Author Topic: Supporting higher refresh rates in Touhou via reverse engineering  (Read 9253 times)

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Hello folks!

I had an idea in mind for a project and wanted to know about its feasibility from people experienced with reverse engineering Touhou.

I'd like players to enjoy Touhou at higher refresh rates without changing the actual gameplay speed.

At the moment, increasing or decreasing the FPS in Touhou games also affects the speed of the simulation. So I thought: what is we increase the FPS to, say, 144, and then give the game's update loop a fake time delta that would keep the simulation speed similar to the original one?

For example, assume that the normal time delta in Touhou is 1 for 60FPS. If we raise the FPS to 144, I'd like the time delta to become 0.416 (60 / 144). The game engine currently doesn't do this, and the time delta is always 1 regardless of the FPS.

I have found a project called twinject and asked for guideance there (, and it seems that things are pretty heavily hardcoded in Touhou engine. However I remember playing the Ultra mod, which changed bullet spawning parameters, so maybe not all hope is lost?