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An AoCF World Tournament... maybe...
« on: December 01, 2021, 01:53:02 AM »
Hi there, I've been an active member of the AoCF community and have hosted various tournaments for this game ( and While the community in the discord server can be considered "dead", the game in other regions seem to be doing just well.

I want to change that. This tournament will not help prove the game's point (since the netplay patch will only make the inputs get very delayed in high ping...) but rather put it in a spotlight to show that there are still people playing this game and that it's still an interesting game to play even if you won't play it "seriously".

The reason I put "maybe" in the title is because... no one else has hosted a tournament in a long time and it seems like I'm the only one that cares. With all that in mind, I'm limited to my stupid job's schedule. So whether or not I get to host this tournament is something I'll keep everyone updated I'm really not expecting to be able to host it at the date that I want to.

With all that being said, the date planned (for now...) will be on December the 25th @ 10am EST [3pm/15:00 GMT/UTC]. For the time being, I want people to join the discord server that I'll be hosting this tournament in since I'm not really sure how tournaments would be hosted in a forum, so here's the link: ( If anything else, I hope people try out the game (there's a "starter pack" in the #rules-andinfo that I made for people.... I need to update that actually ._.) and I hope to see you guys on chat or in the battles ;D