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Bouhou Youyoumu English Patch
« on: September 03, 2021, 10:04:48 PM »

Bouhou Youyoumu is a Metroidvania-esque fangame by the doujin circle Marokaka. I made an English patch for it with some technical help from brliron so I'm sharing it here.

If you need the game itself, you can purchase it here on DLSite.

The first game in the Bouhou series, Bouhou Koumakyou, already has an English patch (though the translation itself is of somewhat questionable quality from what I've seen). I have the groundwork already sorted out for Bouhou Koumakyou 2, the last game in the series, so I'll be doing a patch for it at one point in the future.

You can download the English patch itself here.


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Re: Bouhou Youyoumu English Patch
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I do like a good Metroidvania (probably because of Super Metroid but still). When I can eventually get a PC and actually be able to play Touhou, I'll try to remember this.