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Touhou Maiden/Meiiden, subtitled and referred to many as Defiant of Shrine Maiden, is a classic Touhou RPG by Hachikuma, who would later go on to form Strawberry Bose and release games like Genius of Sappheiros and Devil of Decline. DoSM is considerably different than their later RPGs and may be a lot harder for most players to enjoy, but it's still a sort of predecessor in a sense and you'll see a lot of the same elements/content from later games present here.

I'm working on an unofficial English patch for it in my spare time with some technical help from seerow and Yamsman so I'm sharing it here. I also borrowed the extracting/repacking tools used for the partial Devil of Decline patch, so thanks to the creators of that as well. I'll be prioritizing this below whatever else I'm working on so don't expect updates to come too frequently. This first patch covers just the first chapter of the game and is quite short, and is mostly to test the waters to see if it prompts any sort of response from Hachikuma (unlikely).

If you need the game itself, you can purchase a used copy here on Surugaya. You'll need the physical-only Slash Buster version of the game for this patch to work -- the digitally available Gold Edition isn't compatible with it. I hear Gold Edition is much less stable on modern systems, and it's also a little harder for me to patch, so despite Slash Buster being the harder version to obtain, it's what I've gone with as a base.

You can download the English patch itself here.

Current patch progress: Up through chapter 7 (Abandoned School Basement) finished
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I can't believe it, it's finally here after all this time. Thank you for translating this

I've just updated the link in the OP with V2 of the patch, which covers up through the end of chapter 2. It also includes translations for the shops and cutscenes after the boss fight in the Electronics District.

Chapter 3 has a split where you can choose which order to go to the next two areas in, so I'll cover both paths in the next patch, which is already under active development and shouldn't take all that long.

Updated the OP link again with chapter 3. This one covers both Rumia and Wriggle's areas. You only have to beat one boss to proceed, and you'll immediately get the character you beat added to your party, but beating the other one means you'll get them added quite a ways down the line so feel free.

Chapter 4, featuring Chen and Yuuka, should be finished by next week as well.

OP link updated again with chapter 4, covering both Chen and Yuuka's areas. Beating Chen will make her available for unlock later, but you won't get Yuuka in the main game regardless so she's skippable (if you're a coward).

Mystia and the Prismrivers coming next week if all goes well.

OP link updated with chapter 5. This one covers the Prismriver Sisters and Mystia. All characters defeated here will be added to your party later on after a certain point. Mystia's only accessible if you've already beat Wriggle.

The next two chapters should be released a bit quicker than usual if all goes to schedule, then I'll be putting this patch on hold temporarily to work on some other projects.

The link's been updated with chapter 6 since yesterday, featuring Cirno and Letty. You'll get the one you beat first in your party soon enough, but the other won't join you.

Chapter 7 stars Alice and should be coming soon, then I'll be taking a break to focus on some other projects for a while.

I've updated the OP link with chapter 7. This one covers Alice's dungeon. The shop also gets new items at this point. I've translated the single cutscene leading into the Electronics District (the area leading into the shop), but outside of obviously translating the cutscenes in Alice's dungeon, none of the other various cutscenes you can trigger by visiting different areas/resting at the shrine are in English yet, so be careful if you want to save them for viewing in the next update.

Speaking of the next update, I full-well intend to finish this project, but it's a large one so I'm putting it on hold for a while to work on some other things. I'll come back to it eventually. This chapter wraps up the first act of the game, and second act 2 is much less linear, I'm going to release it all at once in the next patch.

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Compared to the time it spent untranslated waiting for the finished translation is relatively easy so take your time.