:32] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> fire truck YEAH