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Arknights - Tower Defense Power Hour
« on: April 29, 2020, 06:26:55 PM »
Surely I'm not the only one playing this?

What is this game?
A tower defense f2p gacha mobage. From Wikipedia:
"The core gameplay is that of a tower defense game, with a number of characters ("operators") as towers. The operators are divided into eight classes: vanguard, guard, defender, specialist, medic, caster, sniper and supporter. Melee operators can be placed on ground tiles, and ranged operators on elevated tiles. Melee operators physically block enemies from advancing, and ranged operators deal ranged damage or heal melee operators. Specialist operators can be deployed on any playable tiles. Players must place operators on the correct tiles to prevent the enemy from infiltrating the player's base."

This game looks cool, but I hate grinding.
You're in luck, because this game's grinding level is relatively low compared to other mobage and most of it is automatic. If you're coming from games like Granblue or FGO, this game will be a cakewalk.

The game features an autoplay button, so once you've beaten a map you probably won't have to do do it manually again. Keep in mind though, it takes your current levels into account so when you're starting out it will sometimes fail. Interrupting the autoplay and fixing the failure point will save your new run so it won't happen again.

Is this a game where you have to pull to keep up with meta?
At this stage, absolutely not. You can clear basically all the content available with 3/4 star units, and there is no PvP. If you really need a specific 5* or 6*, you may be able to purchase them with free currency later. The game is focused more on filling certain roles rather than single units dominating the field.

Ok, I want to start playing. Where do I begin?
Here's a guide for new players.
Some tips:

-Highly recommended to pull as much as possible on the beginner's banner, due to the prorated cost. You're guaranteed to get one of Exusiai/Seige/Angelina/Shining/Hoshiguma/Silverash. These are all outstanding units, but if you have no preference Exusiai/Seige/Hoshiguma/Silverash are better at carrying you at low levels.

-Buy Cuora with the shop vouchers first! She may only be a 4*, but her performance is 5* tier. Also buy the free units from the credit store as soon as possible. Both Courier and Gavial are decent units in their roles.

-ALWAYS look up the tags before recruiting, especially at the beginning. Certain tags guarantee you 4* or 5* units, which is basically always helpful. You can look up the tag combinations here.

-Save your gold certificates! When you first start it may seem like they're given out like candy, but the rate will drop off once you get a decent number of units. You need 180 for a 6* unit and 45 for a 5* unit, so only use them on units you really want. If you really need to spend gold certs on pull tickets, only spend once you've saved up around 230. The single ticket is replaced by progressively higher value ticket packs, and you'll need that many to get all of them. Altogether, you'll get 38 pulls.

-Stamina items have an expiry date. Use them! Stamina regenerates slower in this game compared to others, and resource maps use a lot of it so you'll need all the stamina you can get.

-Every level milestone, you'll get new packs available in the store. You can buy them with originium(gold), and they are always higher value than simply using that gold on pull currency. Make sure to get them!

-Upgrade your base level as fast as possible. You can get up to 5 factories running at once, which means a lot of free exp and gold items.

-Be careful with who you upgrade to Elite 2. It costs a ton of money and materials, especially for 6* units. That being said, some 6* units become MUCH better at E2 once they learn their 3rd skill. If you can't decide, check out this list before making a decision.

-Progress in the story to get Amiya dupes and Shaw for free. Shaw in particular is incredibly useful on maps where her niche comes into play.

-Clear as much of annihilation as possible. Each milestone increases your weekly cap of orundum, which means more pulls!

-Go to settings and change the performance slider to "open" if you want to save battery life.

I love this game and now I want to spend money. What should I spend it on?
Personally, I try to never spend money on these games, but if you must then get the monthly pass. Each month adds up to 1 free 10pull, plus a ton of free stamina. Pretty good value for $5.

By the way, who's your favourite operator?
Have you seen Shaw? Look!!!

For more info, see the Gamepress wiki.