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Touhou-style Music Album Thread- Now with Recommendations and Ratings

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Finished Albums:
Canvas of Music-colored Winds

Youtube video: https://youtu.be/lOBrT65T7Kc?si=iVKZNTqrO3Cq_kZ3
Gilde’s write-up and story translation https://pastebin.com/FJ9aguzD
DL link: https://hina-chro.booth.pm/items/4851948

--- Quote ---♪ 1. Musical Duel of Wind and Tone Color ~ Celtic Ens (by Komainu)
♪ 2. Detuned Wind (by Poh)
♪ 3. Ultimate Transcendent Supersaw ~ Oct.JP Saw (by Poh)
♪ 4. Classic Insert (by Fuu'un)
♪ 5. Toned Dorato ~ St.Harpsichd (by Fuu'un)
♪ 6. Gazing Up at the Module in the Heavens Above (by N4, mix by Kanade Komeiji)
♪ 7. Firewall Behind the Scenes ~ MG Saw Lead (by N4, mix by Kanade Komeiji)
♪ 8. Fantastic Interface (by Kanade Komeiji)
♪ 9. Hybrid Reed Duo ~ OB Square & Hybrid Saw (by Komainu)
♪ 10. The Display that Projects the Earth's Surface (by Amen)
♪ 11. Non-Reeded Reed Leader ~ Reed Romance (by Amen)
♪ 12. The Font Where Tones are Born (by Burnyuho)
♪ 13. The First of the Soundfont's Native Tones ~ D.L.A.Pad (by Burnyuho)
♪ 14. Wind in a Dozen Tones and Colors (by Burnyuho)
♪ 15. Rainbow Wind Drawn on the Canvas ~ Touhou-style Dream... (by Burnyuho)
♪ 16. Decolorized Wind (by Aruto)
♪ 17. Freelance Sound (by Aruto)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: S
This is a collaborative album organised by my possibly favourite composer in this genre, Burnyuho, it’s supposed mimic aesthetics of EoSD-PCB era and each character is based on each composer’s favourite synth instruments. I’m probably biassed as to why this is so high, but Final Boss’ theme is probably in my Top 5 songs of this genre and everything else is just so solid, while sticking to the motif of the project and I’m saying this as someone who actually prefers ZUN's more modern songs compared to early Windows era. The only complaint is that the Extra stage theme can sound radically different in quality on different headphones compared to speakers or on airpods, but it’s mainly a nitpick of mine. This is the album that really makes me want to get into composing myself, it’s just so good and inspired despite being pretty simple.
--- End quote ---

Acquisitive Invader

Youtube: Stages 1-3,
Youtube: Stages 4-6
Pixiv: Stages 1-3 Stages 4-6
Soundcloud: Trial version
Plot Summary: Part 1 and Part 2

--- Quote ---1. Nablas Strewn Hither and Yond  (Title Screen)
2. Rondo of Balmy Breeze (Stage 1)
3. Dancing Leaves (Aoi Fura's theme)
4. A Flute's Whistling in the Summer Sky (Stage 2)
5. Heavenly Noise Above the Ground (Nemuro Ohka's theme)
6. Cursed Region (Stage 3)
7. Black Shaman Girl (Kambe Fumi's theme)
8. Torch-Bearing Cave Exploration
9. In the Dark, With a Perfect Field of Hearing
10. Mystic Flow
11. Silver Dragon of the Underground Lake
12. Deep-Stratum Limestone
13. A Certain Android's Timespace Voyage ~ Diverged Epistemophilia.
14. Half-Summer Hallucination
15. Peaceful Neuromancer
16. Player's Score

--- End quote ---
Music composed by khirhio

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
The second of khirhio and nokisakifuurin’s albums that mimic 6 stages of a Touhou game. I find this one to be a big step forward, especially for khirhio, not only do I think the overall quality of songs is way higher than in Brilliant Works, I also really appreciate the references and inspirations behind each song, which are also mentioned and did in fact get me into SMT OST and Focus. You could argue it’s not creative, but the difference is definitely there, the songs aren’t carried by the originals, it’s transformative, which leads me to the fact that final stage and boss’ themes are partially composed by an AI, which khirhio then remixed and added on, which is fitting for the final boss and project itself, but it’s also kind of interesting, seeing as ZUN himself despises AI art and that’s what motivated him for Touhou 19. I’m not going to pick a side here, especially since it does again feel like khirhio only included that for the sake of the motif and his style is the one carrying it (that and an amazing incorporation of the Daisy Bell), it’s just an observation. Really good stuff!

--- End quote ---

Smells like Beer vol 1&2

Download links for: Smells like Beer vol 1 and Smells like Beer vol 2

Translated Theme titles:

--- Quote ---Volume 1:
1.   The Disappearance of the Hakurei Shrine's Miko       (Title screen)
2.   Foggy Netherworld                                                          (Stage 1)
3.   Lost Corpse                                                                     (Stage 1 Boss)
(^ this one has a remastered version here)
4.   The Underground Closest to the Ground                   (Stage 2)
5.   Distorted Division                                                         (Stage 2 Boss)
6.   The Underground's Blue Sky                                        (Stage 3)
7.   The Boundary War III                                                    (Stage 3 Boss)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Volume 2:   
1.   My Grandfather's Clock Was...                                                               (Stage 4)
2.   The Good 'Ole Days Running in Parallel ~ Contemporary Period   (Stage 4 Boss)
3.   Imitation "Perfect and Wrong"                                                             (Stage 5)
4.   The Lèse-Majesté at [DATA EXPUNGED]                                           (Stage 5 Boss)
5.  The Frozen Bluebird                                                                             (Stage 6)
6.  The Romantic Trumpet From That Day                                          (Stage 6 Boss)
--- End quote ---
Music composed by Useless/IchigoPaprika

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
I’ll rate Smells like Beer albums in pairs because that’s mostly how they’ve released, with small breaks in between the twos. I’m fairly certain SlB1&2 were one of Useless’ attempts to mimic and predict WBaWC’s style, down to the point where Vol. 1’s music uses the exact same instruments, synths for each respective song at some points, but it mixes things up to stay on the creative side with “The Underground's Blue Sky” vs. “Everlasting Red Spider Lily” being a great example. Honestly both songs from Stage 4 and “Imitation “Perfect and Wrong”” are my favourites from this, they’re just so atmospheric, yet unique. I do feel like however the remaining songs are close to perfect, yet have some parts I’m not too fond of, like most of “The Romantic Trumpet From That Day” until climax, which arguably, is emotional and epic.

--- End quote ---

Blue Moon Rhapsody
(i wish i could use a better picture here)
DL Link: Here

--- Quote ---1. Touhou Enbukyoku (Eastern Waltz)
2. An All-Too-Lively Oumagatoki
3. Night Fairy Dancer
4. Racing Through the Noisy Forest
5. Rampage Wolf
6. Satellite Bluemoon
7. Ailing Queen ~ Fourteen Heart
8. Waltz of the Blue Moon
9. Pegasus Writer
10. Starry Sky of Elegantly Refined Tones
11. Hypnotist Conductor
12. Fantasy Rhapsody
13. Now, Before the Magic Wears Off ~ Lunatic Rhapsody
14. Lunatic Rhapsody
15. Crystal Shine Road
16. Prince of the Lunar Palace ~ Chandra Mahal
17. Shards of Glass
18. Banquet's End ~ Blue Moon Waltz
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
An album by Chama (ちゃま) that's based on the much-loved song Waltz of the Moon from the NHK's Minna no Uta. This was almost an A+/S even, because every song, especially boss’ themes are bangers, especially “Rampage Wolf”, “Pegasus Writer”, “Lunatic Rhapsody” and “Chandra Mahal” the usage of guitar is brilliant and even though this album doesn’t features characters (yet), it is memorable on its own and I’ve even got inspired by some of these songs to make some characters. I am hesitant however, Chama’s drawing style is more of a detriment and it does feel tiresome to listen to most of the songs in this at once, at least personally.

--- End quote ---

Uncreatable Idea

Link to the first part (Stages 1~3): Youtube, Nico
Link to the second part (Stage 4~6): Youtube, Nico
Link to an extra stage: YoutubeNico
Summary of Stages by gilde (can take down if requested)Stages 1~6 and Extra
Soundcloud account with each individual song, or just a link to getting the album outright.
Translated Theme titles:

--- Quote ---1. Fantasy Research Laboratory                                                                             (Title screen theme)
2. Gensokyo in Silence ~ Silent Incident                                                                (Stage 1 theme)
3. Singing Mandragora ~ Lunatic Song                                                                  (Nasu Kanoko's theme)
4. An Utterly Unprecedented Bizarre Case                                                           (Stage 2 theme)
5. Inscrutable Tea Party ~ Strange Teaparty                                                          (Theophilia Cinnabar's theme)
6. Fantastic Night Flight Behind the Shrine Grounds                                          (Stage 3 theme)
7. Melusina of Subservience ~ Dragonmaid                                                         (Melusina Brittany's theme)
8. Lakebed Shoot-Out                                                                                               (Stage 4 theme)
9. Chemical Trigger happy                                                                                        (Kabino A. Hekiko's theme)
10. The Fantasy Philosophy that the Girl Sang of ~ Fantastic Neoplatonism  (Stage 5 theme)
11. White-Coated Creator God ~ Dream of Dr. Jaldabaoth                                (Phillipa A.T.B. von Hohenheim's theme)
12. The Truth Casts a Shadow on the World of Reality                                       (Final Stage theme)
13. Perfect Human ~ Dream of Humanity                                                             (Hinoide Ai's theme)
14. Eastern Postscript Story ~ An Utterly Unchanging and Stimulating Daily Life        (Extra stage theme)
15. Can the Corpus Delicti be Proven?                                                                   (Theophilia's second theme)
16. Knowing Not Love, Humans Know Grief                                                         (Ending theme)
17. Reverie Pursuit Laboratory                                                                                (Staff Roll theme)
18. Player's Waltz                                                                                                       (Game Over theme)
--- End quote ---
Music composed by Burnyuho

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
The album which technically started the original thread and has skyrocket my interest in this genre. EX Boss’ theme is probably the best track in it, and it's getting even better with every listen for me. On base, I think every song here is A+ or S even, however you can tell this one of Burnyuho’s earlier creations, with “Dream of Humanity” and “Strange Teaparty” having some serious sound mixing and trumpet issues, which nowadays seem to be completely gone if “The First of the Soundfont's Native Tones ~ D.L.A.Pad” from CoMW is any indication. I also really like the character designs, even if some of them look goofy. Probably an album I’ve returned to the most and for a reason.

--- End quote ---

The Garden of Sinners

Crossfade here, full .mp3 and image pack available for anyone with a BOOTH or Pixiv acccount here, very detailed JP writeup of the characters' source material here.
Download link for OLD VERSION on Google Drive: Stages 1-6 + Extra

--- Quote ---1. A Sky Blanketed in Natural Catastrophes
2. Tiny Birds and Thunder Peals in a Rainy Sky
3. Heavenly Lightning
4. The Shadow of a Sky Colored by Filtering Sunlight
5. Parasol Waltz
6. Youkai Megalopolis
7. Silhouette Standing Against the Light's Glare ~ Funny monster
8. Touhou Hatenkou (Eastern Sky-Conquering Port) ~ Empty gateway
9. Northern Storm
10. Severed Otherworld ~ Lost Heaven
11. Scarlet Weather Immaginazio
12. Reality and Wisdom of Dreamlike Non-Self
13. O, Thou Who Bears Knowledge of Samsara's Interstices ~ Traitor's Requiem
14. Barrier Aureole
15. Undead Girl in the Lingering Glow
16. Today's Weather: Sunny With a Chance of Shrine Maidens
17. Twilight Shrine
--- End quote ---
Music composed by sisyou02

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
An album mimicking a Touhou game that technically has been released three times now, the last version polishing it a notch and adding new extra arrangements of the songs in specific style. The artstyle and the designs are really topnotch, to the point you could confuse them with the real stuff. I really adore half of the songs, especially “Undead Girl in the Lingering Glow” which is just my kind of creepy-mix funk with a side of Ten Desires. However, except for maybe one or two stage themes, I do find them mostly forgettable, with most of the trial songs also being a bit mid. I like how Final Boss’ theme shares a name with that one Jojo's OP.

--- End quote ---

Brilliant Works

Link to Youtube video: Stages 1~3, Stages 4~6
Link to Soundcloud DL with each individual Song: Stages 1~3, Stages 4~6
Link to Pixivart: Stages 1~3, Stages 4~6
Site where you can download each track now:
Translated Theme titles:

--- Quote ---1. Candlelight Bridge
 2. Vermilion Sky
 3. White Messenger (Wakaba Yahata's theme)
 4. Wickedest Forest
 5. Blustery Staccato (Kazari Kamakura's theme)
 6. Foggy Twilight
 7. Silhouette in the Dusk (Yu Mikage's theme)
 8. Rest in the Flow of a River Bathed in Light
 9. Magic Hour of Clear Streams (Ukyou Izumi's theme)
10. Shining Silence of a Remote Land
11. Solitary Silent Hunter (Shizuka Udzuki's theme)
12. The Sound of Flowers Echoing in the Night Sky
13. Gleaming Flowers that Fill the Sky ~ Brilliant Bouquet (Shushu Hinoya's theme)
14.  -? (Ending theme)
15.  -? (Staff Roll)
16. -? (Game Over theme)
--- End quote ---
Music composed by Khirhio

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
The first of khirhio and nokisakifuurin’s albums that mimic 6 stages of a Touhou game. With this one there's arguably bigger amount of absolute bangers, like “Blustery Staccato'' mimicking the feeling of beeing stuck in a tornado, but I feel like compared to Acquisitive Invader, there’s less of a quality when it comes to some songs, especially stage themes  - I only really like “Rest in the Flow of a River Bathed in Light” and Final Stage in this album. Speaking of, the final stage and boss utilising Fireworks SFXs or trying to mimic them is probably one of the best things in this. I could also criticise a few more songs and praise a few others, but all in all, it’s good stuff that initially helped me go through tough times, since the full version was released in early 2020.

--- End quote ---

The Artificial City

Teasers: First Youtube teaser, OST and Characters Youtube Teaser, All OST teaser on Soundcloud, Nico
Album Purchase/DL: Melonbooks
Theme titles:

--- Quote ---1. Bustling Fantasy City
2. Straight path ~ Straight loose
3. Positive Youkai Roku
4. Happy Rageness
5. Magical World in the Girl's Brain
6. Between the Outside World and Fantasy
7. Hero's Return ~ Heroic Polonaise
8. Beyond the Wonders of Electronics
9. Explosive Technology ~ System Projector
10. Gene Cell of Artificial City (by DO)
11. Geometric Mad Scientist
12. The Small Fort Left for Last
13. Tenchi Creation Gensokyo ~ Tragedy Princess
14. Mystic Akihabara
15. 2019 Sound of Bells Ringing ~ Heart Steal!! (by Burnyuho)
16. Twilight in the Fantasy City
17. Scattered Time ~ Dream City
18. Flower Arrangement Monopoly
--- End quote ---

Composed by Kisaragi and others

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
This rating is probably the most biased one, because arguably and like it has been said previously, this album isn’t exactly worth its original price and quality of songs is really, really uneven, with Stages 1-3 of this just existing. Meanwhile “Explosive Technology ~ System Projector” is unironically in my Top 5 songs from any Touhou-style album or genre. I love the beeps, the structure, and I want to see and hear a MAD of it. The song by Burnyuho is good in both voice and voiceless version, Extra stage theme gets better with every listen, like a good EX stage song should and all 4 themes for stages 5-6 and their bosses are growing me. So yes, really uneven, but I still do recommend it.

--- End quote ---

Elemental Quintet

OST DL link: here
Previous thread
NicoNico video and Site.

--- Quote ---1. Overture of the Sprites
2. Pastorale of Grey Water ~ Long for homeland.     
3. Duet of Bird and Beast     
4. Passion of a Sweltering Day
5. March of the Blacksmith in the Turmoil's Center
6. Rondo of the Sacred Gold Mine
7. Waltz of the White Mallet Rabbit
8. Chorale of the Basilica di San Cristisia
9. Intermezzo of the Five Elements' Revival Sprites
10. Nocturne of the Bakeneko Tribe ~ Abyssal Xanadu.
11. Nursery Song of Chief Nekomatsu
12. Oratio of the Five Elements' Five Peaks
13. Quintet that Resounds Atop the High Summit ~ Elemental Quintet.
14. Finale of the Sprites
15. Fantasia of the Maidens
16. Score of the Players
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
A Touhou game mimicking album (without EX stage, there was one made by a third party, but I don’t recommend it) with music composed by Tokiko Tatsunagi and story written by OyasuMilka (writer of Kaisendo Team’s games and others), dunno’ who the artist behind artwork is, sorry. This project’s biggest musical strength can also be considered its cons, almost every song sounds like a church psalm to an extent. It works amazingly with songs like “Waltz of the White Mallet Rabbit '' which is probably the sole reason to get this album, but it can get old fast. I also feel like Stage 4/6 Boss Themes have an amazing setup, but not quite there climaxes (or with Intermezzo’s case specifically, the bridge part is so short despite being the best part). It’s still great and I’m glad it’s no longer considered a lost media.

--- End quote ---

Another generic Touhou release

YT Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnyuWukH5GM
DL link: https://ichigo-paprika.tumblr.com/35

--- Quote ---1. Useless – "Let's Begin"
 2. Sajiboshi – Ghost Scapegoat
 3. Useless – Midnight Spell Card  (Remix of Touhou 14.3's second scene theme)
4. Koori – Toward the Paradise Floating in the Sky
5. Useless – Distorted Division  (Remix of "Smells Like Beer vol.1" Track 5)
6. Yoiyami – Rainy Fairies' Diary
7. Amen – Nogama's Whirlwind
8. Larum – Empty Vision
9. Larum – Incomplete Memory
10. Boga – Alice in Wonderland  (Remix of Touhou 5's extra stage)
11. Yoiyami – Love Is More Scarlet Than Scarlet ~ Scarlet Rhapsody
12. Tokimigusa – Step-by-Step Stroll
13. Oborozuki – Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye (Remix of Forbidden Scrollery's bonus CD track 1)
14. Useless – Everlasting Red Spider Lily (Remix of Touhou 17's stage 3 theme)
15. Muisu – Untitled
16. Useless – Freeze Sign "Ultimate Freeze"
17. Koori – ​Vǫlva's Words
18. Amen – Watchdog of Gévaudan
19. Useless – Hellfire Mantle ~ The Deepest Sky (Remix of Touhou 11's stage 6 theme)
20. Eban – Dashing Through the Peaks of Clouds
21. Tokimigusa – False Strawberry (Remix of Seihou 1's stage 1 theme)
22. Useless – Shanghai Teahouse ~ Tea is Oishii.  (Remix of Touhou 6's stage 3 theme)
23. Useless – Jellyfish Aquarium. (Remix of "The Scorching Wind Carried by Beasts" for Touhou 17, by Useless)
24. Useless – Demystify Scarlet
25. Fuun Shishou – Border Aureole
26. Eban – Cloudy Mirage
27. Useless – Spirit Sign "Freeloading Black-and-White Magician" (Remix of Tipsy Wanderings' Bar Old Adam track 4)
28. Useless – Beautiful Clothes, Autumnal Candles
29. Useless – Worship the God of the Everlasting World! (Remix of Touhou 16's Eternity Larva's theme)
30. Amen – Is the Gloomy Rain a Premonition?
31. Useless – XXXXX (Remix of “The Lèse-Majesté at [DATA EXPUNGED]",  "Smells Like Beer vol.2" track 4)
32. Useless – The New Eighth Aerial Paradise City
33. Useless – Harmful Substance in False Structures
34. Useless – Be Careful Not to Doze Off
35. Useless – Thank You For Your Hard Work ~ Hard Worker
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
It’s close to being three hours plotless album organised by Useless. As you can tell, the name of this album kind of fits and is one of my major issues with it, it’s so large, especially to listen to all of it and moreover, half of the songs in it just get lost in memory, even though I’ve tried evaluating the entire album several times now. A lot of songs like the first one also are either basic or just serve a purpose of blending into other songs, with very random consistency between artists and a lack of story or any visuals don't help with parts of it just not being memorable That being said, it’s no Travelogue of Bloat~ it does have some really quality tracks from each artist and some of the remixes are really obscure, but definitely welcomed. It does a solid job and I do recommend picking a couple of songs for your playlist at the very least.

--- End quote ---

Memory of Dream Pillow

Youtube Video: Here
Download Link: Here

--- Quote ---01 Dreams as Old as Time (by Kale Hakaido)
02 Eren Like Avocado (by Orange)
03 Sameimaru Akika's Theme - Falconer's Whistle (by Kale Hakaido)
04 Seeding the World ~ Fraternal Forest (by Kale Hakaido)
05 Sanyoki Kuro-ko's Theme - Intimidation of a Fool (by NED)
06 Village-like Cat's Footsteps ~ Not Real  (by Orange)
07 Mairu Goutokuji's theme - Boundary Between Reality and Fantasy (by Yutong Chen)
08 Spring Festival Atmosphere  (by FanTBS)
09 Akuma no Hana & Kishin Yoko's Theme - The Lovely Girl Hides Cruelty (by Orange)
10 Festive Walk Through the Dark ~ Jubilant Road (by Yutong Chen)
11 Sameika Tensho's Theme - Festive Drums ~ Spring Dance (by Kale Hakaido)
12 Meer Der Erinnerung  (by Orange)
13 Jina Kasaga's Theme - God's Hand Relying on Dreams   (by Orange & Kale Hakaido)
14 Dense Forest (by Asumerday/summer)
15 Natachi Suruika's Theme - Clockwise ~ Little Witch from The Dream (by too many ppl to list)
16 Ending Theme   (by Orange)
17 Staff Roll Theme  (by Orange)
18 Dark Soul  (by Orange)
19 Hako no Shoujo's Theme - The Ark of Death ~ Humanity  (by FanTBS)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
One of the first albums I’ve learned of/from/organized by Orange/WhiteBlugt. It does feature one of my favorite fanmade bangers, that being “Festive Drums ~ Spring Dance'' and also that one song by NED, but I honestly never really cared much for the rest of the songs. Clockwise feels like another one of ‘too many cooks that spoiled the food’ kind of deals. You’ll probably find something for yourself here since the styles are varied, but it’s also far from being consistent in my opinion.

--- End quote ---

Awakening Deep Mythos

YT Video: https://youtu.be/30Z7GJ1NFBY?si=7feIr2vWtzIVzy_N
DL: https://wookywok.itch.io/awakening-deep-mythos

--- Quote ---1. The Shadow Over Gensokyo
2. The Breeze That Unsteadies Gentle Waters
3. A Schooling of Strange Fish
4. Moonlight Through the Twisted Branches
5. The Cat Who Dreamt of Outer Space
6. Rainbow Grey Badlands
7. A Color Streaks Across the Spectrum
8. Mutating Deep Cavern
9. Sorrowful Cry of Southern Birds ~ Lament of Flesh
10. The World Where Logic Has No Claim
11. The Messenger From Deep Beneath
12. Black Stars in a Yellow Sky
13. Theater of Unspeakable Truths ~ Magnum Innominandum
14. The World of Fantasy Touched By the Unknown
15. See the Sounds, Smell the Sights
16. Well of Infinite Depth ~ Electric Onryo
17. The Slowly Healing Wasteland
--- End quote ---
by Wookywok and DJThunderHeart

--- Quote ---My Rating: C+
An album which features chiptunes on top of traditional Touhou-style synths and instruments. The positives for me are the Stage 3 and Extra Boss’ themes, which are pretty damn good, not perfect, but there’s a potential. That’s probably the word I’d use for this one, potential, because almost every other track feels like it could be better than they are, in fact FanTouhouMusic did rearrange some of the tracks, like Stage 2/6 Boss’ themes and they sound far, far superior. The chiptune album isn’t a bad idea either, I feel like it just wasn’t used properly. I don’t think creator of this should be discouraged though, they’re already good at least writing good music, I just personally think they work better for writing music for other people. The art isn’t in ZUNart, but it’s not bad, the designs aren’t for me though.

--- End quote ---

Champaign of Unfinished Dreams

YT video English version: https://youtu.be/F74eIwtA4Y4?si=0hc0geVEbl5BtNiR
Japanese version: https://youtu.be/mtnUHCsYuk4
Bandcamp: https://consonancesdissonances.bandcamp.com/album/champaign-of-unfinished-dreams

--- Quote ---Title Screen theme - Distant Paradise Seen in One's Dream
Stage 1 theme - Unease Blowin' in the Wind
Epro Ragram's theme - Carnival of Runaway Danmaku
Stage 2 theme - Senshuraku of Nightmares
Unane Gakudzuka's theme - Grave of Melody
Stage 3 theme - Between Solitude and Sweet Cocoons
Ophela Murakage's theme - Ophelia's Miniature Garden Theatre
Stage 4 theme - A Roadway Brimming with Colors
Chieka Chiiro's theme - Spiritual Scenery ~ A Thousand Colors
Stage 5 theme - The Festival Starts Today
Taeyori Kaname's theme - Brilliance of Individuality, Glory of Everyone
Stage 6 theme - Nostalgic Lamentation
Munomoto Makino's theme - Phantasm Paradise ~ Lost Dreams
Munomoto's Last Word theme - A Mirage-like Flower of Dreams
Ending theme - That Which was Seen at the End of One's Dreams
Game Over theme - Player's Score
Extra Stage theme - Fragments of Dreams, Beyond the Night
Mizuho Kadenokuji's theme - The Calendar is Definite, the World is Transient
Extra Ending theme - That Which Was Born from the Depths of One's Heart
Staff Roll theme - Departing on a Fine Sunny Day
--- End quote ---
Made by Consonances & Dissonances.

--- Quote ---My Rating: C
As some of you might already know, I don’t like Consonances & Dissonances’ stuff, as to why it’s explained here.
It’s also why I’m only going to rate CoUD and Touhou 19 hoax OST, because I feel like I can recommend these personally and I do think someone should actually review and rate them, someone who isn’t actually affiliated with the group (looking at you RickyRister).

Champaign of Unfinished Dreams is an album supposed to mimic a Touhou game with a motif of different pieces and styles of art. It’s also getting a full danmaku game being made in the meantime. The ZUNart and the designs are alright, but you can tell they are fan made designs/they’re not eastern enough and as for music, it’s a mixed bag. I do like Stage 1 boss’ theme as well as EX Boss’ theme, but despite trying my hardest, I can’t remember or appreciate much else in this. Each artist’s styles just clashes too much with each other and by the end we have an album that certainly sounds and exists, but I can’t tell you much more about it. Despite the lower rating, even compared to the hoax OST, I do think this is a high note in C&Ds work, for better or for worse.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The rest of writeups and rating is WIP and I also need to add:
SHO's albums (Gambling of Lunatic Dreamers, Great magic of reconstruction, Unexpected Revenge, The Replicant Tale, Alchemist of Desire [Demo] - at least these all I'd consider to be A-C tier, with all due respect, their older stuff can be janky)
Treasure Castle Labyrinth (ye, I know it has a game release, it's great, I'd still include it here)
Heavenly Gathering of Clouds (likewise)
Adventures in Inferno
Ryuuou's albums (The Victorian Space Age, Citrus Resuscitation, History of Distortion) - arguably king of hifuu albums
Useless's albums (U-01,  Fake Touhou 17 Stage 4-6 OST)
Shenhai Festival

Wanwan and Ido's "Bright Location Unlike Externals
NED's IBP and BoSM's arranges / Bubbling Imaginary Treasures mini-add on album
C&D Touhou 19 HOAX Trial OST
Roka Enzaki's Reawakening of Youkai Mountain
Dream Galaxy Express
Ichita's Underground Citadel
Cyber Sea (Demo)
Akakyu's "(Hokkaido Investigations) ~ Traces of Utopian Civilisation"
FanTouhouMusic's albums (Immense Will of a Thousand Swords,  Emergence of Crimson Acropolis,  Infinite Festival Paradise (when it releases)
A Journey of Reminiscences
Myaga's albums (Prosperity and Hunger, Beastly World of Drifting Desires, Unforgettable Memories of May, maybe Lunatic Noisy Festival)
Orange's albums (Thousand Years Mysteries, Eternal Childhood Dream, Christmas of Unforgettable Paradise)
Popcat's albums (Paradoxical Esoterica, Constellation of Fantasy)
Janitogloy's albums (Esoteric Dimension of Mystery [Demo] & Through Diffuse Reality)
PoutyKeiki's albums (Heavenly God War, Forbidden Story of Fire)
Ryousou: the Apotheosis of Pitch-Black Beast (Demo)
Near Death Experience
Empyreal Garden of Amusements
Kale Hakaido's Land of Automatic Nirvana
Misora's Sunshine of Frenzy
Downpour of Weaver Festival
LENK64/Miki Hiroyuki's stuff, potential Nansei Project, but I'd rather not because of the author
Waving Oath in Arcadia (Demo), but I'd rather not because of the author
Rapture of Khione, but I'd need to ask rayson for his tracks and I'd rather not

--- End quote ---

Inanimate Bloom

YT playlist: Here

--- Quote ---1. Re: Ibutsukan (*Reliquary Museum) ~ Memory of Portraits
2. Re: The Art Museum is Alive
3. Re: Phantom Figment Girl ~ Mary Sue
4. Re: Countdown to Heartbreak
5. Re: Blue Rose Knight ~ Forgotten Portrait
6. Re: Atop Scattered Flower Petals
7. Re: Memento Memory ~ Inanimate Bloom
8. Tea Party in a Picture Frame
9. The Paintings Dream of the World Outside ~ Memento Dream...
--- End quote ---
a small Touhou crossover album with Ib, has 3 stages
After Happy End World

small extra stage-like crossover with Needy Girl Overdose
YT playlist: Here
by Burnyuho

Smells like Beer vol. 3 & 4

Will provide downloads later, but as far as I know vol 3 and 4 no longer follow typical Fake game album structure, might move them to a normal album section.
You can buy Volume 3: Here
Vol 3 playlist:

You can buy Volume 4: Here
Vol 4 playlist:
by Useless

Servants of the Feast
as well as
Migration to the Conceptual Sea

DL links to all finished and unfinished albums for the artist: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e6Zj6Vzhm6W0AtmJNznrSoqWOFev5E8Y?usp=sharing

by Kuroha

Unfinished or trial albums:
Wall Separating the Stage and Audience

Download link: Here

--- Quote ---タイトル「シャンゼリゼの盃」
三面ボス「ヒラリアスゴースト ~ Shall we dance?」

--- End quote ---

Ancient Power of Words

Download Link.
Crossfade and artist's Soundcloud.

--- Quote ---1. The Classical Word is Stronger than the Sword
2. Zhōngguó Fortress
3. Tàishàng Lǎojūn's Test of Strength
4. Free and Unfettered Journey of Love
5. Don Juan's Red Dream
6. Valiant General's Requiem
7. Crimson Rabbit (Long ver.)
8. Player's Score (APoW ver.)

--- End quote ---
Music composed by あまほ

Sweet Smells and Foolish Evils

Youtube: Stages 1-3, Playlist
Soundcloud: Stages 1-3

--- Quote ---1. Sweet-Scented Fantasy Nation
2. A Saccharine-Strange Dreamworld
3. Formication Upon Waking from a Dream
4. Chocolate Forest
5. Happy Sweet Water
6. Torte of the Castle Gate
7. Fake Sweets Soldier
--- End quote ---
Music composed by Burnyuho

Albums I don’t have access to:
Silent of Soul

Link to Youtube video: Teaser
Translated Theme titles:

--- Quote ---1. The Players Enter the Venue ~ Let's start with tuning.
2. To the Cool and Refreshing World Directly Below
3. Berry Berry Jellysweets
4. Cold of Chemocline
5. Tranquil Buccal Cone ~ Sweet Angel?
6. Unmanned Pleasure Cruise ~ Pay for life.
7. Echo to the Sea of the Heart, Like the Sound of a Kemari Ball
8. A Great White Shadow Creeping Closer ~ 1819.
9. Signal Flag Enticing Into Fantasy
10. The Dimly-Lit Backstage Waterway
11. Rachmaninoff in the Deep
12. The Doors Will Open Shortly ~ Ladies and Deepfish.
13. Listen Well to the Concerto of Revival ~ Sound of Soul.
14. A Bright Cavern Walk in the Depths of Night
15. Sightless, Tri-less Blind Red Eyes ~ Pleiotropic.
16. Dozing Amidst Lingering Sound ~ Fuyofuyo.
17. The Players Leave the Venue ~ finale.
--- End quote ---
Music composed by various artists.

Previous thread here - https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php?topic=21513.0



As I've mentioned in the other thread in the earlier MoTK site, Burnyuho - composer whose work I originally covered out of curiosity and hope it becomes more widespread - has been working on a sequel to the first album I've updated about, that being Uncreatable Idea. The sequel, being called 東方菓香国 ~ Sweet Smells and Foolish Evils. generally has much more positive vibe, but I actually approve that. Right now only the trial part of the album (Stages 1-3) has been released.

Youtube link to the full video covering all songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVei65Uml_E
Youtube OST playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz-AFn47pre3feS1DliD_Oq-O0K6OImoW
Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/user-630043118/sets/sweet-smells-and-foolish-evils

Really hoping that once again gilde will be able to translate profiles and such, but if not, I welcome anyone for translations of theme titles and what not, UI story and characters were Imo great.

Hi again! I'm back. :D
I also don't have any copy of The Artificial City (yet..... ;w;), so I can't give details on that, but I do have a summary for Sweet Smells and Foolish Evils! The 'full version' is planned for Niconico Dousai in summer 2021... which is a bit of a wait, but oh well. (;; ^^)

The plot is basically that everything in Gensokyo's been turned into sweets. Reimu's broom is a pretzel. The shrine gate is a candy sculpture. The path tiles are tarts, the shrine's made of biscuit bricks, the trees are chocolate with cherry blossom fondant... and don't get anyone started on the smell. After a couple stages of meandering around to investigate, the protagonists find and venture into a giant Nutcracker-esque Kingdom of Sweets.

--- Quote ---Shrine Maiden Who's Not Sweet Towards Youkai - Reimu Hakurei
Magician Who's Not Sweet Towards Herself - Marisa Kirisame

Stage 1 - A Sweet World and a Sour Society ~ Overworked Employee (Sky over Gensokyo, presumed)
"Black shadows wriggling atop a strangely sweet world. Could they be connected to the incident?"

Boss: One of the Top 20% of Hardworking Ants, Nimuni Ookuro. A hard-working youkai ant with the ability to carry home sweets, who mistakes the protagonist for a giant ambulatory dessert. (If one applies the usual pattern of "stage 1 boss is small-scale foreshadowing of the game's overall theme", then 'ants crawling all over sweets' seems kind of ominous...?)

Stage 2 - Lab Animals' Paradise ~ Mouse Park (Forest of Magic, presumed)
"You mustn't let sugary sweets loose in the wild. Humans aren't the only things they'll attract."

Boss: The Bizarre Seven-Brained Mouse, Shiroko Nanazu. A genetically-engineered lab rat who passed into fantasy, and who has seven brains as a homage to The Nutcracker's seven-headed Mouse King. A local hero to outcast mice; she likewise mistakes the protagonist for a giant cake, and seems genuinely surprised to discover that they're human.

Stage 3 - Inedible Sweets ~ Sweetheart of Tin (Kingdom of Sweets - In front of castle gate)
"The towering walls of a candy castle. Just who is it that stands before the gate?"
("So that looks like the wall of a candy castle to you? Very well! Very well indeed!")

Boss: Fake Sweets Built of Tin, Moe Suzuki. Andersen's titular Steadfast Tin Soldier, now a human-hating doll youkai who's been assigned to protect "Her Highness" and friends by guarding the castle's gate. Though she's made of tin through and through, the protagonist seems convinced that she's made of candy; upon noticing this, Moe changes her attitude and lets them pass. The sudden gray-out in the stage title intro also seems to indicate that the castle isn't as saccharine as it looks...
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---BGM listing
1. Sweet-Scented Fantasy Nation
2. A Saccharine-Strange Dreamworld
3. Formication Upon Waking from a Dream
4. Chocolate Forest
5. Happy Sweet Water
6. Torte of the Castle Gate
7. Fake Sweets Soldier

--- End quote ---

Like UI, Burnyuho's described SSaFE as an exercise in making something that's still "Touhou-shaped" while being a big departure from official series fare (possibly even moreso than UI was :V). Each track is likewise conceptualized as a mix of Touhou-style and another distinct genre or instrument; so far it's 'walking pace' -> 'slap bass' -> 'conga' -> '8-bit' -> 'drum march' -> 'big band'. I'm really interested in seeing where the latter half goes.
(Speaking of the latter half... there's actually an entire disclaimer in the video's "manual" saying that story elements in the latter half might be particularly weird/horror-esque to some people?? Though nothing particularly dark ever happens "on-screen", as it were. Kind of sounds like a Hansel & Gretel thing to me.)

Aw yea I've been waiting for this thread. This sorta stuff is excellent and really helps pass the time between official releases.


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