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Working on a slice of life adventure comedy series based on the Touhou Project series, where Sumireko Usami gets into shenanigans while trying to help Reimu and Marisa maintain peace and order in Gensokyo. Intended to be a homage to old Walfas content, including the original Touhou Flash comics and the works of the Walfas community. This series goes for a style inspired by light novels / web novels, with occasional Walfas visuals.

Phase 1, consisting of Chapters 1 to 4, has been completed, and Phase 2 will begin production in 2023.


Hidden in rural Japan is a region called Gensokyo. Here, the shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei and her magician friend Marisa Kirisame attempt to keep things in order.

Joining them is our protagonist, Sumireko Usami, a young psychic from the Outside World, who has her own issues to deal with after her classmate Mei Watanabe accidentally discovers Gensokyo.

After more incidents happen, it becomes clear that these happenings are more than just coincidences. The group also gets into lots of comedic hijinks. What? Did you expect something dark?

--"Touhou Hifuuroku" on Deviantart--
Standard Version.

--"Touhou Hifuuroku" on Archive of our Own (Coming Soon!)--
Same as the Standard Version.

--"Touhou Hifuuroku" on Wattpad--
Same as Standard Version. Currently unavailable due to technical difficulties.
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ooo sounds like fun, good luck working on this! i look forward to reading/watching it!

Thanks. As I'm still writing the series, I'm looking for feedback on the draft for the pilot episode, as well as suggestions on where to go forward with it.

Update: Part 1 of pilot episode is finished. Part 2 is currently being written.

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Update: Part 1 of pilot episode is finished. Part 2 is currently being written.
Much Thanks for BOTH your good perseverance about writing,update-announce and feedback-seekinh (hopefully also but not limited to) the MotK forum with your Touhou Fan-Tale ( linked and inspired to certain extents to " Touhou Walfas " and " Touhou Walfas on Deviantart  ) of "  Touhou Hifuuroku (東方秘封録) ~ Hakurei and Usami " !
A clearing,maybe seemingly hairsplitting, question,if you please , especially if it is not a spoiler or unsettled element . At the beginning of the document
" --Public Draft (W.I.P.)-- "
there is the Premising Description of " Se1S1Ep1 Draft "... Is its full meaning Se(ries)1S(eason)1Ep(isode)1 Draft"?
Thank you again.

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Yeah, "Se" does refer to "Series". I don't actually expect my project to go that far, but I just type that Se1S1Ep1 phrase a lot, and it kind of stuck. If things go well, maybe I'll consider spin-offs.

5/22/2022 - Draft for Pilot Episode is complete.

6/13/2022 - Due to some other circumstances, Touhou Hifuuroku will be converted to a written fanfiction format. The full animated version is currently on indefinite hiatus.

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First part of the reformatted Touhou Hifuuroku is now up on

Re: (W.I.P.) Touhou Hifuuroku (東方秘封録) ~ Hakurei and Usami
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Touhou Hifuuroku Chapters 1 and 2 are now available on and Wattpad.

Touhou Hifuuroku Phase 1, consisting of Chapters 1 to 4, has been completed. I will be taking a break for a bit, but I'll be back to begin production on Phase 2 later this year.