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Hello everyone! We are Kirisame Jump -- you may know us from our Touhou fangame, RAIN Project, which we released a few years ago. The team is pretty small and we are all going through college / work, but we've managed to put together another title, and would love for you all to give it a try!

Iwate Mountain Dance is a tough-as-heck, beautiful bullet hell platformer, with a focus on multi-stage boss fights! Each boss fight is an orchestrated journey, with bosses growing progressively stronger as you defeat their stages, resulting a climatic final spellcard.

Iwate is our take on the old-school difficulty of bullet hell arcade games, combined with the ultra-smooth platforming movement and free exploration from modern titles. Take on unique multi-stage bosses in a grand dance of handcrafted fights, each with their own attack patterns and intense combos, as you explore the lands of Iwate and learn its history. In a densely-packed open world, you can challenge bosses in any order you'd like. There is no grinding -- to clear a tough boss will be purely a test of your skills as a player.

Although the game is not a full Touhou doujin this time, we are still heavily inspired by ZUN's Great Works and I'm sure you can see it in the spellcard design :) . We would for you all to give the game a try, and please let me know any feedback or leave a review on the Steam page!

Iwate Mountain Dance on Steam:
Let me know on Discord for feedback, bugs, or just want to rage at the Extra bosses!
Gameplay Trailer: