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Re: Touhou-style Fanmade Music Albums Thread: Burnyuho's EoSD style album!
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Sho's releasing new Touhou-style album!
So far, Stages 1-3 have been released

One of the comments has following theme translations:
01 A Rainbow Falling on Gensokyo (Title Screen)
02 The Shining Lunar Jewel, The Entrance at Evening (Stage 1 theme)
03 Rainbow Amuse (Chimata's theme)
04 An Unending Perfectly Circular Waltz (Stage 2 theme)
05 Red Light Legacy (Stage 2 Boss' theme)
06 Rainbow Illusional Ray (Stage 3 theme)
07 Mesmerizing Flapper Girl (Stage 3 Boss' theme)

As for my thoughts...
I have no clue who the other bosses are other than stage 1 obviously being Chimata in similar vain to Yuyuko in TD, stage 2 being another moon rabbit and stage 3 either being a T-Posing woman from Outside World or another satori? Also she has noticable Theme of Eastern Stories appearing like twice and SHO didn't need to draw her this curvy lol

Obviously with rainbow themeing and Chimata present, this seems like mostly a nod to UM and I like how the acronym is GoLD. Stage 1 theme feels like WBaWC stage 1 but in different key. Stage 2 waltz segment reminds me of Wanwan's "Surpass the Gate of the Silver Key" from Riverbed Soul Saver for obvious reasons, but it's still solid

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Re: Touhou-style Music Album Thread: A New SHO album, what is happening?
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Sho's releasing new Touhou-style album!
So far, Stages 1-3 have been released
And it's fully out!

They also did release a paid hifuu album I see


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Re: Touhou-style Fanmade Music Albums Thread: Burnyuho's EoSD style album!
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Making another post just to recommend @Myaga0514 again, since they've finished both Touhou-styled album stylized after WBaWC sequel game:

Catching up on a lot of these. Haven't posted in the thread but have been lurking a lot. I'm creating a youtube playlist that I'll share with many of the albums in the thread and more. Wanted to follow up with some of my thoughts:

  • Beastly World of Drifting Desires was excellent. I though the st4 boss theme was excellent and driving but the whole album captured the WBaWC mood with a unique theme and instrumentation. I particularly enjoyed how the St6 theme crescendo'd into the final boss theme. Very reminiscent of DDC for the shinmyoumaru fight.
  • Empyreal Garden of Amusements was good. I need to give it another listen to but it sounded like something special. I remember liking the last 3 stage themes a lot. I Lol'd at the ex stage "yooooooo!!" audio clip that finds its way into a bunch of touhou songs (think Watatsumi's Wadaiko Deluge from Sapphire Panlogism)
  • After a 3rd listen on the treadmill I think Memory of Dreams Pillow might be a masterpiece. The Ex-stage theme "dense forest" in particular is great. I have not fully sat down and listened to Eternal Childhood Dream which I ripped off youtube
  • orange, who also goes by white blugt or orange blugt (and who i think is the mastermind behind memory of dreams pillow) also released a christmas themed mini-album for free on bandcamp which I recommend

All in all I hope my fellow touhou doujin album appreciators are doing well. I don't really know of any western language corners of the internet that are interested of these and I've even tried /jp/.