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So with the old site archived and no longer usable, we need a new thread to post about our dreams.

So in this thread, please feel free to post any dream you've had about Touhou or is in some way related to Touhou - even if just a little bit. You can also discuss and comment on your/other people's dreams.

If you feel like you never/rarely have dreams then consider keeping a dream diary. While I had been keeping a dream diary inconsistently since 2008, the old site's dream thread acted like a dream diary for me and I had several dreams a week in 2013 because of it.

This is a dream I had today:

I had a dream that there was a medieval TV series like "The Witcher" and "Game of Thrones" that had just come out. Although it was adapted from a book again, the writers were allowed enough creative freedom to do what they wanted with it because it had an episodic nature - so they added an episode where the main villain was Remilia Scarlet. Essentially the main character was invited into a medieval mansion (It wasn't quite the Scarlet Devil Mansion but it was the same kind of idea) and was treated as a guest in the mansion for the episode before they eventually duel and defeat Remilia. I looked back at how they did Remilia and it was a brilliant cosplay they did of her. They make her hair and eyes brown to make it more realistic but otherwise her dress remained mostly the same as you'd expect from the games. She was played by a young child who seemed to be about 10 or 11 years old and the child did a good job of portraying her. I believe Sakuya also appeared in the show but unlike Remilia was never mentioned by name. Other characters from the SDM didn't appear in the show until dream logic took over and everything go weird. At that point I had told everybody at the football and then my family what they had done. Then I went back there with a group of friends (who were just the characters from Chuunibyou and a random knight) where we got shot at and the Scarlet Devil Mansion got its internet stolen.
I have a dream about Yuuka being my teacher, and she asked me to print some worksheets out, so I did, and my school is in the middle of nowhere, so I have to walk to the printing. Then, I met Rinnosuke and he gave me a bike, so I used that bike. When I wanted to print the Worksheet, I stumbled upon my Granma in her friend's house, she forces me to join Even when I don't wanna, cuz I don't wanna get dual sparked, and I ate Pizza with them until I forgot about the worksheet, and when I remembered it, I rushed and turns out school hour's over.

Not sure what happened with poor me, anyway, the last thing I see is Yuuka smirking on me before I woke up.

What a dream, it could make me Faint before I knew it, such a Sleeping terror
Also, a couple of months ago I got a dream of ZUN scolding me and said I have no future.
Doremy... What the...

Also, I got a dream I was traveling on a bus, and somehow Remillia is in 2 seats in front of me with Sakuya.
And suddenly it turns into a Minecraft thing...
Then I approached something that looks like a resting area, then I got teleported to my granmas home
somehow it's now filled with some kids, and I got a Shikigami (Yes, very random)

Another one, I dreamed that I Dated Mutsuki (From TG) and He's in my school, somehow it takes place when the school is new and stuff, I looked at the brochure and found one area (The library) that said

--- Quote ---________ Hates this place, too humid
--- End quote ---
Well, you might think it's Patchouli or something, but guess what...

Spoiler: IT WAS REMILLIA! (Again)
IDK why but Remillia somehow haunted my dream, is this because Scarlet Flame Flandre got active again?
Had a dream that I was following Alice around like a creepy stalker. She was shopping, changing clothes and age as she did, and stuff then eventually went into an onsen or bathhouse like place with lots of other Touhou characters. She was there to talk to people rather than use the onsen though. My gaze remained fixed on her as I grumbled about how much I miss her. Eventually I went right behind her to grumble about it directly to her.

Yeah, I'm not over her yet. At this point I'll creep her out further, my own actions aren't helping. Rereading this I should probably mention that Alice stayed fully clothed during this whole dream - there was nothing lewd about any of my actions.

Now I've had a dream that lockdown finished and I was told to go outside and look at the sky. For a brief moment that sky turned a deep purple and then a trailer for the next Touhou fighting game played in the sky. I quickly tried to take a picture of it with my phone. It mostly displayed Reimu, Marisa and Yukari. The portraits were drawn by Moe harukawa. I unfortunatley can't remember the plot
A few nights ago, I had a dream where I saw some Touhou characters mentioned by name. I don't remember the details, but the relevant part was when I was in a weird-looking classroom and my teacher was giving a presentation about a weird website she didn't trust. She said something about how the website got their facts wrong about Sakuya and Akyuu. She clicked on the link about Sakuya, and I saw a weird animation of text that actually had nothing to do with Touhou. Still in the dream, I tried looking up the website on my phone, which I had some trouble with because I seem to lose a lot of dexterity in dreams, but I managed. On the mobile version of the website, there were a lot of links with circular thumbnails to a lot of weird topics that also had nothing to do with Touhou. I tried clicking on one that showed what looked like a version of the Superball Flower from Super Mario Land made out of hair, and I saw a video where someone was playing with the flower and it ended up growing a few extra "heads", like the Copy Flower from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. I don't remember what happened in the dream after that.

In various other dreams, I've been in school buildings where the art teachers hang their students' work outside their classrooms, and in a few of these dreams I see kids' drawings of Touhou characters.

I actually think my dreams, including the non-Touhou related ones, are really interesting and are nothing like anything I could imagine while awake, so part of me is thinking I should keep a dream diary of some sort, while another part of me is wishing someone could invent a dream-recording machine. Because of how interesting my dreams are, Doremy Sweet has become one of my more-liked characters in Touhou. (Maybe I should try meeting up with her in my dreams...)
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