Author Topic: I can't get thcrap to work with Steam AoCF  (Read 9940 times)

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I can't get thcrap to work with Steam AoCF
« on: September 12, 2020, 06:00:55 PM »
I've tried to use the Touhou Community reliant Automatic Patcher to English patch the Steam version of Antinomy of Common Flowers, but I'm running into a bunch of issues.

1. As thcrap is loading the modified game, I get an error twice (once when I open the modified executable shortcut for the game and again when I choose to load the game) that I'm using an outdated version of the game, even though the game itself says I am using the latest version.

2. When the game loads, I get a Japanese error that doesn't prevent the game from starting, but is weird nonetheless.

3. In the actual game itself, the English patch seems to have worked, at least in the loading screen, title screen, and character select screens, but not in the network, replay, music, or config menus. Those screens are blank, and I can still move the flower cursor around (and at least listen to music in the Music Room), but I can't tell what I'm doing there without the text.

Because I couldn't put attachments for all the error screenshots I took in this post, here's a link to an imgur page with them.

Please help me fix this! I want to be able to play not only this game, but also the other official Touhou games available on Steam in English.