Author Topic: Which video games (non-Touhou) would you play with your Touhou / Seihou girl?  (Read 24 times)

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NOTE: Plz don't be angry at me because i discuss about Seihou in MoTK. You know, Seihou is distantly related to Touhou since IIRC ZUN works on it. It also has several similarities with Touhou.

Recently I've just seen a post about which movies should we seen with our fav Touhou girls. Now as my first topic here, I am going to present you the choice of choosing which video game (non-Touhou nor Seihou) would you play with your favourite Touhou girl. As a bonus, I will allow you to pick a Seihou character that you like in addition to picking a Touhou character that you like.

My choices:

- Play OMORI with Satori Komeiji in order to show her the consequences of being a hikikomori for life, and encourages her to be more open with strangers and friends.
- Play Yume Nikki with Doremy in order to make her see how weird people's dreams are, in an attempt to confuse her and do a little bit of trolling on her :meiling:
- Play GTA with Reisen to show her what is true action (no intention to make her commit crimes, I want to play GTA with her just for fun).
- Play Deltarune with Muse (Seihou) because Deltarune's story is the inspiration for the story of a Seihou fangame I am going to make, which can evoke some memories of her adventures while we are playing Deltarune together. :notes:
- Play Friday Night Funkin' and its mods with Raiko in order to show how good are FNF music, and to show her the most poggers bits of modern music.

If you have any ideas on which video games would you like to play with your favourite Touhou / Seihou character, feel free to reply to this post.