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Touhou Osana Reimu (Little Reimu) & Touhou Reireimu
« on: April 24, 2023, 03:54:39 PM »
I wanted to start a topic on this derivative series.

東方幼霊夢 (Touhou Osana Reimu, aka Little Reimu) and its sequel 東方霊々夢 (Touhou Reireimu), is a cute comic-style video series running from the late-2000's to the early-2010's. The first takes place in the past, while the sequel is in the present. I absolutely cannot bring myself to even mention anything more about the story, as it is something that I wish for people to discover on their own.

I do feel obliged to say that certain scenes contain violence and blood, so be aware of that. I will provide a YouTube playlist link of the series below. Enjoy.

Touhou Osana Reimu and ReiReimu [English Subs/Japanese Dub] FULL

P.S.: To anyone who has already watched the series, please do not spoil any part of the story. If you absolutely want to discuss it, state if it contains spoilers and hide anything that follows.