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Touhou ROCK MAIDEN 2 English Patch
« on: December 17, 2020, 07:18:57 AM »

Touhou ROCK MAIDEN 2 is a Mega Man-style Touhou platformer by the doujin circle Capricon. I made an English patch for it (though there's not much text to speak of) so I'm sharing it here. Due to technical reasons making it very difficult to get at the game's source, though, I was only able to edit the assets, meaning you're stuck with ugly monospaced text. There is an IPS patch included that modifies a very small part of the exe to fix a couple bits of hardcoded script but it was a lot of work getting that running and I'm not going to delve any deeper into it. You'll need to be in Japanese locale or using Locale Emulator when you apply the patch (and probably when you play the game, too, though I haven't tested).

If you need the game itself, you can purchase it here on DLSite.

For the English patch to work properly, you'll need to update your copy of the game to 2.02. You can find the update patch on Capricon's site here. Click on either of the links labeled 1.00→2.02 to grab it (the second link seems to be more reliable). I believe the version on DLSite also comes at 2.02 out of the box.

You can download the English patch itself here.

I've also contacted Capricon and gotten permission to release these patches for the series, which is pretty cool!
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