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Headcanons thread!
« on: February 23, 2020, 12:52:45 AM »
I'd love to know everyone's touhou headcanons!

Echoes in Gensokyo are twice as loud as those of the outside world, once for the actual echo, and a second caused by a Yamabiko. This has creeped out Sumeriko on multiple occasions.
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Re: Headcanons thread!
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im one of the people who thinks things:tm: about sakuya, like as long as remilia is alive she will be too and cant even age anymore


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Re: Headcanons thread!
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Who's actually purple Reimu?
Simple, it's Reimu, but at the end of MS, Alice opened her grimoire and turn Makai into ash and the remains are found on UFO.
Reimu died, Mima disappeared because she used her last power to protect Marisa because Marisa is still alive, Reimu's reincarnation AKA the black Reimu still remembers Marisa.
The Hakurei Reincarnation works like this: You die, if your close friend still alive, your memory is passed through your next generation.
The hakureis lived for a very long time and never actually interact with others, the first on to do this is the purple Reimu, being the best friend of Marisa, so even if She died, as long as Marisa still alive, her memory still remains.

Well, it's A very long explanation of what happened at the end of MS (BTW Yuuka is invincible in her ball of light shape, so she remains docile for60 years as a ball of light until PoFV)
Sorry guys, Mima will not be going to be in another Touhou game  :'(
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Re: Headcanons thread!
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Concerning satoris:
The "strings" of a satori's third eye indicates the strength (distance, strength of hyponization, etc.) of their mind-reading ability, and they are all detachable on the heart ends, except the one that connects to the head.  Detaching the head string will cause satoris to lose their mind-reading ability.
Koishi used to have more strings, but in her attempt to abandon her ability, she first cutted several non-head strings, and she lost her ability when she severed her head string.
Satoris can also control the movement of the strings as if they are limbs.
Mind-reading Distance:
When a person is very far from a satori but still inside the satori's ablity's distance limit, the satori would be able to detect the existence of the person, but cannot know anything else.  As the person gets closer, the satori would be able to read the person's mood.  If the person gets even closer, the satori would be able to read the person's thoughts.  Hyponization is enabled only when the person is before the satori's third eye and within reading distance.
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