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Touhou GTA Vmod Jetpack Fix
« on: December 01, 2021, 09:40:45 AM »
Hey guys, if you have played the GTA SA Touhou modpack you may have noticed that the documentation of the modpack is lacking in some parts, and it has a bug here and there, if you want to experience it for yourself, check it here

If you have played a bit, you may have noticed that CJ has the ability to throw an explosive gohei with Lock On + Forward + Run, this doesn't net you any police stars but it can get in the way many times, and is undocumented in the pack's readme files.
But while using the Jetpack, if you trigger the gohei throw, your Jetpack will simply dissapear, this can make the Green Goo mission hell when playing on gamepad, but luckily it can be fixed by removing the corresponding files in the CLEO folder.

Go to wherever you have installed the game, and into the CLEO folder, for me its
"Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\CLEO"
and in there, move or delete the files mind.cs and mind.txt and voila, your jetpack will now stop dissapearing while trying to aim and move.

EDIT: So after playing the mod and beating the story, I can say that the ads on this mod are annoying to say the least, the modmaker wasn't much of a Touhou guy from what I read, and added a ton of Team Fortress 2 strawberriesposts to the ads stream, so I took the liberty of cleaning it.
This version of the adverts file replaces most long TF2 strawberriesposts with one file that was in the mod too, but this one is at least Touhou related unless im high on mushrooms, I tried to add the life up sound from zungames but that bugged the radio, so pick your poison.
Download link
To install, go to your Touhou GTA San Andreas\audio\streams and replace the adverts file, backup the old one just in case, then replace the TrakLkup.dat in the GTA San Andreas\audio\CONFIG
It just gets me on my nerves that you could be listening to akyuu synthstation and then the next track is a 4 minute TF2/Valve strawberriespost that you can't skip with the available mods...
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Re: Touhou GTA Vmod Jetpack Fix
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Touhou GTA. Makes sense, mmd sprite reimu running around committing crimes. ok i havn't played, but seems fun. :cirnotan: :meiling:
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