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Death's Gatekeeper: Elly
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I will look for Yuuka ♥
— Kurumi.

> ... You are, quite frankly, annoyed beyond words.

> Your name is Elly, a Scythe-Wielder Youkai (though actually an Ankou). You are the gatekeeper of Mugenkan, a mansion located in the Fantasy World.
> Quite the few years have passed ever since the attack done by the Red-White and Black-White girlies, as well as the departure of Yuuka, your Mistress, from the confines of her own mansion to wherever else she decided to head for. You were, unfortunately, left in the dark on her whereabouts.
> Ever since then you have taken the initiative to, daily, invite the Keeper of the Lake of Blood, Kurumi, to train. Thanks to such, your technique and power have increased exponentially in comparison to all those years back from lack of proper battling.
> Otherwise, life at the Mugenkan has been uneventful and really lacking any sort of excitement that could be much needed.

> You have been waiting for Kurumi for the daily routine, but she has been missing it. Three days in a row, in fact. You have been giving her some leniency, but now that you went your way to come out of the Fantasy World and to the Lake of Blood, which is the entrance back to it, you can't help but feel betrayed to an extent.
> The contents are simple and straightforward. "I will look for Yuuka", signed by the name of who you consider a friend... who seemingly had no qualms in leaving a note that you might have not even read if you didn't came here to begin with, only to search for the one that is your Mistress. Not having been told a thing, you find yourself in the need to finally go out of your way to search for both Yuuka and Kurumi, and maybe have a thing to say to them both. After all this time, Mugenkan's now great gatekeeper shall reveal herself to the world.

> You are near the Lake of Blood, in this 'Gensokyo'. It is daytime.
> You can see a figure in the distance. Not particularly far away, nor too close. You'd assume they haven't even noticed you yet.

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