Author Topic: New ZUN Music CD Announcement : 虹色のセプテントリオン (Septentrion of Rainbow Colors(?))  (Read 2355 times)

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Kinda late, but not too late on this :

After 5 long years since Dateless Bar Old Adam, ZUN finally plans to release a new music CD for Comiket 99 this winter.

The CD this time serves as a promotion of sorts for Tabayama village, as some tourism person asked ZUN to compose a song
for their future wolf-related PR business.

See the Tourism officials's statement plus an extract of the new song here :
Or simply just listen to the extract of the new song on youtube :

This time's music CD is numbered 9.5 and is set to come with 3 songs (one original composition), but no booklet (as in, no RenMerries story). All in all, it's set to be a mini-music CD, just like [Unknown Flower, Mesmerizing Journey] (the RenMerries CD numbered 5.5)

Song list :
1 - Wolves of Nanatsuishi, Chasing After The Clouds(?) ([七ツ石の狼、雲を取りに駆ける], for those who are actually good at moorunes)
2 - Illusionary White Traveller
3 - Where is that Bustling Marketplace ~ Immemorial Marketeers

So yeah, a small Touhou bonus towards the end of the year. I for one am EXTREMELY GLAD that ZUN's music CD are on spotify these days, meaning that even if the physical copies still get scalped to high hell like what happened to [Unknown Flower, Mesmerizing Journey], making it EXTREMELY HARD and way too damn costly to get, we're gonna get a new dose of joy for MUCH LESS effort.

Also gotta appreciate not being able to put official announcements in the front page (sarcasm), something should probably be done about that
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just a heads up, "nanatsui wolf" should probably be corrected to "wolf/wolves of nanatsuishi", with nanatsuishi (lit. seven stones) being the name of one of the mountains near tabayama, also housing a shrine of the same name in which wolves were worshipped as messengers of mountain gods.


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This is a thousands times worse than the last event-only CD and I hope it will be the last one. Prices have gone through the roof and I hope ZUN seriously reconsiders his stance on event-only releases in the future. The TH18-release with the card included was questionable, the 17.5 event-only pre-release that was limited to 200 pieces downright sucked, a lot, but while this one did not have a specific print amount listed, prices are climbing even faster than before.

I don't care about digital releases, but this one really did bring me close to my breaking point, especially because I got the second one available on Yahoo after spamming F5 for an hour, only to have the auction cancelled two hours later. Wound up spending four times the amount I originally paid, this should not be okay, not to him and not to anyone else.

That new music track doesn't even feel finished as it abruptly ends after these two minutes. It's got a nice feeling overall, but alongside other evens that are happening, this CD makes Touhou go out even further from its comfort zone of being just a doujin work.
I hope that's just me.


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kinda sucks how this CD is copyrighted though, i've uploaded the CD tracks before on YT a couple weeks ago but got it striked by TSA w/o even knowing it was copyrighted.

though the Chimata rearrangement track was pretty good.