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Shinmyoumaru Thinks Seija is her Mom for some Reason - The Story
« on: November 30, 2023, 04:10:37 AM »
Shinmyoumaru thinks that Seija is her mom, the story.

I was feeling bored and I noticed the lack of topics in Patchouli's Scarlet Library so I whipped this short story  up. Beware that it hasn't been beta read so if there's: a) grammar issues or b) Inconsistencies then please point them out so I can correct them  :cirnotan:

Credit to p0ggu#0 on Discord for giving me the idea.

Hope that you enjoy the story at least a bit  :cirnotan:

- Inside some bushes near the Hakurei Shrine -

Seija was a big fan of making people hate her.

She could'nt even begin to describe the joy she felt whenever someone got mad at her, the ecstasy
of someone screaming at her or the excitement she felt as someone chased after her in anger.

And she got all those feelings whenever she pranked the Hakurei shrine maiden, Hakurei Reimu. She was an easy target, foolish and quick-tempered,
she never let Seija down when it came to hating her. Seija has already succesfully carried out various schemes.

One day, she secretly added dust on the floor as Reimu was cleaning, keeping her in a perpetual cycle of cleaning.

The other, she would use a magical tool to replicate the sound of a coin falling into the donation box and see how the shrine maiden would
desperately run over to it, look inside and think that she had gone insane, Seija was genuinenly surprised how long it took for her to realize it
was all a trick.

Seija was currently spying the Hakurei Shrine from a distance, preparing to initiate her new scheme.

She looked at her tools for her latest scheme, a pair of dice, a newspaper, 4 playing cards and a tea bag.
This was going to be the best scheme she has pulled in her entire life. She was drooling at the image of the hate she would receive.

Seija quickly jumped out of the bush and slowly creeped into the shrine. She thought she had gone unnoticed until...

"Mama, mama, you're back!"

Seija noticed a teeny-tiny figure run towards her.

"Huh?" muttered Seija as the figure jumped towards her shoes.

It was Shinmyoumaru, one of the many victims of Seija's trickery. She had just remembered that she was living in the shrine as well for the time
being in a little dollhouse.

"Get out of my way Shinmyoumaru, I have better things to do"

This was true; the hate from Reimu is a much better activity to engage than these silly games.

"B-but doesn’t mama love me?"

Seija froze. Love. She has not heard that word in a long time. However, something else was wrong.

"Wait a minute. Why are you calling me your mom?"

Shinmyoumaru was about to respond but as Seija's eyes drifted foward until they stared directly at Hakurei Reimu who was smiling smugly.

"That bi-"

"Because you're my mom of course" Shinmyoumaru gave her an innocent smile, if only she knew how much she detested it.

"Well, I don't care, get out of my way" Seija kicked Shinmyoumaru out of her shoe.

"Wahhhhhhhh" Shinmyoumaru flew away.

Her cover was blown. Her current plan had failed; it was time to move on to Plan B:

Burn Down the Hakurei Shrine.

Seija took out her candlebox and was about to start a flame until...


Seija felt a stab on her left leg.

"Ouch! That hurt, who was it?"

Seija looked down at her leg and saw a needle stabbed into her leg, and from that needle, Shinmyoumaru was hanging on for her dear life.

"Mom! I'm here, help me" Shinmyoumaru was screaming out for help.

Seija rolled her eyes dramatically, she leaned over and picked out Shinmyoumaru and held her in her palm.

"So, why did you stab me?"

"Well, mama wasn’t paying attention to me so I thought that if I stabbed her she would notice me" There it was again, that horrendous pure smile.

"What type of education did you get; didn’t your parents teach you not to stab people in the leg?" She could not believe this girl.

"No, you never taught me that mom"

"I'm NOT your mother, I am Seija,I am the one who manipulated you into using the Miracle Mallet for my own purposes!"

Why was this girl being so nice?

She couldn’t stand her!

"I don't really care mommy, all you wanted was to fulfill your wish, just like me, I understand"

Shinmyoumaru moved closer to hug Seija's cheek.

Seija felt a warm feeling in her cheek, her heart felt like it was burning.

"What is this...feeling?" Seija was confused.

She flicked Shinmyoumaru away with her index finger.

"Wahhhhh" Shinmyoumaru flew into the air and fell on her back.

"Mommy, why did you throw me?" Shinmyoumaru yelled out, but Seija couldn’t hear her.

She didn’t want to deal with this, this wasn’t the feeling she wanted, this wasn’t the same joy, ecstasy or excitement she felt
when others hated her, it was... different.

Her eye caught a quick glance of the shrine maiden who was laughing hysterically on the floor, she didn’t even have the energy to deal with her.

Today's mission was a failure, time to go home.

As Seija was about to leave the shrine.

"Is that you Big Boss? Are you here on the usual business?

From the air descended Idiot 1, 2 and 3.

Idiots 1 to 3 were some fairies that Seija had used as stepping-stones to prank Reimu. They apparently admired her for her successful pranking
attempts on Reimu.

She couldn’t stand them squabbling all day about how amazing her pranks where but they were useful at times so she didn’t get rid of them.

But now she didn’t have the time to deal with them.

"No, leave me alone"

"C'mon Big Boss, you don't have to hide it from us, I can see the matchbox in your hand" said Idiot 1, a fairy with blue hair
who apparently didn’t get the memo.

"MOOOOMMM" a little voice called out. It was her again.

Shinmyoumaru ran towards Seija's side, by the time she arrived, she was heavily panting,
what was a few meters to Seija was probably miles to Shinmyoumaru.

"Mom?!?!" yelped the three idiots at the same time.

"Big Boss, I didn’t know you were a mother" said Idiot 3, a white fairy said with a tone of admiration.

"Pranking Reimu as well as being a mother! You have amazing time management skills Boss, I'm impressed" said Idiot 2, a green haired fairy.

The three idiots lined up and bowed deeply towards Seija with an immense amount of respect.

"She is NOT my daughter" screamed out Seija for what was probably the third time today.

"But she called you mother Big Boss, you don't have to be embarrassed about it, being a mother is a great thing!" said Idiot 1.

"I swear to god-"

Before Seija could throw insults so vulgar that it would have increased the age rating of this work to 18+, Shinmyoumaru
started climbing Seija as if she were a mountain.

"What are you doing?" screamed out Seija.

"Mama looks sad; I want to give her a hug"

"No I don't, stop climbing me!"

"I don't care; I'll give you a hug!"

"Get awayyyyyyy!"

Seija prepared her palm and started trying to swat Shinmyoumaru as if she were a mosquito, but that little rascal sure was quick.
She expertly evaded Seija's hand while also climbing her.

The two were now engaged in an all-out battle.

The three fairies stood silently, watching the bizarre sight unfold before them.

"Cirno, is this what they call a 'family feud' " said Daiyousei

"I don't know, I've never had one" replied Cirno.

"I don't think we should disturb Big Boss and her daughter, its family stuff" said Lily White.

"You're right, let's go" said Cirno.

All the fairies nodded in unison and flew away to bug someone else.

Meanwhile, Shinmyoumaru had finally reached Seija's shoulder, she figured out that if she climbed Seija's back, she couldn’t catch her as easily.

Seija cracked a smile "You fool, you have nowhere to run. You're at perfect swatting range"

Seija held her palm high in the air

"Burn and Seethe!!!!"

Shinmyoumaru said nothing.

Seija was ready.

"I said, burn and seethe!!!!"

Shinmyoumaru didn’t respond.

"Why aren’t you saying anything? I'm literally going to swat you"

No response.

"If you don't say anything, you will face my wrath and hate me for eternity"

No response.

Seija's hand trembled in the air.

She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t bring herself to swat Shinmyoumaru.


She lowered her hand.

"I don't want to hate mama" muttered Shinmyoumaru.


"I said I don't want to hate mama" repeated Shinmyoumaru.

"W-why" Seija couldn’t understand her, she was going to swat her, why didn’t she feel a burning hate towards her?

"Mama wants everyone to hate her, I don't know why, but I think she feels very lonely because she has no one who loves her"

"Love? Me?" Seija was flummoxed. For her, hate was the only way to feel a connection, the only way she could get people to understand her, love
was a foreign concept for her, a terrifying one.

"Yes, I love you mama, even if it was for only a while, you helped me achieve my greatest dream and I will be forever grateful"

Shinmyoumaru moved forward and hugged Seija's cheek, just like before.

It was the same feeling from before. The feeling she did not like.
She wanted to flick Shinmyoumaru away again like before, but she could not do it, she was frozen.

Her heart was burning up like before. She wanted to run, she wanted to hide, but she could'nt.

"Its okay mom" whispered Shinmyoumaru with a loving tone.

Then it happened.

A single tear fell from Seija's cheek. She couldn’t stop it. Then it wasn’t just a single tear, her tears came rolling down one by one until
she was straight up sobbing.

Her heart was still burning, but she was okay. Shinmyoumaru continued hugging her cheek dearly, even if Seija's tears were basically
like water buckets being dumped on her head.

"I love you mom"

"C-can you please stop calling me mom" said Seija between sobs.

"Sorry mom but I can't"

"Fine, my d-dear dd-daughter"


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Re: Shinmyoumaru Thinks Seija is her Mom for some Reason - The Story
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2023, 04:22:15 AM »
My can't take these feels...
All in all, very nice work. It's always nice to see a Seija-centric fic, especially one where her and Shinmyoumaru get along and she's actually sympathetic, I've seen too many fics where Seija has just been used as a one-dimensional evil villain who's just evil for the sake of it.
And now you got me craving slice-of-life between Seija and her new adopted daughter...
Though, it is an interesting concept to have the fairies look up to Seija as a prankster.

Re: Shinmyoumaru Thinks Seija is her Mom for some Reason - The Story
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2024, 07:41:25 AM »
My can't take these feels...
All in all, very nice work. It's always nice to see a Seija-centric fic, especially one where her and Shinmyoumaru get along and she's actually sympathetic, I've seen too many fics where Seija has just been used as a one-dimensional evil villain who's just evil for the sake of it.
And now you got me craving slice-of-life between Seija and her new adopted daughter...
Though, it is an interesting concept to have the fairies look up to Seija as a prankster.
In a way, at a surface level, Seija is one of the more "malicious" Touhou incident starters. Most incident starters either do it because of some dumb reason (boredom or stupidity) but Seija starts the Reversal Incident because she just wants to cause pure chaos. The fact that she goes against the common consensus makes her a very chaotic evil character while most Touhou characters fit under the chaotic neutral leaning towards chaotic good. I admit that I also thought this way about her, until Impossible Spell Card, which really changed my view on her character. ISC still has Seija being your good old mischievous amanojaku who likes being backwards but the ending after clearing all the scenes was what really changed my perspective on her personality and motive.
Congratulations, You completed every scene! That's something to boast about.
But as a consequence. She lost all her allies.
You don't need to be sad. Amanojaku can never really
make friends anyway.
This quote is done really well and it hints at the deeper complexities of Seija. It singlehandedly re-contextualized all her lines from both DDC and ISC to me.  What I found hard about her character as I retroactively looked back was finding the line between what was simply her nature as an amanojaku and how much of it was part of her real personality that she developed over her lifespan. In my opinion, her inclination to be mischievous is part of her amanojaku trait while her love for being hated seems more of a porcupine effect-esque personality trait that stemmed from her odd behaviour. Seija doesn't necessarily go against everyone else because she wants to, rather because as an amanojaku, it's second nature to her. She basically revolves her entire personality, mannerisms and attitude around her nature as an amanojaku. Determinism plays a very big role in her character and I don't really believe in that concept myself, so having her try to overcome this struggle seemed like the natural step if you ever wanted her character to grow. Overcoming one's own nature as a member of a species that is known for being malicious, going against the concept that people are "born evil" just seems like a very compelling story to me. Seija is practically a goldmine of character development potential that I don't see being exploited. This is how I interpreted Seija as a character, some people might not necessarily agree as you said, but this just seemed like the natural conclusion to her story that I was able to infer from all her lines.

Although I have to admit I couldn't really express this concept well as this fic just made Seija look like a tsundere which in my opinion she really isn't. Maybe I shouldn't be getting ideas like "Shinmyoumaru thinks Seija is her mom" mixed up with genuine character concepts and development.
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