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[VLP]Koishi's life, directed by Tim Burton - Let's Play 3rd Eye
« on: February 26, 2020, 11:01:33 AM »
This Let's Play had started a few months before MotK v2 became read-only, so I'm bringing it over today. There are probably only 2 or 3 updates left, so the whole movement of the thread so late in its life-cycle is a little awkward to me. Yet, the only other alternative is to not consider any forums at this point and make the project Youtube-only. That out of the way, Cue the mostly unchanged opening post:


Hello fellow Maidens! Several months ago on our (v2) forum, there was a news thread made about some upcoming Touhou console releases as well as PC projects meant to be localized. One title featured had long come out and it was...

3rd Eye


This couldn't be a more different game than those I've made threads for in the past. 3rd Eye was developed by the Shiruudon, Ridil and Sunflower Game circles and published (on Steam) by Sony Music Entertainment and Unties. The genre of it is adventure, though not mouse-controlled. It works with a keyboard or controller. The experience is sprinkled with a few very light puzzles and elements of (psychological) horror. A comparison I've heard of to a similar game was "Fran Bow". The big selling point of 3rd Eye was that sprites and artwork were mostly done by kotoinari. You could call them the Japanese Tim Burton, I don't know if that description is too widespread though. Anyway, we'll soon learn what else 3rd Eye has to offer, apart from intentionally quirky and creepy graphics.

As always, a few things to know about the Let's Play itself:

- Commentary is in post. On top of that, I also don't use a facecam, which may seem untypical for this kind of game. I've played through it before and I think it makes little sense to have one.
- There are multiple endings to 3rd Eye. Apart from the one we're getting in the playthrough, I'll cover the other ones I know of in a bonus episode at the end.
- This is a very story- and narrative-driven game. It's also something I think leaves the strongest impression on you if you play it for yourselves. I definitely feel it's necessary to recommend the following: If you're intrigued at any point of the Let's Play to get 3rd Eye yourself, go for it before you've watched the whole series. Updates will come around only slowly (about bi-weekly I'm estimating), partially because of this, partially because it takes long for me to make the episodes  :D.

Full Playlist for binge-watching purposes

Episode list:

Part 01 - Our Hat is Our Friend
Part 02 - Feeling What They Feel
Part 03 - Masters of Craftsmanship
Part 04 - She's Done It Before
Part 05 - Mulberry and Lotus
Part 06 - Death, in Other Words: Nothingness
Part 07 - We Can Meet Again, Right?
Part 08 - Things Have Changed
Part 09 - But You've Failed as a Mother!
Part 10 (FINAL) - I'm Glad I Didn't Give Up
New! Bonus - Running With Scissors

Sneak-peek of the newest episode:

We're not far from rescuing Okuu at this point. Our situation is sure to get better once we have the Yatagarasu's vessel on our side, right?
If so, why hasn't she atomized that monster in the screenshot yet?...
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Re: [VLP]Koishi's life, directed by Tim Burton - Let's Play 3rd Eye
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2020, 07:56:56 PM »
Part 10 - I'm Glad I Didn't Give Up

The finale has come. Will Koishi's fate be a happy one? Or is she forever doomed and about to become food for the monstrous horror baby?

Thank you for watching! It's looking like I won't be able to get the promised bonus episode done before April arrives. So please wait warmly :P. I'm also thinking of making a list to explain or at least theorize on a lot of the symbolism throughout the game.


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Re: [VLP]Koishi's life, directed by Tim Burton - Let's Play 3rd Eye
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2020, 11:36:18 AM »
Bonus - Running With Scissors

This additional video will show you the other two, less desirable endings and teach you the science behind achieving them. It's not actually very obscure or complicated...

I think that should be a wrap then. The short explanation of 3rd Eye is that Koishi has severe psychological trauma and the game decides whether she will learn to overcome it or be broken by it. She as well as the other Touhou character are mostly coating for this plot. It's not a piece of fandom that has that much to do with Touhou, or even had to be a Touhou game, if you think about it. But I still think it's really intriguing even if it's so unconventional.