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Re: Touhou-style Fanmade Music Albums Thread: Burnyuho's EoSD style album!
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Sho's releasing new Touhou-style album!
So far, Stages 1-3 have been released

One of the comments has following theme translations:
01 A Rainbow Falling on Gensokyo (Title Screen)
02 The Shining Lunar Jewel, The Entrance at Evening (Stage 1 theme)
03 Rainbow Amuse (Chimata's theme)
04 An Unending Perfectly Circular Waltz (Stage 2 theme)
05 Red Light Legacy (Stage 2 Boss' theme)
06 Rainbow Illusional Ray (Stage 3 theme)
07 Mesmerizing Flapper Girl (Stage 3 Boss' theme)

As for my thoughts...
I have no clue who the other bosses are other than stage 1 obviously being Chimata in similar vain to Yuyuko in TD, stage 2 being another moon rabbit and stage 3 either being a T-Posing woman from Outside World or another satori? Also she has noticable Theme of Eastern Stories appearing like twice and SHO didn't need to draw her this curvy lol

Obviously with rainbow themeing and Chimata present, this seems like mostly a nod to UM and I like how the acronym is GoLD. Stage 1 theme feels like WBaWC stage 1 but in different key. Stage 2 waltz segment reminds me of Wanwan's "Surpass the Gate of the Silver Key" from Riverbed Soul Saver for obvious reasons, but it's still solid

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Re: Touhou-style Music Album Thread: A New SHO album, what is happening?
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Sho's releasing new Touhou-style album!
So far, Stages 1-3 have been released
And it's fully out!

They also did release a paid hifuu album I see
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Re: Touhou-style Fanmade Music Albums Thread: Burnyuho's EoSD style album!
« Reply #62 on: November 28, 2023, 01:54:20 PM »
Making another post just to recommend @Myaga0514 again, since they've finished both Touhou-styled album stylized after WBaWC sequel game:

Catching up on a lot of these. Haven't posted in the thread but have been lurking a lot. I'm creating a youtube playlist that I'll share with many of the albums in the thread and more. Wanted to follow up with some of my thoughts:

  • Beastly World of Drifting Desires was excellent. I though the st4 boss theme was excellent and driving but the whole album captured the WBaWC mood with a unique theme and instrumentation. I particularly enjoyed how the St6 theme crescendo'd into the final boss theme. Very reminiscent of DDC for the shinmyoumaru fight.
  • Empyreal Garden of Amusements was good. I need to give it another listen to but it sounded like something special. I remember liking the last 3 stage themes a lot. I Lol'd at the ex stage "yooooooo!!" audio clip that finds its way into a bunch of touhou songs (think Watatsumi's Wadaiko Deluge from Sapphire Panlogism)
  • After a 3rd listen on the treadmill I think Memory of Dreams Pillow might be a masterpiece. The Ex-stage theme "dense forest" in particular is great. I have not fully sat down and listened to Eternal Childhood Dream which I ripped off youtube
  • orange, who also goes by white blugt or orange blugt (and who i think is the mastermind behind memory of dreams pillow) also released a christmas themed mini-album for free on bandcamp which I recommend

All in all I hope my fellow touhou doujin album appreciators are doing well. I don't really know of any western language corners of the internet that are interested of these and I've even tried /jp/.

Re: Touhou-style Fanmade Music Albums Thread
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Another album by FanTBS/FanTouhouMusic with guest tracks from Orange, Summer and others will be released soon-ish:

All in all I hope my fellow touhou doujin album appreciators are doing well. I don't really know of any western language corners of the internet that are interested of these and I've even tried /jp/.
Great to hear from you and yeah, I think people on /jp/ probably care about posting characters rather than focusing on non-ZUN original Touhou-style music, if you do find something interesting and related to the subject there, then feel free to repost it here. I know there are discord servers and aforementioned Touhou-style album spreadsheet which I've seen, but never had access to and based on my opinions and interactions with some of the western fans and composers, I doubt I ever will  :cirnotan:

On the note of finds, I do have plenty, however it takes me ages to take a break from my job to specifically post it in a neat and a competent looking format. I've started adding personal ratings on OP, because me forcing my terrible opinions on other people unironically motivates me to update the thread with the download links and info :cirnotan:

Alongside that, in the middle of OP there's a list of things I do have on my drives, but I've yet to link, if anything there catches your interest and you'd like to have it ASAP. then let me know! It is a shame a lot of these aren't on Youtube though, so if you want to make a YT playlist, you'd need to upload them yourself as unlisted or something.

Also, another based Touhou music fan listening to it on a treadmill! I also recommend taking walks in the mountains (if you have any available nearby, but exploring old villages or forests is great too) while listening to some of your favorites, you won't realize just how much you've explored and walked while listening to something like that, as long as you can enjoy it.

EDIT: As someone who has recently with Touhou 19's discovered their love for erhu, I am really considering getting this album:
If only because it does mimic stage formula, it's steampunk themed and has a lot of erhu in it.
EDIT2: Okay it's gone from the booth.
EDIT3: Okay, I have it and also a whole lot of other stuff. Will update the thread slowly over time.
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Re: Touhou-style Album Thread: BEEG UPDATE (TM)
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So after a long break, I want to wish everyone very late Happy Christmas, Happy New Year of 2024 and finally post this long message - I’ve updated the thread with over 70 new albums and provided necessary links! Since there already are a bunch of Google docs/sheets, Discord servers and Youtube playlists related to Touhou-style fanmade music. It’s now sorted by the order of things from albums I love the most to least favourite ones I’m still willing to recommend!

Patch notes for the OP:
  • Added everything that has been mentioned in the thread that I’m willing to recommend.
  • Added “Seven Period Mystical” by hybC
  • Added 2 albums by Studio Nenem: “東方天流宮 ~ Heavenly Gathering of Clouds.” and “東方奇界泉 ~ Adventures in Inferno."
  • Added 3 albums by DreamerBard circle:  “衰盛橘果譚 ~ Citrus Resuscitation.”, “智慧人狂想曲 ~ The Victors' Space Odyssey and “歪曲列島 ~ History of
  • Distortion.”
  • Added 2/3 albums by Yurihaka: “柊野文庫 ~ Crypto-porticus in Memory” and “東方久交承  ~ Rainbow Ashes, Smoke and ……” (including bonus track from mini album)
  • Added 2 albums by MiragEden/Eban: “閑雅祭囃子 ~ Historical Mirage of Japan.” and “深月都詩 ~ Abyssal Abandoned Metropolis.”
  • Added “Treasure Castle Labyrinth” by Pesot
  • Added “Shenhai Festival” by SKJD-X
  • Added 2 albums by Jani
  • Added 2 albums by Kale Hokkaido
  • Added 2 albums by Pouty Keiki
  • Added 4 albums by Orange
  • Added “Bright Location Unlike Externals” by Ido & Wanwan
  • Added 2 albums by Paradise of Boundaries
  • Added “Dumpsite of Suicidal Intention” by 悠久ホロウ
  • Added 3 albums by Yorin
  • Added 2 albums by FanTBS
  • Added “Sudden Gold Rush” by むし
  • Added 3 albums by Komainu
  • Added 2/3 albums by Useless
  • Added “Traces of Utopian Civilisation” by Akakyu
  • Added "Legend of Oblivion” by 隠居者の倉庫
  • Added “Dreamy Galaxy Express” by Lapisp
  • And added others I can’t recall now.

Disclaimer in regards to Download Links.
First of all, I don’t host anything that is illegal and I am always in favor of supporting the original creators, all the cheeky download links I’ve linked to are easy to find with just a google search, if they will be taken down without a reupload, I won’t host the files myself. Secondly, I did check all the links in case of viruses or other harmless stuff, so far everything is fine. In case of something that isn’t digitally available elsewhere, has been taken down and/or is exclusive to Japan, I think it’s a fair game to host these albums up until I get notified they are finally available normally. I am also hosting some reuploads and rips if you want to download the individual songs, seeing as a lot of these are only available as one big video upload, I just want to save everyone else’s time in this case. If you can, do support the artists, but I understand not everyone is in the comfortable financial situation, especially lately. And finally, feel free to DM or send any message in regards to those, if they break the rules or if you want to remove them, etc. As long as it’s not for hypocritical reasons, I’ll consider it.

I wanted to try something subjective and more personal to distinguish this thread from all the sheets and servers people made since to share these. Like I’ve explained in the last part of the OP, not everything I’ve encountered will be shown and recommended, since I honestly see no point in sharing albums I’d rate for D or below, outside of archivization purposes. I’m also incredibly biassed, just count how many times I’ve mentioned the use of erhu ( :meiling: ). And just because I gave something low rating doesn't mean I have anything against the creator, in fact, with lots of these I still have respect for the artists. Lots and lots of these are subject to change and are never final. Sometimes just having bad presentation can take it down a point or two for me and sometimes just know the lore of the album might help me appreciate it more paired with fitting music, speaking of appreciating lore-

I’ve tried using as little of external translations as possible, unless they are confirmed/approved by the album's creators themselves or translated by Gilde, because to be quite honest, I’m just used to Gilde’s translation and I’d rather not try messing around with Google Translate for that. On that note, if you're reading this then I hope I didn’t overload you with work (sweat), consider this a challenge, but also both take your time and it’s up to you what you want to translate from the first posts if anything.

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