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Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Because Shanghai is on lockdown right now, no new updates for now. Also extended Ayaka/Mistsplitter banners, so there's that if you're aching for either of those.

Dendro has been pretty good so far, especially for hydro when you don't want to bring Xiangling and Guoba everywhere.

Now that I finished the endless quest, I'm not looking forward to Aranara hunting. At least Oculi and chests aren't going in blind to where they could possibly be.

Another thing of note. I wonder when we'll get a 5 star Geo added to standard / Spook banner now that Dendro will have a rep in it.

Ionasal kkll Solciel:
2nd Anniversary's yearly "things you've done" is up, so here's mine for your 10 primos.

It looks like Nahida will be rollable in 3.2... which makes me mightily concerned for my Nilou rolls. Outside of that, desert time. (NOTE: There is another required quest chain to gain the ability to unlock certain areas/gimmicks in the desert. Do that as soon as possible.)

Haven't been on top of exploring new area as before, but pretty annoyed that as soon as it's open, Daily commissions start popping up way over in places you haven't gotten the waypoints for. Still gotta hunt the rest of regular Sumeru for tree levels and Aranara.
The many events and web events don't help in having the time for such... It's been back to back on most of them. And while events are nice, it's rough trying to attend to them, exploration, and another game.

Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Gah, Nahida's character teaser physically hurt me. Apparently it's also her actual birthday on the 27th, too...


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