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Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
« on: February 21, 2020, 07:34:28 PM »


Hello, Shrinemaiden forums. This thread will serve as a translation patch repository for the numerous Fantasy Maiden Wars games (Genso Shojo Wars in japanese). Fantasy Maiden Wars is a strategy RPG done in the style of the Super Robot Wars games, a series of crossovers between a ton of different robot animes and video games. Fantasy Maiden Wars, for the most part, is a retelling of pre-Ten Desires-era Touhou games starting from the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and ending with an original scenario. In order, the games go Scarlet (S), Mystic (M), Eternity (E), and Dream (D), and Complete Box (X/CB), an all-in-one compilation of every game.

Our group, the White Jade Belvedere, are a collection of SomethingAwful forums users who have been compiling patches for the games based on a series of translation Let's Plays on the forums, all of which are available for reading on the Let's Play Archive now.

Translation efforts for Scarlet, Mystic, and Eternity are more or less done. There are a few things in Mystic and Eternity that were left untranslated; these are for purely technical reasons that would make the game impossible to play or significantly hamper the game experience. We ask for your understanding regarding these issues.


All patches are first uploaded to the Akurasu wiki. Patches will also be linked here for courtesy. To patch your game, simply drag and drop the data files in the zip/rar archives into the respective game's data folder. BE SURE TO KEEP THE ORIGINAL DATA FILES SOMEWHERE. YOU WILL NEED THEM IN CASE YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE GAME OR SOMETHING ELSE HORRIBLE HAPPENS. Just to be safe, please.

Fantasy Maiden Wars Scarlet (English patch v1.02)
Originally made by Deranged and some other fairies on pooshlmer. They seem to have all vanished off the face of the internet since then.
Requires game version v1.1.2. Sanbondo have since released a 1.2.0 patch for Scarlet, this translation will definitely not work if you try to use it on 1.2.0.

Fantasy Maiden Wars Mystic (English Patch v1.1)
Originally made by us, the White Jade Belvedere, both before and after we became the world class translation group we are today formally congealed into an organized group.
Requires game version v1.2.0.  Currently up-to-date.

Fantasy Maiden Wars Eternity (English Patch v1.1)
Originally made by us, the White Jade Belvedere.
Requires game version v1.2.0. Currently up-to-date.

Fantasy Maiden Wars Dream (English Patch v.51)
Contains skills, abilities, weapons, items, spirits, danmaku effects, and scenario dialogue for Chapters 56, 57, and 77.
Currently being worked on by us, the White Jade Belvedere.
Requires game version v1.2.1. Currently up-to-date.

We are working on a translation patch for Fantasy Maiden Wars Complete Box! Since the game is currently still unfinished, I have nothing to show publicly. However, that will change in the future...

Godspeed, Sheephu the hedgehog.

Parentheses indicate currently inactive members.

Translators: Clarste, (Hokuto)
Let's Players: Golden Battler, (BlitzBlast)
Proofreaders and thing-doers: Ryza, a cartoon duck, nook, also Golden Battler, Nages
Hackerman: Roonespism, (Yamsman)
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Re: Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2020, 07:39:29 PM »
Hello, new shrinemaiden. This thread has been moved over from the old forums.

We are still working on the patches for Dream and Complete Box. There is expected to be a big update to CB in June that will hopefully contain the rest of the content, so most of the heavy-duty work on that will have to wait until then. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Re: Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
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Hello, the link to the english patch for Fantasy Maiden Wars Dream (ver 0.51) died. I download it and can't unzip it at all. Please help.

Re: Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2020, 02:34:28 PM »
That is odd... I was able to download and extract it just fine. I have re-uploaded the file and changed the appropriate links just to be sure.

Re: Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
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So how are things going? How was the update? Was it really the last?  :cirnotan:
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Re: Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
« Reply #5 on: February 09, 2021, 01:40:11 AM »
Hello, can I get some assistance on decrypting the data files? I want to rip effects from this game. Please I have been the entire day digging and trying to and managed to find a c++ source code pastebin but I have almost to no skill in it and all my attempts to run the code and install c++ compilers were for naught.

Re: Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
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Hi, I was wondering if someone here has seen what formula is used to determine critical hits in the first game, Scarlet.

Let's just say I'm having a wonderful time with Yuuka in Chapter 10, and that I'm convinced a Reimu with 178 Skills using an attack with a critical modifier of +10% and not other skills to increase it is incapable of achieving a critical hit against a 197 Skills having opponent. I've heard it's possible for Marisa to perform a critical hit with an attack having a critical hit modifier of +20%, but I've tried so hard and didn't get so far.

I know this thread is for the english patch, but I figured talking about game mechanics only found in the code on the last most-active thread I've seen wouldn't be too rule-breaking.

Is the formula ( User Skill + Attack's critical modifier) - ( Enemy Skill ) in case none of the opponents have any skills having an impact on critical hit ratios ? Or does level come in play in the formula ?
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Re: Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
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If I may ask, what's the progress on translating Complete Box?  Are you still waiting for NG+ to hit?

Re: Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
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Does any of these contain translated in-battle dialogues, beside Fantasy Maiden Wars Scarlet?

EDIT: BTW, a couple years after my failure, I tried to run Gensou Shoujo Taisen Complete Box and I still can't run it. No matter what I try, the game keeps crashing right at start up. I receive an error related to GSWBINFile.dll and the game closes. All the previous 4 games runs individually, but won't run on Complete Box. I even tried overwriting CB GSWBINFile.dll for Yu but it simply won't work. Any ideas, please? I'm affraid there'll be only a full Complete Box translation at some point, so I might end up not being to play the whole series in english because of this.
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Re: Fantasy Maiden Wars - English Patch Repository
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Is the translation team doing fine? The long silence is very concerning, but I hope the team is doing well.

If it's alright with ya, I can help out with the Dream translation.