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Current finished larger albums:

Brilliant Works

Link to Youtube video: Stages 1~3, Stages 4~6
Link to Soundcloud DL with each individual Song: Stages 1~3, Stages 4~6
Link to Pixivart: Stages 1~3, Stages 4~6
Translated Theme titles:
1. Candlelight Bridge
 2. Vermilion Sky
 3. White Messenger (Wakaba Yahata's theme)
 4. Wickedest Forest
 5. Blustery Staccato (Kazari Kamakura's theme)
 6. Foggy Twilight
 7. Silhouette in the Dusk (Yu Mikage's theme)
 8. Rest in the Flow of a River Bathed in Light
 9. Magic Hour of Clear Streams (Ukyou Izumi's theme)
10. Shining Silence of a Remote Land
11. Solitary Silent Hunter (Shizuka Udzuki's theme)
12. The Sound of Flowers Echoing in the Night Sky
13. Gleaming Flowers that Fill the Sky ~ Brilliant Bouquet (Shushu Hinoya's theme)
14.  -? (Ending theme)
15.  -? (Staff Roll)
16. -? (Game Over theme)
Music composed by Khirhio

Uncreatable Idea

Link to the first part (Stages 1~3): Youtube, Nico
Link to the second part (Stage 4~6): Youtube, Nico
Link to an extra stage: YoutubeNico
Summary of Stages by gilde (can take down if requested)Stages 1~6 and Extra
Soundcloud account with each individual song, or just a link to getting the album outright.
Translated Theme titles:
1. Fantasy Research Laboratory                                                                             (Title screen theme)
2. Gensokyo in Silence ~ Silent Incident                                                                (Stage 1 theme)
3. Singing Mandragora ~ Lunatic Song                                                                  (Nasu Kanoko's theme)
4. An Utterly Unprecedented Bizarre Case                                                           (Stage 2 theme)
5. Inscrutible Tea Party ~ Strange Teaparty                                                          (Theophilia Cinnabar's theme)
6. Fantastic Night Flight Behind the Shrine Grounds                                          (Stage 3 theme)
7. Melusina of Subservience ~ Dragonmaid                                                         (Melusina Brittany's theme)
8. Lakebed Shoot-Out                                                                                               (Stage 4 theme)
9. Chemical Trigger happy                                                                                        (Kabino A. Hekiko's theme)
10. The Fantasy Philosophy that the Girl Sang of ~ Fantastic Neoplatonism  (Stage 5 theme)
11. White-Coated Creator God ~ Dream of Dr. Jaldabaoth                                (Phillipa A.T.B. von Hohenheim's theme)
12. The Truth Casts a Shadow on the World of Reality                                       (Final Stage theme)
13. Perfect Human ~ Dream of Humanity                                                             (Hinoide Ai's theme)
14. Eastern Postscript Story ~ An Utterly Unchanging and Stimulating Daily Life        (Extra stage theme)
15. Can the Corpus Delicti be Proven?                                                                   (Theophilia's second theme)
16. Knowing Not Love, Humans Know Grief                                                         (Ending theme)
17. Reverie Pursuit Laboratory                                                                                (Staff Roll theme)
18. Player's Waltz                                                                                                       (Game Over theme)
Music composed by Burnyuho

Smells like Beer

Download links for: Smells like Beer vol 1 and Smells like Beer vol 2

Translated Theme titles:
Volume 1:
1.   The Disappearance of the Hakurei Shrine's Miko       (Title screen)
2.   Foggy Netherworld                                                          (Stage 1)
3.   Lost Corpse                                                                     (Stage 1 Boss)
4.   The Underground Closest to the Ground                   (Stage 2)
5.   Distorted Division                                                         (Stage 2 Boss)
6.   The Underground's Blue Sky                                        (Stage 3)
7.   The Boundary War III                                                    (Stage 3 Boss)
Volume 2:   
1.   My Grandfather's Clock Was...                                                               (Stage 4)
2.   The Good 'Ole Days Running in Parallel ~ Contemporary Period   (Stage 4 Boss)
3.   Imitation "Perfect and Wrong"                                                             (Stage 5)
4.   The Lèse-Majesté at [DATA EXPUNGED]                                           (Stage 5 Boss)
5.  The Frozen Bluebird                                                                             (Stage 6)
6.  The Romantic Trumpet From That Day                                          (Stage 6 Boss)
Music composed by Useless

The Artificial City

Teasers: First Youtube teaser, = OST and Characters Youtube Teaser, All OST teaser on Soundcloud, Nico
Album Purchase/DL: Melonbooks
For now there's only first boss theme fully released for free
Theme titles:

Composed by multiple artists (still researching and translating all artist names)
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Since it's the only thing I really worked on in the previous version of this site, I've decided to bring back this thread - maybe this time we'll even reach a second page, who knows?

I will say right now I already have a couple of issues. I couldn't just copypaste things from my previous account because after making this one I keep getting timed out and unable to switch accounts, which I guess is my own fault for even trying new account before seeing if my old ones works with this version of the site, but either way I digress.

I am also not sure how to include smaller albums such as the Useless' WBaWC Stage 4~6 NRT predictions. I will probably later turn this post into one including all the smaller/unfinished projects and the ones that came before I started archivizing this (Such as Elemental Quintet.)

Lastly, yeah, The Artificial City came out... and since it's on Melonbooks, I pretty much can't buy it. Which is a shame since I'd really love to hear the full versions of the songs, especially for the Stage 4 boss (the one to the left in the picture below). If anyone finds a link anywhere that isn't on melonbooks, please let me know. Also I have no idea what's going on with said album, including the story, but there's more technology (!) and Burnyuho made a theme for an extra boss catgirl, so hey, here's that.