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Touhou & 16 Personalities
« on: April 21, 2020, 08:57:33 PM »
Greetings, everyone

A thread for analysis of Touhou characters' personalities, through the 16Personalities model.
The website:

This model uses 5 gauges to measure people's personalities, each gauge has two ends, and a person can be anywhere in the gauge (including the middle), and the person's personality is the combination of the five.
Some simple summary (folded) of the gauges if you do not wish to read over the website (although I recommand reading it):
Mind: (I)introverted - (E)extraverted
I - prefers to be alone, or with a few close friends
    can be talkative if the conversation is about a subject of their interest
    prefers not to be in the spotlight (this is different from shyness) (because they don't want to)
E - enjoys being in the crowd, has a lot of friends
    talkative in general
    "good with people"
    dislikes solitude and finds it boring

Energy: (N)intuitive - (S)observant
N - dreamers, imaginative
S - doers, practical

Nature: (T)thinking - (F)feeling
T - logical (but not robots)
F - emotional (but not idiots)

Tactics: (J)judging - (P)prospecting
J - planning/organized, prefers expectable things, might be rigid, better attention span
P - flexible, disorganized, poor attention span, open to and seek new ideas

Identity: (A)assertive - (T)turbulent
A - has less stress, fine with who they are, cares less about people's opinion
T - has more stress, wants to improve themselves, cares more about people's opinion

The combination of the first four makes the personality type, and the Identity creates two variants of the type.

The "code" for personality is the letters arranged by "MindEnergyNatureTactics-Identity".
For example: ISFJ-A
Combinations of traits:
 - Rational
 - Impartial
 - Independent
 - Open-minded
 - Scientific
 - Strategic thinkers

 - Empathetic
 - Cooperative
 - Warm & kind
 - Altruistic
 - Seek harmony

_S_J-_ (Sentinels):
 - Practical
 - Organized
 - Hard-working
 - Traditional
 - Seek stability

_S_P-_ (Explorers):
 - Quick & flexible to react
 - Impulsive
 - Short attention span
 - Seek new and thrilling things
I___-A (Confident Individualism):
 - Prefer doing things alone
 - High self confidence
 - Don't pay much attention to others' opinions

I___-T (Constant Improvement):
 - Perfectionistic
 - Success-driven
 - Hard-working
 - Care about how they look/others' opinions

E___-A (People Mastry):
 - Very good communication skills
 - Confident
 - Expressive
 - Seek social contact

E___-T (Social Engagement):
 - Sociable, energetic
 - Success-driven
 - Prone to extreme emotions
 - Perfectionistic
 - Value social status
Please feel free to disagree with/add to my opinions, and/or put analysis of more characters, though I would like it for you to provide some reasons.

Here're my thoughts:

Patchouli - Architect[INTJ-A]
"knowledge is power"
Architects are the "typical nerds".  They are often seen sitting in a corner(library) and reading a 2-inch thick book.
They are, as the name suggests, architects --- they learn about things, create new things from their imagination and knowledge,
make blueprints of them, and make directions and plans on building them.
They make excellent counsellors, as they have both creativity and practicality.

Eirin - Logician[INTP-A] (same as me!)
"I think, therefore I am"
Logicians are known as "the science prodigy".
They can be very arrogant if you are not their friend - "Humans are too dumb to understand this" (IN dialogue)
But they are nice most of the time, and many things that will anger normal people won't even trouble them.  (example in an article from Bunbunmaru news)

The list goes on
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Re: Touhou & 16 Personalities
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Reimu is probably ESTP-A.


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Re: Touhou & 16 Personalities
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Kanako - Commander[ENTJ-A]
Commanders are people who once decided on something, they will find a way to do it, no matter how impossible it seems.
(e.g. getting faith from youkais; introducing nuclear energy to Gensokyo)
They love challenges and achievements.
They are brillant leaders, particularly skilled with recognizing talents in others.
They value efficiency, and will manipulate other people(e.g. Okuu) if that helps them to achieve their goals.
 - "Have faith in me!" (intended pun, but it probably is something she would say)

Characters with some traits identified:

Koishi - E_F_-T (before closing her eye)
The major reason for Koishi to close her eye is that she didn't want to be hated for her ability.  This suggests that her strategy was Social Engagement, which means that she longed for social contact, and was bothered by others' opinions about her.  Being feeling oriented made her more fragile in this circumstance, and possibly more reluctant to seek help from her sister, fearing that Satori could also get hurt from the nasty thoughts she read.  All of this eventually lead to her closing her eye.
My guess: Campaigner[ENFP-T] - independent, sensitive, and emotional

Satori - I_F_-A
Satori's strategy is very possibly Confident Individualism, as seen in Strange Creators of Outside World 5:  "Mind reading is the best ability.  I give myself 11/10 (points)."  She is also caring and gentle towards almost anyone, as when she discovered Reimu in her home, she saw that Reimu was thirsty and offered her tea, and only attacked Reimu because Reimu wanted to attack her (SA Yukari stage 4).  She also gives (perhaps too much) freedom to her pets (which probably isn't the most logical thing to do).
My guess: Defender[ISFJ-A] - extraordinarily caring, someone you will want as family

>Reimu is probably ESTP-A.
I don't know about her very well, but I think Reimu has the intuition trait.
 - she's kind of lazy(?)
   "Why did I have to come down to such a soaking wet place?" (SA Suika stage 1)
   "I just want to finish up my business here and go back up to the hot spring!" (SA Suika stage 4)
 - she is said to have good intuition (IN Border stage 5 dialogue)
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Re: Touhou & 16 Personalities
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2020, 03:12:18 PM »
Well, she also has a very practical approach to dispatching youkai, so in my view, she’s probably S.


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Re: Touhou & 16 Personalities
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I see why it is possible for Reimu to have the S trait (but somehow I disagree with her being an ESTP).

Byakuren - Advocate[INFJ-?]
 - "I'll make the world a better place" (in their own way, which may or may not be approved by others)
Advocates see helping others as the purpose of their life.
They dislike(very much) inequity(e.g. humans and youkais) and seek ways to stop it.

My headcanons/guesses(which, are possibly wrong):
Marisa - Debater[ENTP-?]: brillant, knowlegde-loving, and sarcastic, loves to disagree with (and poke fun at(which they think as harmless)) people.  (see the (hilarious)SA dialogues)

Aya - Enterpreneur[ESTP-A]: to some people, interesting, passionate, and awesome; to others, annoying, possibly troublemakers.
Role - Explorer: she's excited about finding new(s) stuff (in daily life).  Probably all I have to say
Extraverted: she's a reporter and can *walk up to someone(maybe stranger) and start an interview* (Introverts can't do that)
Thinking: she is said to be very smart, and she purposely talks in a way that makes people uncomfortable, and it seems she has no mind of changing this habit.  She is also well-known for writing (rumours?)things that angered many.
Strategy - People Mastery: seek social contact, but don't actually care if people like them or not.
P.S. I happen to know some ESTPs.  They make great friends, if you can tolerate their trolling and possible troublemaking.

Edit: I will put more detailed explanations, as much and many as I can
(must get comfortable with posting)
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