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Natashi's Repository of Stuff
« on: March 05, 2023, 03:50:22 PM »
=========Main Projects=========

Danmakufu ph3sx

The "next-gen" version of the Danmakufu engine.
A modification of Danmakufu ph3 geared towards optimization and availability of more complex features.

Short list of features:
  • Much better performance overall.
  • Numerous additions to the scripting language.
  • New script functions and features.
  • Complete overhaul of the .dat archive format, with better encryption and compression, also incompatible with extractors for original ph3.


List of fangames whose development I had a part in.

東方潮聖書 ~ Sapphire Panlogism (main programmer)
Full game (6 stages + EX)


東方宝天京 ~ Treasure Castle Labyrinth (technical consultant)
Full game (3-stage demo + paid preview)



List of Danmakufu scripts I have made in chronological order.

Pure Eternal Flame
Contest entry for the LOCAA 8 - Pure Gensokyo!

Blood-Stained Silver Bullet (Unreal Tale of a Bootleg Cupid's Excessive Blood Loss)
Contest entry for the LOCAA Len'en Contest 01: Kill Two Birds With One Stone

A Super Short Aunn Script
More of a system test than a serious script, as evident by the script's general lack of creativity.


ph3 dat extractor

Just another extractor for Danmakufu ph3 .dat archives.
link ->

Marine Benefit Translator

A string patcher tool for Touhou Marine Benefit. A complete English patch is still in the works.
link ->

=========Fangame Mods & Patches=========

In some of these, the modded exe will be provided alongside the source files for the mod. In case you don't trust my modded exes, you may mod the games yourself with the code in those source files.

This goes without saying, but please do back up the original files.

Fantastic Danmaku Festival 2

  • Relaxed achievement conditions; achievements can now be unlocked in stage practice and spell practice.
  • Added an option to release Youmu's charge on Z key release like in the first game. To enable it, open config.ini in the game's installation folder and add YoumuChargeMod=1 under the "[Input]" section. To disable, either remove the line or change the value to 0.

(On Steam, rename the modded exe to "THMHJ.exe", and the original exe to something else, otherwise Steam will run the original exe.)

Mythical Mirror

  • Disabled the trial check. The game will now always be in "full version" mode.
  • Fixed the bugged diagonal movement. You can now move diagonally at screen edges.
  • Fixed the bugged Extra unlock conditions by permanently unlocking Extra for all characters. Stage practice, too.


Shining Shooting Star
(In turn a mod of Polished Shooting Star, not the original unmodded game)

  • Fixed the weird collision of Marisa's lasers.
  • Added an option to set the initial star gauge value in stage practice.
  • Optional RNG mod. Self-explanatory.

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Many thanks for sharing these ones with all of us :extend:!
P.S.Have you taken part in any // ?
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