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Touhou-style Album Thread: SSaFE is Out! Hifuu-club finale edition!
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Do you like Touhou-style music? Do you like Albums? How about we bring these two worlds together? Enjoy!

Canvas of Music-colored Winds

Youtube video: https://youtu.be/lOBrT65T7Kc?si=iVKZNTqrO3Cq_kZ3
Gilde’s write-up and story translation https://pastebin.com/FJ9aguzD
DL link: https://hina-chro.booth.pm/items/4851948

--- Quote ---♪ 1. Musical Duel of Wind and Tone Color ~ Celtic Ens (by Komainu)
♪ 2. Detuned Wind (by Poh)
♪ 3. Ultimate Transcendent Supersaw ~ Oct.JP Saw (by Poh)
♪ 4. Classic Insert (by Fuu'un)
♪ 5. Toned Dorato ~ St.Harpsichd (by Fuu'un)
♪ 6. Gazing Up at the Module in the Heavens Above (by N4, mix by Kanade Komeiji)
♪ 7. Firewall Behind the Scenes ~ MG Saw Lead (by N4, mix by Kanade Komeiji)
♪ 8. Fantastic Interface (by Kanade Komeiji)
♪ 9. Hybrid Reed Duo ~ OB Square & Hybrid Saw (by Komainu)
♪ 10. The Display that Projects the Earth's Surface (by Amen)
♪ 11. Non-Reeded Reed Leader ~ Reed Romance (by Amen)
♪ 12. The Font Where Tones are Born (by Burnyuho)
♪ 13. The First of the Soundfont's Native Tones ~ D.L.A.Pad (by Burnyuho)
♪ 14. Wind in a Dozen Tones and Colors (by Burnyuho)
♪ 15. Rainbow Wind Drawn on the Canvas ~ Touhou-style Dream... (by Burnyuho)
♪ 16. Decolorized Wind (by Aruto)
♪ 17. Freelance Sound (by Aruto)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: S
This is a collaborative album organised by my possibly favourite composer in this genre, Burnyuho, it’s supposed mimic aesthetics of EoSD-PCB era and each character is based on each composer’s favourite synth instruments. I’m probably biassed as to why this is so high, but Final Boss’ theme is probably in my Top 5 songs of this genre and everything else is just so solid, while sticking to the motif of the project and I’m saying this as someone who actually prefers ZUN's more modern songs compared to early Windows era. The only complaint is that the Extra stage theme can sound radically different in quality on different headphones compared to speakers or on airpods, but it’s mainly a nitpick of mine. This is the album that really makes me want to get into composing myself, it’s just so good and inspired despite being pretty simple.
--- End quote ---

The Victors' Space Age

Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzydSZyxAX5bFpwIAyMtdrcZwtmsm0X-
Cheeky DL link

--- Quote ---01 The Age of Sailing Through the Cosmos ~ Second Space Age (Ryuuou)
02 Darwinism Capriccio (Ryuuou)
03 On the Other Side of Empty News (Kiryuu)
04 Midnight Spell Card (Pesot.jp)
05 The Rabbit of Oki, The Moon's Lullaby (Pesot.jp)
06 Alice in Wonderland ~ Girls' Adventures in Universe (Ryuuou)
07 Faraway 380,000 Kilometer Voyage (Kiryuu)
08 Requiem for a Certain Someone (Maki)
09 Star Voyage 20XX (Ryuuou)
10 The Mystery in Your Town  (Ryuuou)

--- End quote ---
By  夢想吟遊詩人 (Dreamer Bard)

--- Quote ---My Rating: S
I don't think there's a single weak track in there and each time I relisten to it, I'm just amazed this didn't come from ZUN himself. From an amazing intro song sampling famous speech, to really atmospheric but melancholic pieces and some good arrangements. Probably my favourite album from that circle, it really captures both space exploration and this feeling of unknown chaos so amazingly well. Great track and artist selection, each ones doing their best job at the styles they are most capable of. I don't think any hifuu albums, including ZUN's albums are beating this one any time soon.

--- End quote ---

The Golden Age Will Return Again

Bilibili: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Qx421f7ie
LQ MP3 DL link:
Music from 旧雨忆梦幻想乐团

--- Quote ---My Rating: S
The only current gripe I have with this album is that the bilibili upload is quite on lower end of quality, but even despite that it's still easy for me to appreciate it and say if you ever loved celtic sounding vibes, Mystery Dungeon OST or you feel nostalgia for sea shanteas and Pirate/Touhou music, then this is an easy S-tier. Boss 2, 4 and 5 are great. But then we get stage 4, which will take a second getting used to but it just feels so unique and mystical and that's not even getting International Trade which is in my Top 5 Final Boss themes now. Seriously if anyone has access to better upload of this, I'd love it.

--- End quote ---

Blue Moon Rhapsody

DL Link: Here

--- Quote ---1. Touhou Enbukyoku (Eastern Waltz)
2. An All-Too-Lively Oumagatoki
3. Night Fairy Dancer
4. Racing Through the Noisy Forest
5. Rampage Wolf
6. Satellite Bluemoon
7. Ailing Queen ~ Fourteen Heart
8. Waltz of the Blue Moon
9. Pegasus Writer
10. Starry Sky of Elegantly Refined Tones
11. Hypnotist Conductor
12. Fantasy Rhapsody
13. Now, Before the Magic Wears Off ~ Lunatic Rhapsody
14. Lunatic Rhapsody
15. Crystal Shine Road
16. Prince of the Lunar Palace ~ Chandra Mahal
17. Shards of Glass
18. Banquet's End ~ Blue Moon Waltz
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: S
An album by Chama (ちゃま) that's based on the much-loved song Waltz of the Moon from the NHK's Minna no Uta. From the “Rampage Wolf”, “Pegasus Writer”, “Lunatic Rhapsody” to “Chandra Mahal” the usage of guitar is brilliant and even though this album doesn’t features characters (yet), it is memorable on its own and I’ve even got inspired by some of these songs to make some characters. Initially I was hesitant with putting it in S tier, but I think it deserves it.

--- End quote ---

Ancient Hidden Prayer (Demo)

YT: https://youtu.be/6Fgd-0xO9VE
Music from 祈仙沙月

--- Quote ---My Rating as of the demo: S
Yeah, a demo I'd rank that high. It's only a shame there will be no characters or lore for it, but I can definitely imagine some good ones for it already, all boss themes are splendid and really replayable, all stage themes are at least solid and then you have ones using erhu. So yeah, I'm looking forward to this.

--- End quote ---

Acquisitive Invader

Youtube: Stages 1-3,
Youtube: Stages 4-6
Pixiv: Stages 1-3 Stages 4-6
Soundcloud: Trial version
Plot Summary: Part 1 and Part 2

--- Quote ---1. Nablas Strewn Hither and Yond  (Title Screen)
2. Rondo of Balmy Breeze (Stage 1)
3. Dancing Leaves (Aoi Fura's theme)
4. A Flute's Whistling in the Summer Sky (Stage 2)
5. Heavenly Noise Above the Ground (Nemuro Ohka's theme)
6. Cursed Region (Stage 3)
7. Black Shaman Girl (Kambe Fumi's theme)
8. Torch-Bearing Cave Exploration
9. In the Dark, With a Perfect Field of Hearing
10. Mystic Flow
11. Silver Dragon of the Underground Lake
12. Deep-Stratum Limestone
13. A Certain Android's Timespace Voyage ~ Diverged Epistemophilia.
14. Half-Summer Hallucination
15. Peaceful Neuromancer
16. Player's Score

--- End quote ---
Music composed by khirhio

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
The second of khirhio and nokisakifuurin’s albums that mimic 6 stages of a Touhou game. I find this one to be a big step forward, especially for khirhio, not only do I think the overall quality of songs is way higher than in Brilliant Works, I also really appreciate the references and inspirations behind each song, which are also mentioned and did in fact get me into SMT OST and Focus. You could argue it’s not creative, but the difference is definitely there, the songs aren’t carried by the originals, it’s transformative, which leads me to the fact that final stage and boss’ themes are partially composed by an AI, which khirhio then remixed and added on, which is fitting for the final boss and project itself, but it’s also kind of interesting, seeing as ZUN himself despises AI art and that’s what motivated him for Touhou 19. I’m not going to pick a side here, especially since it does again feel like khirhio only included that for the sake of the motif and his style is the one carrying it (that and an amazing incorporation of the Daisy Bell), it’s just an observation. Really good stuff!

--- End quote ---

Sweet Smells and Foolish Evils

Youtube: https://youtu.be/0ALR-JSLOhA
BOOTH: https://hina-chro.booth.pm/items/5616886

--- Quote ---1. Sweet-Scented Fantasy Nation
2. A Saccharine-Strange Dreamworld
3. Formication Upon Waking from a Dream
4. Chocolate Forest
5. Happy Sweet Water
6. Torte of the Castle Gate
7. Fake Sweets Soldier
8. Coronet March ~ Avec creme de ganache
9. Langue-de-chat Quartet for the Nutcracker Doll
10. Dragées Dance on a Candy-Crafted Throne
11. Claramary, the Queen of Sweets
12. Fantasy Elimination Half-Life
13. Fantasy Withdrawal Syndrome ~ Sweet Smells and Foolish Evils.
14. Cold Meleagris
15. Bad Flowers Drive Out the Good
16. Apparitions’ Restoration ~ How done it!
17. Dream Definition
--- End quote ---
Music composed by Burnyuho

--- Quote ---My Rating : A+
Another fantastic banger of an album from my favorite composer in this genre. Based on The Nutcracker, but also other things. I love how even the demo OST got revamped and updated for the full release and even if I Stage 5 themes do personally keep it from being a personal S tier, this is definitely an amazing album.

--- End quote ---
Below is the demo's original cover and my rating for the demo

Youtube: Stages 1-3,

--- Quote ---My Rating as a demo: A
Something tells me that if this fully releases it might become one of my favorites if not The favorite Touhou-style album. It's not just a unique idea, not only does Burnyuho bring her A game with varied styles, all the songs are at the very least solid. My favorite part being "Fake Sweets Soldier"'s climax, which is just amazing, but it does feel like there's quite a bit of set up to this.
--- End quote ---

Ring World Magical Country

Youtube/DL Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjnyQojtLlQ&ab_channel=%E5%A4%A9%E9%B3%A5%E3%81%A1%E3%82%83%E3%81%BE
Made by Chama

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
One of the more different albums in this style. I can definitely see it being an S tier and someone's favorite just like BMR by the same artist, it might be way too different for me though. Still, if you like Undertale-like/ADC-like music, then this is definitely for you. It's funky, it's even very oriental on stage 3. It's catchy. It's a bop. To even quote Ms. Spears, it's a Circus.

--- End quote ---

Adventures in Inferno

Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzxPb6itW9aK7hLIRkVsH0E2Ra_0bIuIg
Booklet DL Link: https://tinyurl.com/2p96xkn6

--- Quote ---01 Odd World Fountain ~ Adventures in Inferno (Marie)
02 Neighbourhood Adventure (Wanwan)
03 Hell of Child Demon ~ past glory (HAMRIKU)
04 Dream Hell, forever
05 Flutter the Dovecotes! (古山智之)
06 The gateway to Hell (梅干茶泡飯)
07 Carefree Guardian (XRCreate)
08 Dark Road ~ Nether Road (法蘭)
09 Eternal Wickedness
10 Phantom Hell Flower ~ Dreamy Amaryllis
11 Closed World (Shirona)
12 Wonderland ~ washed ashore (MIKO大冒險)
13 Going to Yomiji
14 Fantasy Disaster ~ Ultimate Phantom (桐生)
15 Mysterious Shrine Maiden flying in the Sky
16 Starry (MIKO大冒險)
17 Alice in Strange World (龍樣)
18 Endless Dream (HAMRIKU)
19 Fountain of Rest (XRCreate)
20 Phantom is also in Full Swing (MIKO大冒險)
21 Future Century Stella (Bu揚)

--- End quote ---
Collaboration by Studio Nenem

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
The only Touhou-style album mimicking a game in the PC-98 era! Was originally planning to place this a bit lower, because technically I do think it’s sister album - Heavenly Gathering of Clouds, has few better bangers, but this one gets bonus points not just for all artists (visual and music) sticking to the style and making something beautiful out of it. The character’s designs are clearly simple or reference something already in the series, but they do fit given Touhou 1-5 aesthetics for sure. Rin’s theme is still my favourite because the climax of it is just perfect, but “washed ashore”, “Eternal Wickedness”, “gateway to Hell”, Final Boss’ theme and many others deserve a huge praise. I’ve seen people claim this is their favourite album in Touhou-style and I can definitely see why, since it stands out and it’s not likely it will be outdone in its niche soon.

--- End quote ---

Fairyland of Mishmash

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_x93HWZP1A
Booth: https://sho-games-shop.booth.pm/items/3568553
Lore pastebin: https://pastebin.com/V9GfCQ3t

--- Quote ---1. The Mystery that Appeared Beyond the Screen (SlowBro)
2. A Floral Pattern Sunken into Memory (N4 - EoSD style)
3. Eyewitness Photo Projected in the Mist ~ Someone noticed me! (Aruto - EoSD style)
4. The Hour of the Sun's Slumber Has Already Arrived (Shounen - UM style)
5. Modified Stream (SHO - UM style)
6. Cold Breath of Bare Rock Faces (Tokimigusa - IN style)
7. Dimensional Visitor from a Parallel World (SlowBro)
8. DREAM.DAT (Tokimigusa - LLS style)
9. Mirroring Device (SHO)
10. The Leaves of Fantasy Reflect the Sun (Fuji Yuu - PCB style)
11. Sword of Loyalty, Split the Dark Seas ~ Raging God (Aruto - various)
12. Distorted Sunrise (FD - SA style)
13. Sunset of the End Times (FD - SA style)
14. Memristor of Virtual Images (Amen - WBaWC style)
15. Arithmetician Patty ~ Augmented Reality (Amen - UM style)
16. Is this Aurora a Lamplight, or the End of a Tunnel ~ Light of Mystery? (VCLN)
17. D.C. Dream (EoSD style? - Fuji Yuu)

--- End quote ---
Album organized by SHO

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
(I've accidentally deleted it from OP, WHOOPS)
An amazing album with each track referencing different era of Touhou. I'm not sure about Stages 1-2. but then Final-Extra is pretty much flawless. Again, great idea for an album, but I feel like it leans too heavily on references while the best parts are original like the stage 4-EX developers, at least to me. Probably one of the more interesting approaches to "Tradition vs. Progress" in this series though.

--- End quote ---

Seven Period Mystical

Youtube video: https://youtu.be/tn85mFhofQc?si=ALvtyF53N28GFNDo
MP3 DL link: https://x.gd/P4R3x

--- Quote ---01「虹雨のせせらぎ」
11「視伝する病魔 ~ Pandemic Vision.」
13「燦然たる神池の水宝玉 ~ Fleeting Emotions.」
15「海鳴讃歌 ~ Follow the Wether!!」

--- End quote ---
Music by hybC

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
A big and positive surprise that apparently took 2 years from hybC. It not only brings the best of ZUN’s instruments with amazing piano, guitar, trumpet/violin and synths as heard best with Stage 4 Boss in my humble opinion. I don’t really think there are any bad songs in this and I’ve listened through to this one a lot despite being so recent.
--- End quote ---

Migration to the Conceptual Sea
DL Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OZH4TBBxFQm8ag7IBx-sKxQU1MLc9HK4?usp=drive_link

by Kuroha
MttCS story translated by Gilde via a blog: https://kaikeidou-backstage-blog.tumblr.com/

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
Even without the fantastic story, I do think this album is highly underrated and whenever I'm in the mood for it, it does deliver it, I even do prefer the earlier versions of some of the tracks, such as "Aurum Camellia", which in the original version is one of my all time favorites. I don't relisten to Chapter 1 songs that often compared to Chapter 2 though. Other than that, absolutely fantastic stuff I can recommend to anyone, even though at first you can tell this is composer's first attempt with still pretty outdated kit.

--- End quote ---

Rainbow Ashes, Smoke and……
Crossfade artwork

XFD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqOMuogi2aM
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zakMcE-_7-ugCWAI1IpZ9uwLCGoDElcK?usp=sharing

--- Quote ---1 灰都を抱く細雨 (Title Screen)
2   鈍色の幽境 (Stage 1)
3   どんちゃん騒ぎの有象無象 (Stage 1 Boss)
4   アソースミアズマ
5   幻想のアーモロート ~ in the Cage.
6   デフォーレランヴェール
7   永遠に憂鬱なバーブイリム
BONUS: 幻想機関 ~ Machine City Vecriga

--- End quote ---
By Yurihaka and 04 and 05 tracks with the help of カブレイ.

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
An album that made me personally believe that Yurihaka is a musical genius. Even besides the usage of erhu, each track brings something new to the table and it made me smile. Special mention goes to I think Stage 3's boss which is an earworm through and through. I think only Stage 1 boss' theme isn't that high in my regards, but despite it being an album on smaller side, I definitely wish it got expanded in the future.

--- End quote ---

Paradius enim errat

Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/5240317
bilibili playlist: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1pw41147XB/?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0
Cheeky DL Link

--- Quote ---1 幻想教典 〜 Loeil de Faust
2 涅色白胡蝶 〜 Innocent Lotus
3 黒刀剣
4 ブギーマンの上機嫌な食卓
5 ピンクのハサミ 〜 FEVER TIME!!
6 Digital hallucination
7 Innocence Pleasure 〜 とある集落の秘め事
8 置き去りの好奇心 〜 A
9 ヴィジオモルテフェロー
10 子羊達の祝宴
11 神隠しの路上少年
12 ハイブリッドリードデュオ 〜 おぞましい二人
13 ヴァニタス・インテロゲイション
14 楽園追放

--- End quote ---
By Komainu_Inu

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
Weirdly enough, the best thing Komainu has made that made me love DiPP-style much more than I did before. Not only did we get some awesome bangers that could easily be mistaken for something ZUN himself has made back in the ye olde' days, we even got an arrange of Komainu's own contribution to my top favorite Touhou-style album in the form of an arrange of "Hybrid Reed Duo ~ OB Square & Hybrid Saw". But that's not all, "FEVER TIME!!" is just an absolute MVP I've replayed so many times it's insane, from catchy piano, to crazy time signatures and that U.N.Owen-esque atmosphere so many composers try to replicate, but can't. I definitely recommend it to anyone, especially if you miss old style Touhou OST.

--- End quote ---

Smells like Beer vol 1&2

Download links for: Smells like Beer vol 1 and Smells like Beer vol 2

Translated Theme titles:

--- Quote ---Volume 1:
1.   The Disappearance of the Hakurei Shrine's Miko       (Title screen)
2.   Foggy Netherworld                                                          (Stage 1)
3.   Lost Corpse                                                                     (Stage 1 Boss)
(^ this one has a remastered version here)
4.   The Underground Closest to the Ground                   (Stage 2)
5.   Distorted Division                                                         (Stage 2 Boss)
6.   The Underground's Blue Sky                                        (Stage 3)
7.   The Boundary War III                                                    (Stage 3 Boss)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Volume 2:   
1.   My Grandfather's Clock Was...                                                               (Stage 4)
2.   The Good 'Ole Days Running in Parallel ~ Contemporary Period   (Stage 4 Boss)
3.   Imitation "Perfect and Wrong"                                                             (Stage 5)
4.   The Lèse-Majesté at [DATA EXPUNGED]                                           (Stage 5 Boss)
5.  The Frozen Bluebird                                                                             (Stage 6)
6.  The Romantic Trumpet From That Day                                          (Stage 6 Boss)
--- End quote ---
Music composed by Useless/IchigoPaprika

--- Quote ---My Rating: A+
I’ll rate Smells like Beer albums in pairs because that’s mostly how they’ve released, with small breaks in between the twos. I’m fairly certain SlB1&2 were one of Useless’ attempts to mimic and predict WBaWC’s style, down to the point where Vol. 1’s music uses the exact same instruments, synths for each respective song at some points, but it mixes things up to stay on the creative side with “The Underground's Blue Sky” vs. “Everlasting Red Spider Lily” being a great example. Honestly both songs from Stage 4 and “Imitation “Perfect and Wrong”” are my favourites from this, they’re just so atmospheric, yet unique. I do feel like however the remaining songs are close to perfect, yet have some parts I’m not too fond of, like most of “The Romantic Trumpet From That Day” until climax, which arguably, is emotional and epic.

--- End quote ---
The Garden of Sinners

Crossfade here, full .mp3 and image pack available for anyone with a BOOTH or Pixiv acccount here, very detailed JP writeup of the characters' source material here.
Download link for OLD VERSION on Google Drive: Stages 1-6 + Extra

--- Quote ---1. A Sky Blanketed in Natural Catastrophes
2. Tiny Birds and Thunder Peals in a Rainy Sky
3. Heavenly Lightning
4. The Shadow of a Sky Colored by Filtering Sunlight
5. Parasol Waltz
6. Youkai Megalopolis
7. Silhouette Standing Against the Light's Glare ~ Funny monster
8. Touhou Hatenkou (Eastern Sky-Conquering Port) ~ Empty gateway
9. Northern Storm
10. Severed Otherworld ~ Lost Heaven
11. Scarlet Weather Immaginazio
12. Reality and Wisdom of Dreamlike Non-Self
13. O, Thou Who Bears Knowledge of Samsara's Interstices ~ Traitor's Requiem
14. Barrier Aureole
15. Undead Girl in the Lingering Glow
16. Today's Weather: Sunny With a Chance of Shrine Maidens
17. Twilight Shrine
--- End quote ---
Music composed by sisyou02

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
An album mimicking a Touhou game that technically has been released three times now, the last version polishing it a notch and adding new extra arrangements of the songs in specific style. The artstyle and the designs are really topnotch, to the point you could confuse them with the real stuff. I really adore half of the songs, especially “Undead Girl in the Lingering Glow” which is just my kind of creepy-mix funk with a side of Ten Desires. However, except for maybe one or two stage themes, I do find them mostly forgettable, with most of the trial songs also being a bit mid. I like how Final Boss’ theme shares a name with that one Jojo's OP.

--- End quote ---

Heavenly Gathering of Clouds

Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3oj2QeMQokYZ6S0KOyaeFb3iHvS0B9N-
DL link: https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/843-touhou-~-heavenly-gathering-of-clouds-ost/

--- Quote ---01 Flow of Heaven's Tears ~ Princess's Wish   ♪ まっきー (Makky)
02 Country of Flood   ♪ Pesot.jp/
03 Restive Horse of the Water's Surface       ♪ after
04 Today Brings Rainy Skies     ♪ Wanwan
05 Wild Splice    ♪ XRCreate
06 Youkai Inn on Mt. Oshimari   ♪ DhiArk
07 Skull Masquerade   ♪ 森の子リスのミーコの大冒険 (Phroneris)
08 Dragon's Nest   ♪ まっきー (Makky)
09 The Water Wanders Under   ♪ 権太夫 (Gondayu)
10 A Secret Passage Diving Into the Sky   ♪ た人 (Tahito)
11 Wicked Seventh Guard of the Whirlwind[2]   ♪ yosiyosi
12 Thus Spoke the Waterfowl    ♪ こむぎ (Komugi)
13 Ancient Children's Song ~ Firefly   ♪ リュウオウ (Ryuuou)
14 Rumbling   ♪ リュウオウ (Ryuuou)
15 Romantic Tour — Dan-no-ura   ♪ samidare
16 Longsword of the Chrysanthemum Crest     ♪ 桐生 (Kiryuu)
17 Waterfowl's Return to the Country    ♪ まっきー (Makky), こむぎ (Komugi)
18 Travels of the Sea Dragon ~ Princess's Smile   ♪ まっきー (Makky)

--- End quote ---
Collaboration by Studio Nenem, each composer is next to a note.

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
Absolute classic that is being turned into a full fangame. Don’t know if I could respect myself if I placed this any lower than A, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some problems with it, namely around Stage 4-5 this album isn’t as perfect as it is during Stages 2-3 for example. A lot of tracks from this still remain as some of my favourites and remain unique even after all those years like “Skull Masquerade” utilising maraca or how non-typical yet still powerful sounding despite the one-note piano part “Firefly” is.  Weirdly enough the Title Screen and Credit’s themes (which are rarely my favourites) are in Top 5 of tracks in this one. And then there’s the imposing EX Boss’ theme which could easily have just been the True Final Boss’ theme.

--- End quote ---

Great magic of reconstruction

Youtube Video Part 1: https://youtu.be/PQriBjrryT4?si=aWEW9SetWFrxyThS
Part 2: https://youtu.be/XTPMGWLUEUM?si=eKzV6AhBWSqpLQHr
DL: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d-bF0I3q92xiwJTzulKnBk5omsH1C1E-?usp=sharing
Site: https://privatter.net/p/7818837

--- Quote ---01 鈍色の旧都
02 忘れられた旧き里
03 ヘルコンバット
04 不思議の船着場
05 スカルクルーザー
06 明けやらぬ黄昏時
07 夢の国の御伽噺
08 アビスマルスカイ
09 ブレイズイーター
10 ニ万由旬の地の果てに
11 滅びゆく悪趣の法
12 音なき地の底に
13 あの日願った希望の光へ〜Subterranean Mage
14 ロトゥンキャピタル
15 幻想のエレクトロニカ
16 奈落が昇りゆく
17 明くる日の陽光

--- End quote ---
They were hard to find for me since I can't read Japanese, but these are definitely it this time!

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
My favourite out of all solo albums by SHO, I know these aren’t exactly Touhou, but they do definitely follow modern Touhou-style music and until you check out characters on site, you can just use your imagination. Arguably Unexpected Revenge is more solid, but the likes of Stage 1 boss, Stage 4 and Stage 5 boss themes, which just sound heavenly after a few listens or from the get go make me relisten to this album. Only stage 3 boss theme isn’t for me and EX Boss’ theme is… unique? Kinda’ goofy? Other than that, yeah, another good example of SHO understanding modern Touhou style, especially the guitar.

--- End quote ---

Citrus Resuscitation

Youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzydSZyxAX7I2YLgGw5Vz_wJo5CzTYFj

--- Quote ---1 Bowsprit of High Waves (Ryuuou)
2 Escaping Journey of Youkai Village  (Ryuuou)
3 Hometown of Mayunganashi (まっきー  / Makky)
4 An Eternity That is More Transient than Scarlet  (Ryuuou)
5 Joyful Wishes of the Wriggling Century  (Ryuuou)
6 The Boundary Where the Waves of the Eternal World Wash Over  (Ryuuou)
7 Rise and Fall of Tachibana Fruit  (Ryuuou)
8 At the Harbor of Spring ~ Awakening of Lives  (Ryuuou)

--- End quote ---
By   夢想吟遊詩人 (Dreamer Bard)

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
The most exotic out of Touhou-style vibes I've heard, which is clearly noticable in the best track in this album - Rise and Fall of Tachibana Fruit. But there are also some modern and funky songs like - Hometown of Mayunganashi, but also mysterious and melancholic with some. That's a pretty wide palette and honestly, it really feels like a good album for sightseeing and exploring, but not every track is super memorable and I think the Victors' Space Age had better arranges. That being said, TVSA had more artists, here it's almost exclusively Ryuuou and he does a great job! Still deserving of an A, just for being so festive, positive and actually being of high quality through all of the tracks!

--- End quote ---

Uncreatable Idea

Link to the first part (Stages 1~3): Youtube, Nico
Link to the second part (Stage 4~6): Youtube, Nico
Link to an extra stage: YoutubeNico
Summary of Stages by gilde (can take down if requested)Stages 1~6 and Extra
Soundcloud account with each individual song, or just a link to getting the album outright.
Translated Theme titles:

--- Quote ---1. Fantasy Research Laboratory                                                                             (Title screen theme)
2. Gensokyo in Silence ~ Silent Incident                                                                (Stage 1 theme)
3. Singing Mandragora ~ Lunatic Song                                                                  (Nasu Kanoko's theme)
4. An Utterly Unprecedented Bizarre Case                                                           (Stage 2 theme)
5. Inscrutable Tea Party ~ Strange Teaparty                                                          (Theophilia Cinnabar's theme)
6. Fantastic Night Flight Behind the Shrine Grounds                                          (Stage 3 theme)
7. Melusina of Subservience ~ Dragonmaid                                                         (Melusina Brittany's theme)
8. Lakebed Shoot-Out                                                                                               (Stage 4 theme)
9. Chemical Trigger happy                                                                                        (Kabino A. Hekiko's theme)
10. The Fantasy Philosophy that the Girl Sang of ~ Fantastic Neoplatonism  (Stage 5 theme)
11. White-Coated Creator God ~ Dream of Dr. Jaldabaoth                                (Phillipa A.T.B. von Hohenheim's theme)
12. The Truth Casts a Shadow on the World of Reality                                       (Final Stage theme)
13. Perfect Human ~ Dream of Humanity                                                             (Hinoide Ai's theme)
14. Eastern Postscript Story ~ An Utterly Unchanging and Stimulating Daily Life        (Extra stage theme)
15. Can the Corpus Delicti be Proven?                                                                   (Theophilia's second theme)
16. Knowing Not Love, Humans Know Grief                                                         (Ending theme)
17. Reverie Pursuit Laboratory                                                                                (Staff Roll theme)
18. Player's Waltz                                                                                                       (Game Over theme)
--- End quote ---
Music composed by Burnyuho

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
The album which technically started the original thread and has skyrocket my interest in this genre. EX Boss’ theme is probably the best track in it, and it's getting even better with every listen for me. On base, I think every song here is A+ or S even, however you can tell this one of Burnyuho’s earlier creations, with “Dream of Humanity” and “Strange Teaparty” having some serious sound mixing and trumpet issues, which nowadays seem to be completely gone if “The First of the Soundfont's Native Tones ~ D.L.A.Pad” from CoMW is any indication. I also really like the character designs, even if some of them look goofy. Probably an album I’ve returned to the most and for a reason.

--- End quote ---

Brilliant Works

Link to Youtube video: Stages 1~3, Stages 4~6
Link to Soundcloud DL with each individual Song: Stages 1~3, Stages 4~6
Link to Pixivart: Stages 1~3, Stages 4~6
Site where you can download each track now:
Translated Theme titles:

--- Quote ---1. Candlelight Bridge
 2. Vermilion Sky
 3. White Messenger (Wakaba Yahata's theme)
 4. Wickedest Forest
 5. Blustery Staccato (Kazari Kamakura's theme)
 6. Foggy Twilight
 7. Silhouette in the Dusk (Yu Mikage's theme)
 8. Rest in the Flow of a River Bathed in Light
 9. Magic Hour of Clear Streams (Ukyou Izumi's theme)
10. Shining Silence of a Remote Land
11. Solitary Silent Hunter (Shizuka Udzuki's theme)
12. The Sound of Flowers Echoing in the Night Sky
13. Gleaming Flowers that Fill the Sky ~ Brilliant Bouquet (Shushu Hinoya's theme)
14.  -? (Ending theme)
15.  -? (Staff Roll)
16. -? (Game Over theme)
--- End quote ---
Music composed by Khirhio

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
The first of khirhio and nokisakifuurin’s albums that mimic 6 stages of a Touhou game. With this one there's arguably bigger amount of absolute bangers, like “Blustery Staccato'' mimicking the feeling of beeing stuck in a tornado, but I feel like compared to Acquisitive Invader, there’s less of a quality when it comes to some songs, especially stage themes  - I only really like “Rest in the Flow of a River Bathed in Light” and Final Stage in this album. Speaking of, the final stage and boss utilising Fireworks SFXs or trying to mimic them is probably one of the best things in this. I could also criticise a few more songs and praise a few others, but all in all, it’s good stuff that initially helped me go through tough times, since the full version was released in early 2020.

--- End quote ---

Treasure Castle Labyrinth

Niconico Stage 1-3: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22949367
Stage 4-6: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22949436
EX Stages: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22949509
Youtube playlist with all songs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1tU9MJnfFnGNkN7Rx6i62eG9kAj-2lmk
DL Link: https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/955-touhou-houtenkyou~treasure-castle-labyrinth-2014/

--- Quote ---00.Opening Theme-Jewel Box of a Festival's Eve
01. Super-Ancient Lifeblood
02. Heavenly Star's River Crossing
03. Edge of the Helix ~ Red Marriage
04. Illusionary Light Town
05. The Spirit Butterfly Dances in Midair
06. Deep Aquamarine
07. Explosive Ice World Stone ~ Oxygen Conversion
08. Emerald Cavern
09. Uncountably Large World of Trust ~ World Trust
10. Stone Concerto
11. Shinya Ouki-Sound of a Nightmare
12. Academy ''Dance Moon'' Token
13. Taisui Xingjun
14. Life-Form Inspector's Historical Records
15. Encounter of the Heavenly Space Ceremony ~ Space Surveillance
16. Star Independent Days
17. Lit Road of the Seven-Coloured Light
18. Crystal Flower Lantern's Mysterious Guide ~ Crystal Lantern
19. Black Opal Labyrinth
20. 240 Million-Year Samsara ~ Sandplay Toys Clay
21. A Samsara Game Named Despair
22. Rakshasa of Purgatory ~ Combat Heaven Rasetsu
23. Leaves of Ancient Words
24. Longevity of the Yellow River ~ Ancient Dreams...
25. Girl's Danmaku Romance                                                                                                                                                                                                      26.Player's Score

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
One of the first fanmade Touhou-style albums that offered everything games did, except for actual gameplay and it has already been turned into a game since! A game I highly recommend which was made with help of people who knew what they were doing including the original composer and ofc Gilde. I’ve always liked this album and the character designs (well even though some didn’t translate that well into ZUNart which has been reposted on YT) and I do love some of the updates in game’s updated OST, especially Banka’s theme update, but even though it sounds more rough, I still prefer Crystal Lantern simply because of how expressive and over the top it was originally. Anyway, great stuff.

--- End quote ---
Dumpsite of Suicidal Intention

BOOTH: https://booth.pm/en/items/4739867
Cheeky DL link

--- Quote ---1   晦冥探訪 〜 Dumpsite of Suicidal Intentions
2   蒼空のスプリット
3   独り歩きて過去の風
4   妖怪の夜想昼夢
5   サデンリーサンセット
6   レベラントパペット 〜 Filled Vassel
7   プロフェテウス大聖堂 〜 Thysia
8   ブラインドファクト
9   Past of The Night
10   明けの明星 〜 Thanatos' Obsession
11   楽園の夢

--- End quote ---
By 悠久ホロウ

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
Yes, a Touhou-style music album with original tracks with this name and subject matter... can be oddly comfy and atmospheric, especially if you listen to it at the dusk of night on a stroll. It also helps that the style seems to mostly pull from DiPP and GFC albums, but also does more of its own stuff. In fact this is one of the albums I'm most interested to see story translations for.

--- End quote ---

Beastly World of Drifting Desires

Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOSvCoiSVzcQept3EyKT2lQIe7QRaRIZI
DL link:

--- Quote ---01 欲に満ちた強欲の世界
02 無法の巌窟
03 ミロのアンプテーター
04 畜生蔓延る森
05 ウィーカープレデター
06 刹那の世に流れる川
07 ルートリネ・オブ・シノビ
08 ジャンキングハイウェイ
09 玉虫色のビーストライダー
10 虚空を突き抜く鉄のハルカス
11 冥府のハートイーター
12 デザイアビルディング
13 冀望は奇冥なる翠楼に ~ 新世界
14 コンテイジャスヴェノム
15 小さなクラウンヴァイパー ~ Virus Infection
16 収束の終息
17 翠楼 ~ Abydos Dream

--- End quote ---
By Myaga

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
The album that made me fall in love with Myaga's style, even with some of its imperfections. I will start with the negatives, not every character design looks alright, sometimes the Izanagi Object fonts and drumkits make it sound too strange, mechanical and a lot of early tracks won't age so well because the artist took a break before finishing this album, but in my opinion it's far better to end on a great note than start with your best stuff and this album is exactly that in my opinion, especially with great Final Boss/Staff Roll march-like melodies to such an amazing EXBoss' theme, which is my favorite track from them so far, which ironically I don't think gives Myaga any revenue because it has been marked with COVID-19 disclaimer because it has 'virus' in the title.

--- End quote ---

The Artificial City

Teasers: First Youtube teaser, OST and Characters Youtube Teaser, All OST teaser on Soundcloud, Nico
Album Purchase/DL: Melonbooks
Theme titles:

--- Quote ---1. Bustling Fantasy City
2. Straight path ~ Straight loose
3. Positive Youkai Roku
4. Happy Rageness
5. Magical World in the Girl's Brain
6. Between the Outside World and Fantasy
7. Hero's Return ~ Heroic Polonaise
8. Beyond the Wonders of Electronics
9. Explosive Technology ~ System Projector
10. Gene Cell of Artificial City (by DO)
11. Geometric Mad Scientist
12. The Small Fort Left for Last
13. Tenchi Creation Gensokyo ~ Tragedy Princess
14. Mystic Akihabara
15. 2019 Sound of Bells Ringing ~ Heart Steal!! (by Burnyuho)
16. Twilight in the Fantasy City
17. Scattered Time ~ Dream City
18. Flower Arrangement Monopoly
--- End quote ---

Composed by Kisaragi and others

--- Quote ---My Rating: A
This rating is probably the most biased one, because arguably and like it has been said previously, this album isn’t exactly worth its original price and quality of songs is really, really uneven, with Stages 1-3 of this just existing. Meanwhile “Explosive Technology ~ System Projector” is unironically in my Top 5 songs from any Touhou-style album or genre. I love the beeps, the structure, and I want to see and hear a MAD of it. The song by Burnyuho is good in both voice and voiceless version, Extra stage theme gets better with every listen, like a good EX stage song should and all 4 themes for stages 5-6 and their bosses are growing me. So yes, really uneven, but I still do recommend it.

--- End quote ---

Abyssal Abandoned Metropolis

Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/5202644
Youtube XFD: https://youtu.be/PzUWKigdgIE
Cheeky DL link for non music files since the original has been taken down:
Bilibili playlist: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1eT4y1W7Mn/?spm_id_from=333.788.recommend_more_video.0

--- Quote ---1   深淵へ沈む廃都 - えばん
2   スプートニク幻夜 - えばん
3   歪みのフォーマルハウト - あめん
4   振り向かない黄泉の道 - えばん
5   トータスドラゴン - えばん
6   月影に昇る詩 - えばん
7   無極星アムネジア - 望宙ゆず
8   幻想浄瑠璃 - えばん
9   深月都詩 ~ Abyssal Abandoned Metropolis - えばん
10   蓬莱伝説 - えばん

--- End quote ---
By えばん/MiragEden/Eban

--- Quote ---My Rating: A (if you like non-Touhou style mixed in with the rest and experimental approach) / D (if you don't)
Starting with the very first track you can already tell this is much different compared to a typical Touhou-style album, with some arranges such as Illusionary Joururi's having almost hiphop influence and some tracks feeling like they came out of anime orchestra. You can still tell there's a lot Touhou influence, however, it can be quite jarring, hence two different ratings. However, unlike a lot of tracks I've heard, especially from western composers, this does work, not only thanks to album's theme of exploring abyssal metropolis and showcases mixes that work (for example mixing in hiphop with Touhoustyle trumpet and oriental drumkit) instead of just meshing styles without rhyme or reason.

--- End quote ---

Servants of the Feast
(technically cover for different album because I can't find the original one for Servants anymore)
DL links to all finished and unfinished albums for the artist: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e6Zj6Vzhm6W0AtmJNznrSoqWOFev5E8Y?usp=sharing
Character designs of SotF and playlist on bilibili:
by Kuroha/CrystalWings

--- Quote ---My Rating: A-
If you like Marine Benefit, this is basically a sequel mimicking a game's OST with same style of music and some nods to the melodies used in the original fangame. It did receive an extra stage after being published and it's pretty neat. I don't really have an issue with this album, I just find Marine Benefit's last version's OST to be better and compositions from Kuroha's next album to be much better.

--- End quote ---

Garden of Empyreal Amusements

Youtube video:
Bandcamp Link: https://teameclecticanthologists.bandcamp.com/album/empyreal-garden-of-amusements
Mp3 Link:

--- Quote ---01 Overcast Carnival Day (曇天のお祭りの日)
02 A Waterlogged Hibernation (水浸しの冬眠)
03 Exiled Psalakantha (亡命プサラキャンサ )
04 The Silent River Below the Sunless Sky (陽のない空の下、静かな川)
05 Blue Shadow of Aggrandizement (誇張の青い影)
06 Harmony and Dance Amidst Fragrant Fields (薫り高いの原での和と舞)
07 Unparalleled Grace ~ Heavenly Terpsichorean (比類なき優美 ~ Heavenly Terpsichorean)
08 Symposium of Nebulas (星雲シンポジウム)
09 An Okeanid-Sylph's Sky Embodiment (オケアニドシルフの天空具現化)
10 Starlit Ceremony of Paradise (楽園の星空儀式)
11 The Kindreds Intertwined by One Undying Nexus (不滅の絆で結ばれた同族達)
12 Jubilant Fields in Elysium (エリジウムでの歓喜分野)
13 The Ostracized Seraphic Emissary ~ Zeal Hauler (追放された熾天使者 ~ Zeal Hauler)
14 Slumbering Mists (眠霧)
15 Symposium of Nebulas ~ Evergreen Mix (星雲シンポジウム ~ Evergreen Mix)
16 Extra Stage: The Leafage Blanket Shields Them from the Storm (葉の毛布が嵐から彼らを)
17 Extra Stage Boss: Protector of the Evergreen Dharma ~ Floral Guardian (常緑法の守護者 ~ Floral Guardian)
18 Extra Ending Theme: Words From an Evergreen Authority (常緑の権威の言葉)
19 Credits theme: A World of Festivity and Joyful Treasures (祭騒ぎと嬉々な宝物の世界)
20. EGoA Bonus - Blue Shadow of Aggrandizement (Beta Mix)
21. EGoA Bonus - The Leafage Blanked Shields Them From the Storm ~ Piano Mix

--- End quote ---
By Team Eclectic Anthologists

--- Quote ---My Rating: A-
Western collaborative album inspired by Sapphire Panlogism with a really good presentation and for stages 1-4 I would normally give this an A+ (Unparalleled Grace is that good), but then it takes a nosedive. I love Stage 4 boss’ theme, until the mid climax which I disagree even with its composer about. Stage 5 theme I honestly believe is just a bad song, it having so much commentary praising it feels pretentious on top, which is weird seeing as the dude made a good stage 3 theme. Stage 5-6 bosses have an okay theme, but not for me. I really love EX stage and boss’ theme, but the stage is almost entirely ambient and its climax could’ve utilised the koto (?) better. EX Boss’ entire song using the same instrument with only a short break (I imagine it was meant to be a nod to Native Faith?) can get repetitive. I am content with how this project’s team replied to my criticisms of this album though so I wish you good luck with future projects if they will look and sound at least as good as this.

--- End quote ---

Unexpected Revenge

Youtube Video Part 1: https://youtu.be/QIn7S-IQM90?si=MRViRdv9WpFosCnE
Part 2: https://youtu.be/uZWjHCB8IJM?si=eYggq1DhlsfAmpXn
DL: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cpvlq_7gideZbiStVKJLP0YLcicGbD4v?usp=sharing
Site: https://privatter.net/p/6658331

--- Quote ---
01 黒焔艦 ~Signal of Revenge
02 春蘭の彼方へ
03 ゴシックモスキート 
04 サンタマリアの桟橋
05 旋風のスカルギャザー
06 イマジナリーケイブ
07 咆哮の有頂天の頂に
08 神出鬼没のウォーリナー
09 黒焔エアーシップ
10 怨恨に愛された守護者
11 遥か天空の業火
12 救済と復讐の黒焔を挙げよ〜 I'm back now! 
13 欠けぬ月の城郭
14 偉大なる神代~Sixteenth General 
15 陽炎につつまれて
16 白夜を灯す焔熊親父

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: A-
Probably most solid all around from SHO’s albums, with EX stage themes being uncontested bangers, giving sort of a feeling of drowning in a warzone. This album’s gimmick is that apparently stage 1 boss returns as a final boss and you can hear it too, which is pretty neat, but I’d argue I actually prefer how the melody is used in Final Stage and as first boss instead of being the final showdown. I do really like a lot of earlier songs too, stage 2 boss is incredibly catchy, stage 3 is overall moody and stage 5’s themes also bring a lot to the table.

--- End quote ---

Twilight Zone Above the Clouds

Youtube: https://youtu.be/O1oZ2Bj9oV8?si=2hg327EpTDv3t3cp
DL link: https://orangeblugt.bandcamp.com/album/twilight-zone-above-the-clouds-pre-release-ost

--- Quote ---01 Paradise Drifting in the Sea ~ Oriental Clouds
02 Flying Through the Oriental Clouds
03 Ushinagi's Theme: Magnificent Lightning
04 Mellifluous Japanese Skies
05 Hitomi Furukawa's Theme: Luminous Stars
06 Boundaries Between Light and Darkness
07 Piero Hoshikawa's Them: Emotion Outbreak ~ Phenomenal Circus
08 Lullaby Sea ~ Can't See Anything!!!!
09 Tayako Ebisu's Theme: Jellyfish Strike Back ~ Lithe Dancing
10 Incandescent Darkness
11 Monodoku Amatsuka's Theme: The Abandoned Sun and Moon Stealer ~ Quintessential World In My Hand!!!!
12 Tranquility Deep Skies
13 Tennyo Umikazu's Theme: Quintessential of Aeonian Ocean ~ Eudaimonia
14 Is Pure Beauty Still There?
15 Pure Sea ~ Watching Everything
16 Untold Story About Picturesque Sky
17 Kurotako Kuragekai's Theme: Organismic Dysfunction Syndrome ~ Deep Dark Soul
18 Is It Over?
19 Umimimi Rabimaru's Theme: Nefelibata Dreams ~ Ethereal Rabbit (ft. Lunar)

--- End quote ---
By WhiteBlugt/Orange

--- Quote ---My Rating: A-
Album from Orange, that may actually turn into a full game someday! It's probably my favourite one from said artist, not only first two stages are pretty much flawless (stage 2 having erhu at the end is nice touch and its boss having catchy star waltz atmosphere helps) and all songs for Extra Stages are quite good! Even though I wish EXBoss' theme was catchier before climax, the climax sells it and I do like how Phantam Stage sounds ominous with Boss and its theme being a complete 180 of bouncy happiness, nice twist. Final Boss' theme in this is probably my favorite from Orange, although it does suffer from drum kit sounding a bit obnoxious. Not the biggest fan of Stages 3-5 and their boss themes, I feel like some of them are either overcomplicated or quite the opposite and I can't return to them often. That being said, the good strongly outweight the mid in my opinion and I like how much progress and inspiration from TH19 OST the artist did!

--- End quote ---

Imperfect Fantasy World

Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/4772953
Cheeky DL link: https://shorturl.at/rsBOZ

--- Quote ---1   巫覡の夢 - 妖琳
2   夢降る夜の神社 - 妖琳
3   Magician's Melancholy - 妖琳
4   博麗祭祀遺跡 - 妖琳
5   Lost Emotion - 妖琳
6   Reverse Ideology - 妖琳
7   日ノ神來タル宮 - みゃが
8   The Great Fantastic Underground Railway Network- 妖琳
9   麗々巫宮 ~ Imperfect Fantasy World - 妖琳
10   Heian Alien - 妖琳
11   絢爛たる不完全な世界に - 妖琳

--- End quote ---
By Yorin

--- Quote ---My Rating: A-
First of 3 released so far albums by Yorin and I honestly think it's their best one. With good original tracks and arrangements.  I think Yorin gets this stuff, especially the arrangements and the choice of thereof, they are very much like something ZUN would put in his hifuu albums. That being said I did feel mostly ambivalent towards it despite several relistens through it. I don't exactly know what theme and story it has so as much as I wish I could place it higher, I still think A- is fair.

--- End quote ---
Historical Mirage of Japan

Youtube XFD: https://youtu.be/XvCOlELINrc?si=L0jDyovrXbTtamOz
BOOTH: https://booth.pm/en/items/3802080
Cheeky DL link for non music files since the original has been taken down:
Bilibili playlist: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1MC4y1T7BM/?spm_id_from=333.788.recommend_more_video.6

--- Quote ---1   祭囃子の音は遥かに - えばん
2   憂鬱なペトリコール - 風雲
3   妖異達の通り雨 - えばん
4   万年置き傘にご注意を - えばん
5   待ちわびた逢魔が時 - えばん
6   芥川龍之介の河童 - えばん
7   ハルシネーションステラ - えばん
8   夜空に咲く泡影の華 ~ Ephemeral Dream - えばん
9   幽寂レトロニム - 望宙ゆず
10   祭囃子の音は静かに - えばん

--- End quote ---
By えばん/MiragEden/Eban

--- Quote ---My Rating: B+
First of albums by this composer and I must admit, it's kind of tough to review these albums despite waiting for so long for a chance to finally listen through them. The presentation of course is great and the first tracks are bombastic! However, as much as I really like the oriental instrumentation, I don't think this album puts it to best use and I'm also not fan of the choices of some of the arranges, while Kogasa's theme sounds fantastic, I swear I've heard almost the same variation of Candid Friend in previous albums I've covered. It's curious how this album includes Ephemeral Dream and I don't know if it's the original version or just a new updated version by Eban, but honestly this might be my favorite version of said track. I recommend this one to people who like quality over quantity and festive vibes, but also don't mind some of more modern Touhou style tracks.

--- End quote ---

Paradoxical Esoterica

Bandcamp: https://popcat.bandcamp.com/album/paradoxical-esoterica
Booklet: drive.google.com/file/d/1MGgzvjrdAxxpqcPrqiEv2WQpNN00XYku/view?usp=sharing
DL link:

--- Quote ---01 Reminiscent Memories of Souls
02. Recollections of Miscellaneous Articles
03. Minuet of Wisdom
04. Garden of Evermore Desires
05. Lonesome Maiden of Flowers
06. Overture of a Neverending Nightmare
07. Justice For the One and Only
08. Frozen Lamentation ~ Sub Zero Furnace
09. Unwound Ticking Clockworks
10. Purity Bought From Scorching Deals
11. Scorned Fate ~ Irresistible Existence
12. Unyielding Bell
13. Última Presto
14. Rain that Cries Out for Someone
15. Esoteric World ~ Sinful Entreaty
16. An Inevitable Paradox
17. Boundaries of Parallel Possibilities

--- End quote ---
Music and story mainly by Popcat/Sodacat/Mike

--- Quote ---My Rating: B+
Composer’s first mainly solo album by Popcat and man, what a solo debut. It being inspired not just by previous Touhou experience, but mainly by lots of Metroidvenias results in a unique blend of moody and dynamic tracks, with my favorite being weirdly enough Stage 1 Boss’ theme (the fact the main instrument very well mimics owl cry is 10/10) and Extra Boss’ theme. Other than that I personally feel this album is kind of uneven and I still can’t get into “Última Presto '' or “Justice For the One and Only”. The character designs are pretty darn good, but they can borderline on weird or not exactly working with ZUNart (as seen with stage 1 boss).

--- End quote ---

Crypto-porticus in Memory

Bilibili link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Zc411y7Dc?p=1
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yDxcaxEtkZRIgakIlNVMjrJPSoU1gqn-?usp=sharing (I'll remove if it will be possible to normally purchase said album again)
Booth Link: It's deleted? I'll bring it back instead of DL link as soon as it's back

--- Quote ---01   裏道のハイカラ世界   
02   Voile, the Magic Library   
03   スペクトル・シナントロープ   
04   ガス燈の明かりに導かれて
05   穢れの歴史は忘却の彼方に   
06   本と二人とティーカップ   
07   煌びやかな腐敗   
08   Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path
09   Cheat Against the Impossible Danmaku   
10   幻想の四畳半主義者   
11   木洩れ日さす窓   

--- End quote ---
By Yurihaka

--- Quote ---My Rating: B+
Despite being lower than the other Yurihaka's album, I still highly recommend it if only for the introduction song which is a massive banger that gets better with each listen. The arranges are on the weaker side, but some do bring something new to the table, especially EoSD's Stage 4 with more folky instruments. Good album to listen to when visiting a village, inn or whatever.

--- End quote ---

Smells like Beer vol. 3 & 4

You can buy Volume 3: Here
Vol 3 playlist:

You can buy Volume 4: Here
Vol 4 playlist:
by Useless

--- Quote ---My Rating:  B+
With how much I adored volumes 1&2, 3&4 have a noticable issue in feeling kind of unfinished and while it's obvious what first two volumes were supposed to be, I didn't feel that with the latter two. I will give it that each volume has at least one absolute banger. With 3rd volume having simple. catchy yet inspired "P-0002-2000" for the superior moth girl and I think it's meant to be a stage 2 boss? 4th volume has very short, but very ellegant "終焉の霽月" which would work/I think is intended as a stage 4 boss' theme. Some other tracks do stand out, especially due to modern and experimental percussion. it is also interesting how vol. 3 starts off with arranges of MoF's stage 3.

--- End quote ---

Forbidden Story of Fire

Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnctVcPjVhrSSugdGdnLANmbgnvySQbV9

--- Quote ---01 Uninvited Guest ~ The Destruction of Gensokyo
02 Burnt heart ~ Lost in the maze of emotion
03 Draining your life!!
04 The Secret Wind Tunnel
05 Answer of the wind ~ Winds up!!!
06 Red Illustration ~ Fire of Eternity
07 The red fire of resentment
08 The Right Path ~ Destined Destination
09 Thought of the Creator and Destroyer ~ The Amethysia age
10 Trapped Souls and a Poor Girl ~ Crying Wasteland
11 Cicada's incantation of Realization.
12 Until the peace comes to Gensokyo ~ Dream Battlefield
13 Victims deities ~ A god who dives into the path of darkness.
14 True ending
15 Spiritual Technology
16 The Last Revenge of a Vengeful Spirit

--- End quote ---
By Pouty Keiki

--- Quote ---My Rating: B+
Despite some issues related to author's previous album and the theme just being elements, this is an amazing improvement, where the composer has decided to include more mockup screenshots, Monalisa (artist help) redrew the designs into something much more pleasant looking, they've included full profiles in videos, but the composer also has stepped up their game, especially when it comes to their trumpet and especiallyguitar. While in the previous album, I had an issue with the majority of songs, this time, every single one at least has a section that is really good, best example being Final Boss' theme, which despite pretty meh buildup and intro, has just this beautiful trumpet climax. Oh and of course the first boss is once again one of the best themes.

--- End quote ---

Mahoro Magic

Booth: https://mazyu.booth.pm/items/4269523
Cheeky DL Link

--- Quote ---DISC1:
5.Eternal Blood ~ Dusk Moon(Kale Hakaido)
6.A Maid from a Strange Turntable World(KR.Palto47)
7.千古の地底宮殿 ~ Historical Maid Territory(壱太)
9.The Housemaid who Strives - Deity's Burden(ISMTUD)
1.蜿々は、十六の夜に ~ Valet's Silver-Eyes(妖琳さん)
6.永劫に近しき時でさえ ~ Unbreakable Heart(ラルム)
7.vieux reves, fantasmes oublies(Artifex)
8.機械少女 ~ Logical blues(藤酉)
9.Daily Life of a Melancholic Maid(PopCat)
10.Red-Blood Service ~ Maid Business(FanTouhouMusic)
11.瀟洒な従者の忙しない日常 ~ With Fairy(音屋のばけばけ)
12.ティータイムには懐旧談を ~Afternoon maiden(みちぇ)
7.Dedicaed Housekeeper(Broken Moon)
9.あなたに笑顔を返した日 ~ After Moon Tea(翡翠)

--- End quote ---
By 夢想夏月郷

--- Quote ---My Rating: DISC1 - A, DISC2 - B+, DISC3 - B+ = B+
A collab album which from my understanding is based on the manga and anime series called Mahoromantic which is this sci-fi comedy series with ecchi elements, which I've tried watching for the sake of proper review. It's not exactly for me and I'm unsure if any of the tracks are arranged from the show or just something similar? They also might not just be referencing Mahoromantic, but also other series with similar vibes/genre, which would make sense given the Magia Magic album. I personally think that it starts with really good first impressions, but there's just so much of it that it gets a bit too chaotic.

That being said, I do like the idea of those crossover Touhou-style albums, makes me wish someone did something similar but with Utawarerumono, I do think that series has enough complex and fantastical tracks that would fit in Touhou-style already... but I'm getting off track. tl;dr it's a good album

--- End quote ---

Gambling of Lunatic Dreamers

Youtube Video Part 1: https://youtu.be/B0gMFra_F6Q?si=B9NMzuNkGt_M4N5U
Part 2: https://youtu.be/B0gMFra_F6Q?si=oY28h5g53fLkFVHV

--- Quote ---
01 A Rainbow Falling on Gensokyo
02 The Shining Lunar Jewel, The Entrance at Evening
03 Rainbow Amuse
04 An Unending Perfectly Circular Waltz
05 Red Light Legacy
06 Rainbow Illusional Ray
07 Mesmerizing Flapper Girl
08 Otherworld Bridge Dashing Through Heaven
09 A White Rainbow, If It Pierces the Sun ~ Poor Little Innocent
10 Sukhavati of Endless Madness
11 Dishonest Gambler
12 Daydreamers
13 Only the Universe is an Equal World ~ Marketism in a Circle
14 The Animals' Dazzling Rainbow
15 Cloud-minded Moon-natured Anonymous ~ Just be your Fave!
16 A Routine Lacking Saturation
17 Rising with the Rainbow

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: B+
Touhou-style album by SHO with characters for the first time drawn by him as well. It’s pretty good quality wise, but I must admit, outside of “Mesmerizing Flapper Girl” and “The Animals' Dazzling Rainbow” which sound like “Smoking Dragon” and WBaWC EX stage on steroids, I didn’t really feel like much of it has left THAT much of an impression on me compared to his previous work. I feel like it all just sounds too “fake happy” almost the entire time? Even with Stage 4 boss theme, which has an amazing intro, but the rest of the song is way too massive of a departure for me. It’s still quite good and I do like the character designs and their colours despite the simple ZUNart.

--- End quote ---

Across the 24 Generals

XFD: https://youtu.be/QfKaHe07MZM?si=_tpGF-piBUWZ6xIf
All three tracks: 1, 2 and 3
By Paradise of Boundaries

--- Quote ---My Rating: B+
A mini album PoB with all tracks being originals and its pretty darn good! Makes me wonder how their game and its OST will turn out if I personally prefer their original stuff to their arranges, although they seem to be more focused on the latter.

--- End quote ---

Sunshiny of Frenzy

Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/3009838
Cheeky DL link: (missing 10th track for some reason)

--- Quote ---01 神々の調
02 陽気な怪たちと空の旅
03 気焔万丈 ~ grim determination
04 雨と雲の遊覧飛行
05 流るる泡沫が如く
06 木漏れ日を抜けて
07 紫翠の森 ~ harmony with nature
08 儚くも美しきルインズ ~ abandoned mine
09 鈍色の軌跡 ~ Mine pulsation
10 未使用楽曲 1面ボス初期案

--- End quote ---
By Misora

--- Quote ---My Rating: B+
The only full album made by Misora, which is weird considering how much they contributated to the early history of Touhou-style fanmade songs. This is only a miniOST, with roughly 4 stages and bosses and each song being quite short. My favourites of this one include "Mine pulsation" and most of the stage themes, because I do think Misora shines brightest either with stage or catchy/intimidating bosses. Do be mindful that if you don't like some of the things you've heard from them, such as shrill or over the top earrapey trumpets, you might have the same issues with some tracks, but I do like it and I do like the idea of this album going from stages about weather rain, sunny etc.

--- End quote ---

Esoteric Dimension of Mystery (Demo)

Stages 1-3 showcase [2016 ver.]: https://youtu.be/auyDfnexsDk?si=cOADUh24ka-kLA_8
Teaser [2023-24 ver.]: https://youtu.be/4gUxw5YnXjo?si=EI7srnVy7F8_CohP
Soundcloud for old version: https://soundcloud.com/jani_tcd/sets/esoteric-dimension-of-mystery
Old page: https://janitogloy.wixsite.com/kindanden

--- Quote ---01 Forbidden Spell Card
02 Rainy Forest ~ Even in Summer?
03 Immeasurable Rain
04 Scent of Past Leaves
05 Call of the Leaves
06 Sea of the Final Decision ~ Deep Mystery
07 Duel Between the Barrier ~ Breaking the Limit

--- End quote ---
By Jani

--- Quote ---My Rating of the 2016's Demo Ver: B+
Despite the simplicity of the designs and songs, I must say, I've always had a soft spot for this one simply because I've been coming back to it for so long, it was also made before we have other fanmade Touhou-style modern albums showcasing post-GFW music. As for the actual pros, the stage 3 alone, which even nowadays sounds great and reinforces one of my favorite tropes, that being "this could easily be a final stage/boss, but not this time". Also decent guitar and trumpets mixing, I really hope the new version won't disappoint me.

--- End quote ---

Bright Location Unlike Externals

Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/3218990

--- Quote ---tracklist:
01 夢澪標 ~ Affective Ocean
02 53ミニッツの青い海
03 ミストレイク
04 比翼連理の籠を発ちて
05 グラスハートシュバリエ
06 大神神話伝
07 カイトフライト ~ Winging into Ancient
08 レトロスペクティブ京都
09 歴史から消された姫君
10 ワールドヤマタイザー
11 幻想国家黎明 〜 Prayer Player

--- End quote ---
By Ido and Wanwan

--- Quote --- My Rating: B+
Kaisendo team's very first album, which has only like 3 tracks by Wanwan and the rest are by Ido.
Firstly I highly recommend you checking it out if you're a fan of Riverbed Soul Saver, especially seeing as Stage 4-6 boss' themes got arranges in this. You'd expect the best tracks being by Wanwan, but honestly, I do think Ido carries this album, with third track being fantastic, Prayer Player's arrange mixing in both Ido's original version with Wanwan's updates in RSS pretty nicely to create a nice melancholic piece. Wanwan's stuff is by no means bad, they just feel like something for Trifocuser 2, take it however you will.

--- End quote ---

Elemental Quintet

OST DL link: here
Previous thread
NicoNico video and Site.

--- Quote ---1. Overture of the Sprites
2. Pastorale of Grey Water ~ Long for homeland.     
3. Duet of Bird and Beast     
4. Passion of a Sweltering Day
5. March of the Blacksmith in the Turmoil's Center
6. Rondo of the Sacred Gold Mine
7. Waltz of the White Mallet Rabbit
8. Chorale of the Basilica di San Cristisia
9. Intermezzo of the Five Elements' Revival Sprites
10. Nocturne of the Bakeneko Tribe ~ Abyssal Xanadu.
11. Nursery Song of Chief Nekomatsu
12. Oratio of the Five Elements' Five Peaks
13. Quintet that Resounds Atop the High Summit ~ Elemental Quintet.
14. Finale of the Sprites
15. Fantasia of the Maidens
16. Score of the Players
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
A Touhou game mimicking album (without EX stage, there was one made by a third party, but I don’t recommend it) with music composed by Tokiko Tatsunagi and story written by OyasuMilka (writer of Kaisendo Team’s games and others), dunno’ who the artist behind artwork is, sorry. This project’s biggest musical strength can also be considered its cons, almost every song sounds like a church psalm to an extent. It works amazingly with songs like “Waltz of the White Mallet Rabbit '' which is probably the sole reason to get this album, but it can get old fast. I also feel like Stage 4/6 Boss Themes have an amazing setup, but not quite there climaxes (or with Intermezzo’s case specifically, the bridge part is so short despite being the best part). It’s still great and I’m glad it’s no longer considered a lost media.

--- End quote ---

History of Distortion

Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpU_C1xEVplPlE6Bsn94-KyfqdpbCCEAc
.zip/file]Cheeky DL link

--- Quote ---01 Archipelago Mission ~ Dawn of our Destiny ( 匙星 )
02 Tectonics Museum (Pesot.jp)
03 A Nightmare World You've Never Seen Before ( 桐生 )
04 The Original Scenery of Japan Seen by a Girl ( 古山キリヲ )
05 A Warm Inn in the Cold Hakuba (Prism)
06 False History of a Black Shadow ~ Excluded Cyclops ( 壱太 )
07 Izanagi Fantasy (水月)
08 Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World (壱太)
09 Geo Poetry ~ Poetry of the Earth (しゃわ)
10 Hellfire Mantle (Pesot.jp)

--- End quote ---
By   夢想吟遊詩人 (Dreamer Bard)

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
This one I was expecting to enjoy more than I actually did, because both the subject matter, the arrangements and the atmosphere is more in my style. Even arranging one of the OG fanmade character's themes! Except, I honestly felt said arrange kind of lost the flavor of the original. I also think this album is another example of 'Too many cooks spoil the food', which honestly slowly becomes a mantra of mine when it comes to larger circles, since my favorite ones from Dreamer Bard's were mostly made by either Ryuuou or Pesot. I will say that "Geo Poetry" is a massive banger that makes this album worth it by itself, but there are other powerful tracks, such as Hellfire Mantle's arrangement that starts and ends off with nuclear vibes.

--- End quote ---

Shenhai Festival

Original upload: https://music.163.com/#/album?id=134615214
DL: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w1kaRaUwYg3LR_zZmLzkbG949B2UaLSN?usp=sharing

--- Quote ---01 海の波が天辺に伝わる~Sea waves
02 夢の海の始まり~Dream start
03 聖海の神話伝説~Legend of holy sea
04 聖傁誾海の贈り物~Gift of God
05 海の幻想伝説~Legend of the sea
06 水底海草の踊り~Dance of seaweed
07 悠々便前人格たる海底回廊~Submarine corridor
08 廊下の果て,分岐した世界~A divided world
09 広大な海底の大世界~Underwater world
10 暗黒の水底,どこ唤に光明があるか~Hearts of Darkness
11 今日の終わりの明るい猖螶世界~End the light
12 生命の贈り物,すべての涋渷碨栐始まり~the origin of life
13 狂瀾伝説~Rhapsody of Shark
14 海底の魔力伶大都市~War-Gods of the Deep
15 海底は幻のシロナガスクジラ合议用身石の夢を見る~Blue whale
16 海底を飛び出し,空に向かって飛ぶ~Break through difficulties
17 幻の天辺は今何ですか?~A horizon that no longer exists(A)
18 幻の天辺は今何ですか?~A horizon that no longer exists(B)
19 海の向こう側にある~The horizon of the sea
20 海面が穏やかな時~The sea is calm
21 海底の幻水側~On the water side
22 結果直象特流幻録~Player's Score

--- End quote ---
Music composed by SKJD-X

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
An album hosted on Netease Music from the Chinese side of the fandom. It’s much more of a departure from the traditional OSTs, with the final boss’ theme being the best example, over how loud, electronic and different it sounds. Said example and Stage 3 boss’ theme are my favourites from it, but ngl I have trouble finding other tracks memorable for a variety of reasons. If you do like Touhou games’ OST structure, but you want something different, this is a good choice.

--- End quote ---

Magia Magic

Booth: https://mazyu.booth.pm/items/1997494
Cheeky DL link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/y9vziavxn8h6c57/ (it’s not separated tho)

--- Quote ---Tr.1 出会いと始まりの魔法乙女 (by NED)
Tr.2 彼等のために、狂おしいほどの瞬間を (by 古明地かなで)
Tr.3 ルーファルマジック (by 200yen)
Tr.4 マジカルウィッチクラフト (by 壱太)
Tr.5 Holic Spider (by 翡翠)
Tr.6 魔法の雪で凍てつく前に (by 翡翠)
Tr.7 マジカルキューティーガール (by きさらぎ)
Tr.8 Psychic Dreamer (by sou1)
Tr.9 ある魔法使いの断片的な記憶 (by 濟藤もえぎ)
Tr.10 ル・シエル・ブルー〜Magical flight! (by こまいぬ)
Tr.11 不思議でステキな魔法 (by こをり)
Tr.12 桃色の香り、潤んだ青空 (by 翡翠)
Tr.13 lain (by 翡翠)
Tr.14 平安の魔術師 (by わほた)
Tr.15 忘れられた魔法の詩 ~ Fairyland (by 風雲師匠)
Tr.16 涙 ~ Puella Magi of Tears (by 翡翠)

--- End quote ---
By 夢想夏月郷

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
A crossover album with Madoka Magica and other anime/manga series from Denpa genre. I know that, because one track reference Serial Experiments Lain pretty strongly. I'm not a Madoka fan, in fact, I'm more of an antifan of it, but I sure love SEL and Denpas in general so I've decided to give this one a shot and it was worth it if only for Track #14, which is glorious. Weirdly enough the Lain track I feel takes the electrical pole music too seriously and most of the album is stuck in a limbo between sounding cute or ominous, but it doesn't really hold attention for long. I'd still recommend it though.

--- End quote ---

Traces of Utopian Civilisation

Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTM_Nwv7Z_HTXcuMgjqHJGZ4i2CgzCllZ
XFD: https://youtu.be/3vq1CEkvjIo?si=K86-xDBETDXuYlxd
Bandcamp and DL:  https://akakyu.bandcamp.com/album/traces-of-utopian-civilisation

--- Quote ---1. The Theorists' Interpretation of "Fantasia"
2. Refreshing Earth of Krummholz
3. Hidden Under the Willows ~ Ancient Backwoods
4. Curious Capital of Sheen and Beauty
5. Orwell's Quarantined Utopia
6. Undecided Fate of the Altered Strings
7. A Maiden's Nonsensical Bunraku
8. Diamond Tears in the Palace
9. Unseen Madness
10. Two Snowflakes Wafting Above One Big World

--- End quote ---
By Akakyu / Aka Kyuketsuki

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
A Hifuu-style album made by Akakyu, the main dev and artist behind the still upcoming fangame - Unification of The Artful Rain, which I wish her all the best with. Technically she did upload UoTAR's OST back in 2015 as a Touhou-style album and similarly to TLC, the she did revamp the OST for the demo and upcoming release, however for now I'm not going to rate the 2015's version because I do want to wait and hear how at the very least Final Boss' theme compares to original composition.

I'm focusing so much on UoTAR instead of Traces, because not only a couple of tracks in Traces are already taken from UoTAR and revamped, it also does feel like those are the two best examples of Akakyu's work besides couple of their tracks for GoDS and WWW fangames ("Kadath, the Giant Castle of Dreams" is my favourite song from them btw). There's this tense yet fantastical mood in most of them, some of the might seem 'too jolly' or just typical fanmade Touhou-style nowadays, but if you'll enjoy at least a couple of tracks from Traces I can guarantee you will like Akakyu's other stuff, believe me.

--- End quote ---

Plants vs Zombies Arrange Album 2.0

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/live/5sKhnFPRU64?si=_2RdOCsvjboPMLz0
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SVeBIygYxGrBNayofAFPuZV_LC-MHZOI
By Honodera Ch. and others

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
I was just browsing playlists and found this little gem. Basically, the it's the OST of the first Plants vs. Zombies game, but in Touhou-style. I honestly enjoyed it and surprisingly a lot of Laura Shigihara's stuff works surprisingly well, at least given the direction.

--- End quote ---

The Replicant Tale

Youtube Stages 1-3: https://youtu.be/FIWtemARmYg?si=6cYJDKvzcIorYwpe
Stage 4-6+EX: https://youtu.be/tgLrvNzGmW0?si=XbuwkH0dPLD4Lqe8
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OcrLi6g8UtfkGuz_IvRqowxD5njVyHtF?usp=sharing

--- Quote ---01 晩秋、去るかアキアカネ (Stage 1 Theme)
02 百国集聞ゆめものがたり(Stage 1 Boss)
03 宵闇はサーペントネスト(Stage 2 Theme)
04 辺境のカドプレパス (Stage 2 Boss)
05 ゲリラ・ザ・ビースト (Stage 3 Theme)
06 鬼裏問の三獣 (Stage 3 Boss)
07 酔いどれ水夫の仙境自慢~Dreamy blossoms (Stage 4 Theme)
08 桃源郷出生奇譚 (Stage 4 Boss)
09 地獄変より (Stage 5 Theme)
10 赤鬼様が嗤ったら~Iron ruler (Stage 5A Boss)
11 青鬼様が泣く頃に~Red Demon and Blue Demon (Stage 5B Boss)
12 鬼在らずとも鬼城山 (Stage 6)
13 赤鬼様が嗤ったら~Iron ruler(last_boss ver) (Stage 6A Boss)
14 青鬼様が泣く頃に~Red Demon and Blue Demon(last_boss ver) (Stage 6B Boss)
15 虹の入江のカンパネラ (Stage EX)
16 さらば、流浪の宮人よ~Akashic gate keeper (Stage EX Boss)
17 千夜御伽草子 (Ending)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
SHO’s album with a main gimmick being there are two Stage 5 and 6 boss sets and themes and the both of the Stage 5 bosses can act as Final stage bosses and have their theme upgraded. It’s a cool idea and this album does have some bangers, such as the aforementioned “Iron ruler(last_boss ver)”, both Stage 3 themes if you like garage rock guitar sounds and I could argue both Stage 4 themes are good depending on the mood. Sadly I don’t really care for most of it. Probably weakest EX Stage out of SHO’s work too, even if part of EX boss’ theme is literally 1:1 HSoB’s EX Stage Boss, but I don’t blame the guy here.

--- End quote ---

Underground Citadel

Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB7Nsbz8GlCt4DdCInHFjnJk0qd_tx0nH
Nico video Stage 1-3: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm3083460
Nico video Stage 4:
BOOTH: https://booth.pm/en/items/1343362
Bandcamp with parts of it: https://ichita-toho.bandcamp.com/album/underground-citadel?from=embed
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iHMPjQ9-fOvNAmbW8uvuY3d9tfD0DhZ5?usp=sharing

--- Quote ---01.地底の奥深くへ
11.阿曽媛物語 ~ Prayer of sadness

--- End quote ---
By Ichita

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
Very SA-stylized album, which I know almost nothing about other than it starting off normally with the first "main menu" theme, has traditional 4 stages and boss themes and then 2 more boss themes? Kind of weird, and the original demo's album seems to have been cancelled, alongside the character designs, but at least they've released the songs on Nico and YT. For me personally the 5th and 10th tracks are the biggest bangers, the first one (Stage 2 boss' theme) starting with classy piano and evolving into a super intimidating piece that I could definitely see ZUN including in TH10-12. That being said I'm not the biggest fan of that Touhou-style period and then there are pieces such as the Stage 4 boss theme that starts off amazing, but get lost alongside the road.

--- End quote ---

Dreamy Galaxy Express

Youtube Video and Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbHhWgslUuutWQ1v9rFsb7FowNx7LF7CT
Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/1059232
DL link:

--- Quote ---1   明澄のスターリーナイト
2   宙を映す水面の記憶
3   神話幻想 ~ Infinite Being
4   リュヌレジュレクシオン ~ 再び蘇りし少女
5   裏側の太陽
6   緋き星辰のカプリチオ ~ the Prosperous Must Decline
7   ロジカルサーキュレーション
8   秘封俱楽部はアンドロメダの夢を見るか?
9   車椅子の未来宇宙
10   銀河鉄道1番線 ~ To the Pleiades

--- End quote ---
By Lapisp

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
Happy that Lapisp has released this one for free (now waiting for the other albums) since I was really curious about this one. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of arrangements such as Shinki's theme or Future Universe of Wheelchair. I think the latter originals are definitely stronger than  the early ones.

--- End quote ---

Thousand Years Mysteries

Youtube XFD: https://youtu.be/3K8b_d4IwQw?si=jC4Uqy7bOfXjVoSy
DL link and Booth: https://orangegood.booth.pm/items/4540168

By Orange/WhiteBlugt

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
This being Orange's second album I've listened to, they did seem to improve a lot from previous one in a lot of places, with way better art and more songs that actually stuck with me. Instrumentation is also better, however, this album seems to have a major issue I don't see often, tracks are too long before they loop with not enough variation in each section, which for an album that mimics actual game's OST is a weird problem to have, especially noticable with EX Boss' theme, which is great and has amazing climax, sadly, it requires almost an entire song to loop twice with barely any differences on second loop, down to the point that arranges of it only arrange the part without climax. I also think that while final boss' theme is epic, I don't understand why there are two versions of it, why is the intro repeated so much and why did it need so many people working on it, again, felt like too many cooks spoiled the food, but other than that, it's solid.

--- End quote ---

You Tend To Be Captivated

DL link/Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/2457643

--- Quote ---01夜空のミステリー/もえぎ
06永訣のプロキオン~Obedient Dog/神月ステラ
07Donnerschnee -雷雪-/もえぎ

--- End quote ---
By Komainu_Inu

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
I remember being surprised Komainu had first released their album for free and then they started charging, especially seeing as I do think YTTBC despite the weird name is their second best stuff. It's short, it's atmospheric, but mostly DiPP-style, it's classy, y'know how it goes.

--- End quote ---

Inanimate Bloom

YT playlist: Here

--- Quote ---1. Re: Ibutsukan (*Reliquary Museum) ~ Memory of Portraits
2. Re: The Art Museum is Alive
3. Re: Phantom Figment Girl ~ Mary Sue
4. Re: Countdown to Heartbreak
5. Re: Blue Rose Knight ~ Forgotten Portrait
6. Re: Atop Scattered Flower Petals
7. Re: Memento Memory ~ Inanimate Bloom
8. Tea Party in a Picture Frame
9. The Paintings Dream of the World Outside ~ Memento Dream...
--- End quote ---
By Burnyuho

--- Quote ---My Rating:  B
Crossover album of Touhou and classic RPG Maker horror game - Ib! Features 3 stages with each having a boss depicting a different protagonist of said game and each track is inspired by OST of Ib, but with Touhou style. It's not Burnyuho's best, even though I do really like ib, it's just that I don't think Ib's OST has enough potential to be turned into a project like this, with some of the tracks basically rearranging the same leitimotifs (both stage 2 themes use Gary's theme and both Main Menu, final boss' theme and credits' use Ib's Main theme) however, there are some surprise bangers like "Re: Atop Scattered Flower Petals" which takes this basic and tense theme from Ib and actually makes it works as a final stage's theme.

--- End quote ---

Another generic Touhou release

YT Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnyuWukH5GM
DL link: https://ichigo-paprika.tumblr.com/35

--- Quote ---1. Useless – "Let's Begin"
 2. Sajiboshi – Ghost Scapegoat
 3. Useless – Midnight Spell Card  (Remix of Touhou 14.3's second scene theme)
4. Koori – Toward the Paradise Floating in the Sky
5. Useless – Distorted Division  (Remix of "Smells Like Beer vol.1" Track 5)
6. Yoiyami – Rainy Fairies' Diary
7. Amen – Nogama's Whirlwind
8. Larum – Empty Vision
9. Larum – Incomplete Memory
10. Boga – Alice in Wonderland  (Remix of Touhou 5's extra stage)
11. Yoiyami – Love Is More Scarlet Than Scarlet ~ Scarlet Rhapsody
12. Tokimigusa – Step-by-Step Stroll
13. Oborozuki – Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye (Remix of Forbidden Scrollery's bonus CD track 1)
14. Useless – Everlasting Red Spider Lily (Remix of Touhou 17's stage 3 theme)
15. Muisu – Untitled
16. Useless – Freeze Sign "Ultimate Freeze"
17. Koori – ​Vǫlva's Words
18. Amen – Watchdog of Gévaudan
19. Useless – Hellfire Mantle ~ The Deepest Sky (Remix of Touhou 11's stage 6 theme)
20. Eban – Dashing Through the Peaks of Clouds
21. Tokimigusa – False Strawberry (Remix of Seihou 1's stage 1 theme)
22. Useless – Shanghai Teahouse ~ Tea is Oishii.  (Remix of Touhou 6's stage 3 theme)
23. Useless – Jellyfish Aquarium. (Remix of "The Scorching Wind Carried by Beasts" for Touhou 17, by Useless)
24. Useless – Demystify Scarlet
25. Fuun Shishou – Border Aureole
26. Eban – Cloudy Mirage
27. Useless – Spirit Sign "Freeloading Black-and-White Magician" (Remix of Tipsy Wanderings' Bar Old Adam track 4)
28. Useless – Beautiful Clothes, Autumnal Candles
29. Useless – Worship the God of the Everlasting World! (Remix of Touhou 16's Eternity Larva's theme)
30. Amen – Is the Gloomy Rain a Premonition?
31. Useless – XXXXX (Remix of “The Lèse-Majesté at [DATA EXPUNGED]",  "Smells Like Beer vol.2" track 4)
32. Useless – The New Eighth Aerial Paradise City
33. Useless – Harmful Substance in False Structures
34. Useless – Be Careful Not to Doze Off
35. Useless – Thank You For Your Hard Work ~ Hard Worker
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: B
It’s close to being three hours plotless album organised by Useless. As you can tell, the name of this album kind of fits and is one of my major issues with it, it’s so large, especially to listen to all of it and moreover, half of the songs in it just get lost in memory, even though I’ve tried evaluating the entire album several times now. A lot of songs like the first one also are either basic or just serve a purpose of blending into other songs, with very random consistency between artists and a lack of story or any visuals don't help with parts of it just not being memorable That being said, it’s no Travelogue of Bloat~ it does have some really quality tracks from each artist and some of the remixes are really obscure, but definitely welcomed. It does a solid job and I do recommend picking a couple of songs for your playlist at the very least.

--- End quote ---

Memory of Dream Pillow

Youtube Video: Here
Download Link: Here

--- Quote ---01 Dreams as Old as Time (by Kale Hakaido)
02 Eren Like Avocado (by Orange)
03 Sameimaru Akika's Theme - Falconer's Whistle (by Kale Hakaido)
04 Seeding the World ~ Fraternal Forest (by Kale Hakaido)
05 Sanyoki Kuro-ko's Theme - Intimidation of a Fool (by NED)
06 Village-like Cat's Footsteps ~ Not Real  (by Orange)
07 Mairu Goutokuji's theme - Boundary Between Reality and Fantasy (by Yutong Chen)
08 Spring Festival Atmosphere  (by FanTBS)
09 Akuma no Hana & Kishin Yoko's Theme - The Lovely Girl Hides Cruelty (by Orange)
10 Festive Walk Through the Dark ~ Jubilant Road (by Yutong Chen)
11 Sameika Tensho's Theme - Festive Drums ~ Spring Dance (by Kale Hakaido)
12 Meer Der Erinnerung  (by Orange)
13 Jina Kasaga's Theme - God's Hand Relying on Dreams   (by Orange & Kale Hakaido)
14 Dense Forest (by Asumerday/summer)
15 Natachi Suruika's Theme - Clockwise ~ Little Witch from The Dream (by too many ppl to list)
16 Ending Theme   (by Orange)
17 Staff Roll Theme  (by Orange)
18 Dark Soul  (by Orange)
19 Hako no Shoujo's Theme - The Ark of Death ~ Humanity  (by FanTBS)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
One of the first albums I’ve learned of/from/organized by Orange/WhiteBlugt. It does feature one of my favorite fanmade bangers, that being “Festive Drums ~ Spring Dance'' and also that one song by NED, but I honestly never really cared much for the rest of the songs. Clockwise feels like another one of ‘too many cooks that spoiled the food’ kind of deals. You’ll probably find something for yourself here since the styles are varied, but it’s also far from being consistent in my opinion.

--- End quote ---

Emergence of Crimson Acropolis

Youtube Video:
Bandcamp: https://fantouhoumusic.bandcamp.com/album/emergence-of-crimson-acropolis
DL link:

--- Quote ---1. An Unknown Red-Colored Arrival
2.A Red Evening with Fairies and Youkais
3.Bright Feathers ~ Little Sparrow
4.Reddish Misty Lake
5.Deep Mermaid of a Far Land
6.Bizzare Nights
7.Delusion Hibernation
8.A Hope Above the Dark Mist
9.Dark Cinderella
10.Melancholic Mansion of the Past
11.Red-Bloody Service ~ Maid Business
12.Soaring to the Red Full Moon
13.Agony, Bloodshed and Misdirection ~ Divine Revolution
14.A Reconciliation
15.Insane Whereabouts ~ Senseless Pathway
16.Aggression and Grim ~ Demon's Offensive
17.End of a Deal
18.When the Red Moon Sets and the Sun Rises in the Sky

--- End quote ---
By FanTBS/FanTouhouMusic

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
Bigger and better album than author's previous one. Does feel a bit derivitive with character designs and you can tell the author really likes EoSD/FDF1 and wanted something similar for themselves. My favorite tracks being stage 2 boss theme and stage 5 theme despite the simplicity of both. I do like Final boss' theme and everything past that, but they can get especially repetitive. I still look forward to more stuff from the author despite the style and fonts not always being my cup of tea.

--- End quote ---

Near Death Experience

Booth (free DL): https://booth.pm/en/items/2192173

--- Quote ---1   幻想のリフレーミング - 風雲
2   永遠の春夢 - Burnyuho
3   幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble - ラルム
4   ネクロマンテイオン - 或兎
5   不朽の曼珠沙華 - 朧月
6   顕世に伝う異聞奇譚 - 古明地かなで
7   鶴の千年、亀の万年 - あめん
8   法界の火 - えばん
9   カミオカンデの波 - DO
10   花は幻想のままに - こまいぬ

--- End quote ---
By thyumenikki and multiple people

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
It's alright.

--- End quote ---

Alchemist of Desire (demo?)

Youtube Stages 1-3:  https://youtu.be/0D9tdx6POUI?si=9oS9JbFNwqqbB129
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_2vG5yjbTpXvfvxyMhKWawU_2z2buO8a?usp=drive_link
Site: https://privatter.net/p/6878565

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
A music album supposed to mimic a full game by SHO with his own franchise (8th part Aogami Project?), which as far as I know has been cancelled/never finished. I’m not covering prior ones because as far as I know the quality is either worse or they were actual video games before having their OSTs dumped on YT. Anyways, AoD is really good for a demo OST, especially Boss tracks, with 2 and 3 being incredibly catchy albeit simple. Not exactly a fan of stages, especially the third stage’s theme. The character designs are different from Touhou, but they are nowhere near HoSS’ abominations and the artstyle’s alright. Wish that SHO would release the rest of this, because even if this isn’t his best work, it’s still a hidden gem!

--- End quote ---

Boundary of Sacred Mountain

Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/4772536
Cheeky DL link: https://doujinstyle.com/?p=page&type=1&id=21244

--- Quote ---1   大地は蓮の花を咲かす - 妖琳
2   厭世の吹溜りにて~Haunted Night - 風雲
3   天空の花の都 - 妖琳
4   Magical and Hopeless - えばん
5   コウヤ奇怪旅行 - 妖琳
6   冥界の夜桜 - 翡翠
7   幽霊楽団~Phantom Ensemble - 妖琳
8   幽玄の裏世界 - 妖琳
9   蜿々は、十六の夜に - 妖琳
10   妖々跋扈~Ghostly Mix - 妖琳
11   牧歌の郷~Arcadian Dream - 妖琳

--- End quote ---
Mostly by Yorin/妖琳

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
If I'd have to pick one word to describe this album it'd be "Atmospheric". Other than that I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys and praises Perfect Cherry Blossom, Imperishable Night or Ghostly Field Club's OSTs. About 1/3rd of the tracks are arranges from PCB and I'd still prefer to just listen to GFC again, it is a solid album nonetheless.

--- End quote ---

Wall Separating the Stage and Audience (Demo)

Download link: Here

--- Quote ---01 シャンゼリゼの盃」
02 そよ風が齎す静寂」
03 頭領の入り知恵」
04 一寸先は奇奇怪怪」
06 理想郷のアーベントロート」
07ヒラリアスゴースト ~ Shall we dance?」

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My rating as of the demo: B-
Stage 2 boss and Stage 3 are bangers, but other than that, I must say this one has a lot of potential and really good instrumentation, knowing what it's about will probably help me appreciate it though, because currently there are just too many albums I prefer or remember about over this one. Normally I would shrug off stage 3 boss' theme, but seeing as the composer did make a Len'en arrange previously, then yeah, it's quite obvious? Unless it's just that much of a popular Engrish phrase in Japan.
--- End quote ---

After Happy End World

small extra stage-like crossover with Needy Girl Overdose
YT playlist: Here
by Burnyuho

--- Quote ---
My Rating: B-
Very short (4 song) album that is a crossover/tribute to game called Needy Girl Overdose
I really like the stage theme of it and both of the bosses have decent compositions and presentations. Not the biggest fan of the main menu theme. Not much else to say, I'm just happy Burnyuho tries more short projects like this

--- End quote ---

A Journey of Reminiscences

Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/2lBzTTXyRZ4?si=tfJL2nfX591XB_P7
Bandcamp: https://rickyrister.bandcamp.com/album/a-journey-of-reminiscences

--- Quote ---01. 梦纪行 by A.SAKA
02. 化鸟之诗,流离于梦之旅路 by Muisu
03. 海波逐风流 by 灵空
04. 死出之山歌 ~ Ancient Nostalgia by FanTouhouMusic
05. 祇园花行路 by a100xiaoxue
06. 华尽染分恋语录 ~ A Fruitless Love by FanTouhouMusic
07. 雨月尽头的妄樱 by 某猹OS
08. 春花长留望月庵 ~ Drowning in the Spring Sky by FanTouhouMusic
09. 童戏御谣曲 by 龍騰-星夜
10. 梁尘醉狂歌 ~ A Lifelong Indulgence by FanTouhouMusic
11. 白峰漫想谭 by 穆然皎若
12. 鞠壶自有四方天 ~ アリ、ヤウ、オウ!by FanTouhouMusic
13. 僧耶魔耶 ~ Monk or Monster by 新月轩
14. 阳炎涅槃忏悔咒 ~ Confession or Curse by FanTouhouMusic
15. 荣花之色,明灭于幻之海空 by HP9
16. 日暮归倦鸟 ~ Meteor Dream by RickyRister

--- End quote ---
Collab organized by RickyRickster, ft. akarinomiya_a, FanTBS and others

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
An album made as tribute towards Mystical Power Plant and its stage 4 boss, Tenmu. Beautiful character artworks and presentation, really enjoyed stage themes, especially 4th one being the MVP, however it does suffer a bit of sounding samey with bosses since FanTBS is working on them, so if this is your thing then probably you'll enjoy this one more. Again, it's alright, the presentation definitely carries it, but I rarely return to it since the songs itself didn't feel memorable enough.

--- End quote ---

Quantum ad orientalem historia

Booth: https://komainudtm.booth.pm/items/1596589
Bilibili playlist: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV11i4y1a7r2/?spm_id_from=333.788.recommend_more_video.2
Cheeky DL link

--- Quote ---1.    楽園巡行〜Far east paradise(始まりの桃の木)
2.    涅色白胡蝶〜Black and white
3.    昭和15年の鹿鳴館
4.    Polychronic Freaky
5.    Deceptive Children
6.    Magical Girl's Crusade
7.    夢少女は眠らない
8.    薄れゆく紅の散る頃に
9.    楽園の伝説
10.    踊り子ピエロ〜spectacle child
11.    西洋画に描かれた館
12.    魂の還ってくる日
13.    Peaceful romancer

--- End quote ---
By Komainu_Inu

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
As it goes with the author, it's very Dolls in Pseudo Paradise / classical Touhou-style inspired through and through and it definitely does sound like something ZUN would put either mentioned album or in his "Strange Works' folder". That being said I don't think it's quite as good as the rest of Komainu_inu's stuff or as good as anything in Canvas of Music Coloured Winds. If you do really and I mean really love this style and classical music it might be much higher though, it's just that most of the tracks in this miss having much of an impact for me personally.

--- End quote ---
Nostalgic Dreams

Youtube XFD: https://youtu.be/SdQrz19zs7Q?si=7jiVrKIsqgmsAgSM
Bandcamp: https://popcat.bandcamp.com/album/constellation-of-fantasy-nostalgic-dreams
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TFyJVIT8c3E7_Fm8RXi0YWodTYoxbHvB?usp=sharing

--- Quote ---01 Late Night Study with a Noble Cat
02 Aboard the Ship that Sails the Air
03 Frozen Lamentation ~ Sub Zero Furnace
04 Cloaked Moon in the Sea of Leaves
05 Lonesome Maiden of Flowers
06 The Grand Estate of Dr. Latency
07 Lost Blossom Dancing in the Moonlight
08 Rem's Cycle of Nightmares

--- End quote ---
By Popcat/Sodacat/Mike

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
Hifuu-style album made by Popcat. It's not my favorite by any means but I really do enjoy the two arrangements from Paradoxical Esoterica and some of the latter songs in the album. Great to listen to at the peak of night.

--- End quote ---

Unrecognized Error in Fantasy

Youtube XFD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tuzarjsa6Lg
DL link: https://hina-chro.booth.pm/items/1340653

--- Quote ---1   曼然とした雛鳥のマンドリン
2   暴食妖精の美味しい恋(Full Version)
3   パピーテイルメイデン
4   大地に芽吹け、心の果実 ~ Apple Seed
5   未発見のアトリビュートエラー

--- End quote ---
By Burnyuho

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
Also a short and free (bless the artist) album by Burnyuho, showcasing I presume some unused songs and one she already posted on her YT. Special mention goes to 5th track, which despite starting off really strange, becomes this glorious composition I really wish would get remade for any game for a really hard Stage 5 Boss.

--- End quote ---

Cyber Sea (Demo)

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4DtAcvzi14
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zvCLzu_GkvdVlR4CzlK6QZ1uTtcamMFo?usp=sharing (it's just a rip of YT video with tracks separated so the first song naturally has SFXs)

--- Quote ---01「東方電脳海」
02「虹の掛かる五線譜〜Rainbows Score」
07 「防火壁のガーディアン」

--- End quote ---
By けっきー

--- Quote ---My Rating as of the Demo: B-
Touhou-style album that is supposed to mimic games, with currently the only video on it that is available showcasing music up to Stage 3. It's mostly a standard faire and there are no OCs or characters shown besides Reimu, which is understandable. There isn't really much to say about this one except that: 1) stage 2 and 3 boss themes are quite interesting, former being quite a smooth yet emotional banger and the latter... sounds like a maniacal, chaotic yet funky composition with a possessed windpipe being the main instrument; 2) I do wonder how the name "Cyber Sea" will come into play.

--- End quote ---

Land of Automatic Nirvana

(since this album has no cover art and only one design showed, here it is! sorry for how it looks like)
Youtube Stages 1-6:  https://youtu.be/_yM8OrU2yHY?si=2V9m6We88k42R0hL
EX Stage: https://youtu.be/CI4Xpivd2qA?si=TBC7D7M1RIfA5lWB
DL Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e8DDGNpe5s5Tp_J_JHzQOi-FpUY5afdO?usp=sharing
By Kale Hakaido

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
A Touhou-style album, originally titled as Touhou 19 Land of Automatic Nirvana, which was supposed to be a prediction about what the 19th game would sound like, it was however TH19 was revealed to be a Vs. Game. For now the only Kale Hakaido's solo album here, mainly because I've tried to enjoy "Traditions of the Old World" and I disliked and "Izanagi World" didn't leave much of an impression on me either. Here however, even with some whacky sound mixing like with Stage 2 boss, Stage 1 theme being earily similar to this, there's some good stuff, like Extra boss being almost relaxing and yet catchy, the motif of technological progress being pretty well utilized and I do find stage 4 boss' theme "Army of workers" being incredibly catchy and inspired, we need more castanets in Touhou-style for sure!

--- End quote ---

Christmas Of Unforgettable Paradise

DL link: https://orangeblugt.bandcamp.com/album/christmas-of-unforgettable-paradise

--- Quote ---1. アイスの願いは叶うのか?
2. Tonight! We Celebrate Christmas Eve on Cali
3. Ice Spirit in the Night Sky
4. 真夏に降る雪〜 Snowden (Chrismash Mix)

--- End quote ---
By WhiteBlugt/Orange

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
Very short minialbum from Orange prepared right before Christmas Season featuring some interesting two new tracks, one arrangement of an already existing track and an arrangement of a track that actually debuted with an album that appeared months later.  I actually thought "Ice Spirit in the Night Sky" would've been a good early boss theme when I heard in this album, however it turns out it ended being an extra stage theme in "Twilight Zone Above the Clouds" where the track was remade and renamed into "Untold Story About Picturesque Sky" and both versions are unique and good! Not much else to say about this one, if you're in the festive mood I do recommend checking it out.

--- End quote ---

Sudden Gold Rush

Youtube p1: https://youtu.be/DcrrCPxQzXI?si=yFKpapn4V5W_9aTa
P2: https://youtu.be/mEssWMabD1c?si=bzOM35rivQ6eFhdl
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1l5hogKQNtOxif__-pLNN3FUUfqHkVTWF?usp=sharing
By むし。

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
This isn't a Touhou album, but similarly to SHO's previous stuff, it's an album mimicking a game, with universes non-related to Touhou. I’m really torn with this one, mainly because some tracks not only have potential, but they sound great and distinguished! If you like Len’en series, but you want more bassy tracks, however this series is called, I can recommend it and I’m looking forward to hearing previous attempts from the creator. However, not everything works, for example Stage 5 theme just sounds terrible at some point and Stage 3 despite great motifs, uses basic MIDI flute which almost anyone can tell, doesn’t exactly enhance the experience. But for every failed attempt, there’s Stage 2 theme for example, which really, truly surprised me.

--- End quote ---

The Legend of Oblivion

Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/3946850
By 隠居者の倉庫

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
A microalbum with just two tracks and it's DiPP-stylized. Mainly the second track is quite famous and pretty great, with first one is more of a buildup with tense atmosphere, but kind of a weird melody.

--- End quote ---

Forgotten and Unknown Lonely Lands

Youtube: https://youtu.be/_kZkXLzrsFE
Booth: https://yorindoshin.booth.pm/items/5265442
Cheeky DL Link

--- Quote ---1   永劫暮らしの唐傘お化け - 妖琳
2   藪知らずの迷い路 - 妖琳
3   もう歌しか聞こえない - 妖琳
4   妖怪モダンコロニー - 妖琳
5   この枯れ果てた楽園で ~ who is dancing? - アズレシアン
6   旧地獄街道を行く - 妖琳
7   寂寞幻想郷 - 妖琳
8   万年置き傘にご注意を - 妖琳
9   神が降らすは暗然たる秋霖 - アズレシアン
10   古きユアンシェン - 妖琳
11   素晴らしき孤独な楽園 - 妖琳

--- End quote ---
By Yorin

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
Newest Yorin album. It's really okayish. I feel like the drumkit used in a lot of tracks is distracting and most of the arranges are worse than originals or other fanmade arranges I've heard (Outside of Old Yuanxian which is pretty good in this), I also didn't find that many new tracks to be memorable personally and it does feel like this album just doesn't really have that much personality compared to author's previous two, even if I didn't fully get them, I still felt like they were about something or were related to the title. I will give it that it at least gets better over time and later songs did at least get my attention, last track is quite beautiful and utilizes erhu which, if you know me, I am biased towards.

--- End quote ---

Unforgettable memories of May

DL link:  https://booth.pm/en/items/5017624

--- Quote ---1   栗花落の夜は上の空 -
2   ラストリモート -
3   リドルストラクチャー ~ Inverted Square Pyramid -
4   針小棒大の天守閣 -
5   空中都市のリユニオン -
6   ワクワクする見慣れた幻想郷 -
7   広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When? -
8   夢殿大祀廟 -
9   シークレットアーカイブス -
10   カマビストール ~ Soak in the Afterglow

--- End quote ---
By Myaga

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
Smaller hifuu album by Myaga, bonus points for a great arrange of "リドルストラクチャー ~ Building Beast " from PaH in form of "Inverted Square Pyramid" and weirdly enough it does feel refreshing to hear things like Youmu's original theme or "Last Remote" but with this mechanical, heavy drumkit and style. Again, not for everyone, but is for me.

--- End quote ---

Otherworldly Paradox

Bandcamp: https://paradiseofboundaries.bandcamp.com/album/otherworldly-paradox
Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBOF5P0SgIbtOsQF3qsVyKP_c8JJrx3BO

--- Quote ---1. The High-Schooler who Spirited Away in a Dream
2. The Forest of Once a Lovely Great War
3. The Hermit Who Leads to Salvation
4. The Road of the Misfortune God ~ Dark Road
5. Flowering Night
6. Multi Nature
7. Hiroari Shoots A Strange Bird ~ Till When
8. Unlocated Hell
9. The Hakurei Shrine Rests Among Havoc
10. The Concealed Four Seasons
11. The Lie that Nearly Sealed the Student's Fate
12. The Reiwa Era Students Walking Away From the Dream

--- End quote ---
By Paradise of Boundaries

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
Hifuu album from PoB, which I'm always confusing for Akakyu's album. It's alright, but a lot of the arranges in it aren't as good as the originals or don't improve on them and even despite its age, I struggle to find a reason to return to this album and its tracks.

--- End quote ---

Mysterious History of Magi

Cheeky DL link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1p938kfvfthj11k/Mysterious+History+of+Magi.zip/file

--- Quote ---From【DISC1】
1.旧跡は洞穴の奥底に ~ immortal machine(アズレシアン)
5.Dreaming Reality(Mike (PopCat))
11.The Voyager Lost in Ruins(Dr. Fishnberg)
2.Emancipation 1/6(こまいぬ)
6.The Idyllic Ride across the Endless World(ProfPrac)
7.未来科学世紀 ~ Future Ahead(音屋のばけばけ)
1.Flooded Shrine Where Magic Hides(ivanlychkov)
2.楽園至上主義者達の勘違い日和 ~ Secret Taboo(快晴)
3.ふたりの景色、ふたつの幻想 ~ Pale Lullaby(凹山)
5.怪奇伝言 ~ 0x486966752077616b6172616e(へるくん)
7.Yellow Flower~世界中の子と友達になれる(或兎)
8.Careless Travels of the Care-free Witch ~ Youkai Route(Zturtle)
15.Locus Amoenus ~ Green-White Love(RickyRister)

--- End quote ---
Big collab, published by Alice Magic, all people are listed

--- Quote ---My Rating:  Disc 1 - A-; Disc 2 - B; Disc 3 - D; Final Rating: B-
One of the absolute units of an album, with every track being unique to the album itself, this both makes it refreshing and poses a problem of it not being quite memorable and turning into quantity over quality. It starts off pretty good, with a good mix of both classic and modern Touhou-style, second disc is mixed, but then comes Disc 3, which if I had to rate it by its own, I wouldn't even put on this list nor I would recommend it. It actually hurt my ears and its obvious some of the tracks are made by newcomers using most basic MIDIs.

--- End quote ---


Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/4001932
Youtube: https://youtu.be/LOEPm2J20f4?si=JvMGSgh7qF4w9Oak
Cheeky DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qKd0hxY97ViX4YnnAXfCZEUguReTvEKf?usp=sharing

--- Quote --- Track List:

--- End quote ---
By Useless/IchigoPaprika

--- Quote ---My Rating: B-
I keep forgetting Useless made this. Not a single track is memorable, but they're not bad. I don't get the themeing behind it and it's weird that it can be bought, but also entire album is on YT and can be ripped from there. It's fine, although I feel like I need context for this one. And if you're reading this please go download Useless' Free-Use stuff instead, it's a too big of a thing to place and rate here, but there are some massive bangers there!

--- End quote ---

Awakening Deep Mythos

YT Video: https://youtu.be/30Z7GJ1NFBY?si=7feIr2vWtzIVzy_N
DL: https://wookywok.itch.io/awakening-deep-mythos

--- Quote ---1. The Shadow Over Gensokyo
2. The Breeze That Unsteadies Gentle Waters
3. A Schooling of Strange Fish
4. Moonlight Through the Twisted Branches
5. The Cat Who Dreamt of Outer Space
6. Rainbow Grey Badlands
7. A Color Streaks Across the Spectrum
8. Mutating Deep Cavern
9. Sorrowful Cry of Southern Birds ~ Lament of Flesh
10. The World Where Logic Has No Claim
11. The Messenger From Deep Beneath
12. Black Stars in a Yellow Sky
13. Theater of Unspeakable Truths ~ Magnum Innominandum
14. The World of Fantasy Touched By the Unknown
15. See the Sounds, Smell the Sights
16. Well of Infinite Depth ~ Electric Onryo
17. The Slowly Healing Wasteland
--- End quote ---
by Wookywok and DJThunderHeart

--- Quote ---My Rating: C+
An album which features chiptunes on top of traditional Touhou-style synths and instruments. The positives for me are the Stage 3 and Extra Boss’ themes, which are pretty damn good, not perfect, but there’s a potential. That’s probably the word I’d use for this one, potential, because almost every other track feels like it could be better than they are, in fact FanTouhouMusic did rearrange some of the tracks, like Stage 2/6 Boss’ themes and they sound far, far superior. The chiptune album isn’t a bad idea either, I feel like it just wasn’t used properly. I don’t think creator of this should be discouraged though, they’re already good at writing good music. The art isn’t in ZUNart, but it’s not bad, the designs aren’t for me though.

--- End quote ---

Immense Will of a Thousand Swords

Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/uihNLWAJ9os?si=hSORwGCnUR0_5LLE
Bandcamp: https://fantouhoumusic.bandcamp.com/album/immense-will-of-a-thousand-swords
DL link: https://fantouhoumusic.itch.io/immense-will-of-a-thousand-swords

--- Quote ---01 An Eastern Story from Another World
02 Calming Rivers of Youkai Mountain
03 An Iwana's Deep Lecture
04 Little Spirits' Dance in a Steep Valley
05 Illusionary Trickster
06 Remote Mountain Cage
07 Awakening Mountain Beast ~ Oni's Wrath
08 Breezing Wind of Fallen Arrows
09 Beware of the Evil-Punishing Eyes ~ Purifying Sights
10 Behold as Oumagatoki has Come Again
11 Thousand Years Old Samurai Sword ~ Shimmering Blade
12 Futsunushi's No Man's Land
13 Warrior God who Wields Countless Swords ~ Immense Battle Force
14 End of a Battle
15 Where this Path will Lead Us to?
16 Emerald Warrior of Love and Hope ~ Glorious Battle
17 Behold as Hinode has Come Again

--- End quote ---
By FanTBS/FanTouhouMusic

--- Quote ---My Rating: C+
Despite placing it lower I still have absolute respect towards its author and for the stuff they release, as well as for their overall taste in music and putting their inspirations front and center. Overall this album was more traditional with the fonts and instruments, but imho it lacked power compared to composer's more current releases. Personally I've enjoyed Stage 2 Boss and 3 Boss' themes the most. Later stages felt less inspired and more of a copy of something that already exists (although their next album was even more that) and I felt like these songs were more of a stitched together interesting remixes rather than its own thing, still, solid enough.

--- End quote ---

Ancient Power of Words (Demo)

Download Link.
Crossfade and artist's Soundcloud.

--- Quote ---1. The Classical Word is Stronger than the Sword
2. Zhōngguó Fortress
3. Tàishàng Lǎojūn's Test of Strength
4. Free and Unfettered Journey of Love
5. Don Juan's Red Dream
6. Valiant General's Requiem
7. Crimson Rabbit (Long ver.)
8. Player's Score (APoW ver.)

--- End quote ---
Music composed by あまほ

--- Quote ---My Rating as a demo: C+
Weirdly enough I love the author's instrumention, but not exactly what they always do with their work. For example, stage 3 boss' theme hits really hard, but it does feel like it gets way too repetitive. I do like few stage themes at least a bit to include it here and it does seem like the rest of the songs are already included on author's soundcloud, they just need to do the rest and update them.
--- End quote ---

Heavenly God War

Youtube Playlist (with some unrelated videos at the end): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnctVcPjVhrQlF_yzIKOTC9iJ7gf-JyuD
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yDXOH473DBYGQQLmDNQpgBArUtXrRyyb?usp=drive_link
By Pouty Keiki

--- Quote ---My Rating: C+
The kinemaster logo in all of the videos. Official playlist having some unrelated videos. It's obvious that English isn't the author's first language. General amateurism related to some of the thumbnails, compositions and presentations. I'm starting with a heavy critique of PK's stuff, because despite all of it, I do find a couple of gems in their stuff here, like the Stage 1 boss theme in this which I wasn't expecting to be this smooth and catchy.

HGW is a fanmade Touhou album mimicking official games, but it's quite evidently has some nordic mythology roots and I'm not saying that just because one of the tracks is called "Yggdrasill's wrath"  :cirnotan:
I do find it quite inspiring and while some tracks do use quite basic MIDI fonts that remind me of flash games, I do think Misma's theme is the only thing that comes close to SSS Kage's theme in terms of mischievousness.

--- End quote ---

Through Diffuse Reality

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgKoynnsu9_g5c93-NTKVD1JgfZakFVwQ
DL link: https://ko-fi.com/s/15b039d56f 

--- Quote ---01. Midnight Trip
02. Labyrinth of the Lost
03. Sea of the Final Decision ~ Deep Mystery
04. Blazing Wings of Fate
05. Wild Vegetation ~ Prunus Profusion
06. Isolated Village ~ Vastity Breeze
07. Children's Nightmare
08. Timeless Dimension
09. The Forbidden Creation ~ Final Dimension
10. Our Reality ~ Imperfect World
Bonus Tracks
11. Void of Pure Catastrophes ~ Cataclysm
12. Tribal Dance of Beasts ~ Maleficent Dance

--- End quote ---
By Jani

--- Quote ---My Rating: C+
Only other full album made by Jani outside of currently unfinished EDoM, they did make a good track alongside Useless for Rapture of Khione, but the rest of the album wasn't anything that great. TDR is a pretty simple, if a bit bland hifuu album and it even teases both the Final Stage theme (which is interesting) and Final Boss theme (which I really hope will get a revamp because I can't follow it) for EDoM. Much like most of the hifuu albums, it is struggling for attention and with being memorable, because it neither doesn't feel like it has much of a theme and the tracks are alright, but try to be either too atmospheric or too experimental. It's not bad though, by any means and I do love the arrange of "Sea of the Final Decision ~ Deep Mystery", even if I still think I prefer the original.

--- End quote ---

Desecration of the Dead

DL link: https://booth.pm/en/items/5365219
By モン魔理 / 徒然なる境界線

--- Quote ---My Rating: C+
Pretty weird free album that jumps between atmospheric pieces, to something like a pretty bangerish guitar piece, to some more basic pieces to an 8 minute monster that is Infinite Doll. I barely know anything about the author, but so far I'm pretty stoked to hear more from them, even though I'm giving this album a low rating for now.

--- End quote ---

Journey for Blood Substitutes

Youtube Stages 1-3: https://youtu.be/FZo2rwbw2iU?si=ll6M5DyOLYSFTNeZ
Youtube Stages 4-6+EX: https://youtu.be/xLlG7TMA9s0?si=FnAwl72BYH2LuFVU
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PF4zXxr-ciuL3_g15nLgr7wi0WkAyJoS?usp=drive_link
Site: https://privatter.net/p/6948078

--- Quote ---My Rating: C+
Out of all albums by SHO, this one is definitely the jankiest one and I wish it got remade one day. Probably the guitar and percussion are the biggest offenders, where you can hear they sound like they were taken straight from MUGEN, but the songs do definitely have a potential and I did enjoy how evil and funky Extra boss' theme sounds.

--- End quote ---

Eternal Childhood Dreams

Booth: https://orangegood.booth.pm/items/5111130 (but you can't get it from there)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0F_y9rbwMKWJzx_Bg0JqaSAiURTYDvqH

--- Quote ---01.The forgotten fairy tale (Mania,Orange)
02.Prebattle Act1 (Orange)
03.Snowball Fight ~ Chill (Overtale,Mania)
04.Imaginary Match of the Forerunner (summer,Orange)
05.Principle Breaking Sliver (summer,Overtale)
06.Prebattle Act2 (Anouid)
07.Darkness Mirror (Orange)
08.Immortal Body In Cherry Paradise (Orange)
09.Echo of a desperate maiden ~ jellyfish song (Orange)
10.Thousand Year Paradise That The Spring Covered ~ Living River (Orange)
11.a World Have No Enemy (Anouid)
12.Extremely Fair Magic Battle (Mania,Orange)
13.No way To Heaven (Orange)
14.Shanghai of Meiji 17 (Orange)

--- End quote ---
By WhiteBlugt/Orange

--- Quote ---My Rating: C+
Pretty obvious this was supposed to be an album that mimics a Vs. Game and there are some inspirations taken from TH19. My biggest issue with this album is that everything in it feels like a prototype only to be seen and heard by author's close friends, the only canon characters in it being Reimu, Marisa, Aunn and Hong Meiling (with only Meiling getting an arrange) is weird, but not as weird as the designs of the new OCs, which suffer either from poor ZUN, uninteresting designs or DeviantArt curse. Music's alright, with "Jellyfish song" being my favorite simply because it reuses voice samples used in Zanmu's theme, but that's really it, sorry.

I do wish we got more albums in the style of Vs. Games and that this won't discourage anyone from attempting them!

--- End quote ---

Prosperity and Hunger

Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOSvCoiSVzcSFFnEu0KsoV_5qho1ZBD2E
DL link/Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/3792376

--- Quote ---1   失われし生命の源
2   情熱の咲く哀愁の空
3   サンシャインファルコン
4   トライデッドロード
5   スリーヘッズモンスター
6   オーガナイズドスレイバー
7   ドレッドファング〜 Power is Power!
8   緋色の冥土道
9   アポイタカラーキテクト
10   砂の吹き荒れるディストピア
11   リドルストラクチャー ~ Building Beast
12   日ノ神來タル宮 ~ Pyramid
13   王族黎明 ~ The Past Glory of the Suffering King
14   昏天黒地の大地
15   ヴィシャスエンペラー ~ Moral Harassment
16   空に煌めく太陽の船
17   暁色の帰り道

--- End quote ---
By Myaga

--- Quote ---My Rating: C+
Myaga is a composer/artist that makes their own Touhou-style albums by usually slowly drip feeding stuff they made, with PaH being the first one I've discovered, since it was the first one to be uploaded on Booth. Because of that it does suffer from a lot of rookie mistakes, such as the tracks being a borderline cacophony or soundmixing not being as good as it is nowadays, it doesn't help that Myaga really likes Izanagi Object-esque drumkit and fonts and they can overwhelm for sure.

However I'm still including PaH here for several reasons. First being that it has actual bangers, such as "Building Beast" or "Moral Harassment", they might take a while to grow on you, but they will. Secondly, I do like and support this artist and they do still reference stuff they made earlier so it's worth checking it out for additional context. Third, I like the Izanagi Object drum kit, even when it's technically misused.

--- End quote ---

Champaign of Unfinished Dreams

YT video English version: https://youtu.be/F74eIwtA4Y4?si=0hc0geVEbl5BtNiR
Japanese version: https://youtu.be/mtnUHCsYuk4
Bandcamp: https://consonancesdissonances.bandcamp.com/album/champaign-of-unfinished-dreams

--- Quote ---01 Distant Paradise Seen in One's Dream
02 Unease Blowin' in the Wind
03 Carnival of Runaway Danmaku
04 Senshuraku of Nightmares
05 Grave of Melody
06 Between Solitude and Sweet Cocoons
07 Ophelia's Miniature Garden Theatre
08 A Roadway Brimming with Colors
09 Spiritual Scenery ~ A Thousand Colors
10 The Festival Starts Today
11 Brilliance of Individuality, Glory of Everyone
12 Nostalgic Lamentation
13 Phantasm Paradise ~ Lost Dreams
14 A Mirage-like Flower of Dreams
15 That Which was Seen at the End of One's Dreams
16 Player's Score
17 Fragments of Dreams, Beyond the Night
18 The Calendar is Definite, the World is Transient
19 That Which Was Born from the Depths of One's Heart
20 Departing on a Fine Sunny Day
--- End quote ---
Made by Consonances & Dissonances.

--- Quote ---My Rating: C
As some of you might already know, I don’t like Consonances & Dissonances’ stuff, as to why it’s explained here.
It’s also why I’m only going to rate CoUD (and Touhou 19 hoax OST), because I feel like I can recommend these personally and I do think someone should actually review and rate them, someone who isn’t actually affiliated with the group (looking at you RickyRister).

Champaign of Unfinished Dreams is an album supposed to mimic a Touhou game with a motif of different pieces and styles of art. It’s also getting a full danmaku game being made in the meantime. The ZUNart and the designs are alright, but you can tell they are fan made designs/they’re not eastern enough and as for music, it’s a mixed bag. I do like Stage 1 boss’ theme as well as EX Boss’ theme, but despite trying my hardest, I can’t remember or appreciate much else in this. Each artist’s styles just clashes too much with each other and by the end we have an album that certainly sounds and exists, but I can’t tell you much more about it. Despite the lower rating, even compared to the hoax OST, I do think this is a high note in C&Ds work, for better or for worse.

--- End quote ---

Reawekening of Youkai Mountain

Bilibili reupload: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Mg411X7cV/
DL Link of songs except for bonus ones: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-WVO1ezGx98XjcB5Ha8i14DTR_BOx5rE?usp=sharing
By Roka Enzaki

--- Quote ---My Rating: C
So this for years was meant to be a full western fangame, then it was cancelled due to drama and developer team not doing much/not getting along and turned into Touhou-style album, but now this has become an actual vaporware, possibly because of more drama. I've always been split in regards to this album, it's not bad by any means, I never really liked the ZUNart or most of the designs in this and similarly, I only think Extra Boss' theme and some of the Stage 1-3 themes were good, but I might be biased.

Stages 4-6 really like to introduce a bunch of whacky designs and songs that should be memorable, but I honestly always was reminded why I was never a huge fan of this album whenever I saw anything past Stage 3. It's just sad what happened to it. I never bought it so I've never listened to any additional tracks and arranges, so do keep that in mind.
--- End quote ---

Downpour of Weaver Festival

Youtube: https://youtu.be/KOMAabvhRPU?si=d3ErmzWfVuVUWxKm
DL link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18fpRiZ0dHDdEe-QN0wHGpICV3qcWbyw4?usp=sharing
BOOTH: https://booth.pm/en/items/4811759

--- Quote ---♪01. 短冊の雨提灯
♪02. 雨天結構の幻想郷
♪03. 弾み弾けるレインダンス
♪04. 飛燕の雲海渡り
♪05. 座っていられない荒天 ~ Forecast Shooter
♪06. 七夕の天壌豪雨
♪07. 仙天雨蓮華 ~ Lotus of Rain
♪08. レイニーヴォヤージュ1977
♪09. リブラ・ベータ・ボーラ
♪10. 零露のミルヒシュトラーセ
♪11. のぞみのさき ~ Divine Raising
♪12. ミルヒシュトラーセの彼岸
♪13. 羽衣伝説 ~ Swan Maiden
♪14. 日照りの幻想郷
♪15. カタストロフィックドラウト
♪16. 閏の晴れ
♪17. 雲間の月光 ~ Drop Dream...
♪18. 雨の神社
♪19. エスニカルキャロット

--- End quote ---
By 麗古堂

--- Quote ---My Rating: C-
Despite trying to get into this album, I just don't think it's very good and barely any tracks work.
Probably the sole exception being Extra boss' theme "Catastrophic Drought" which sure fits its title mixing in both oriental sounding instruments with meaty bass and powerful trumpet, but it's the only track like this.

--- End quote ---

Silent of Soul

Link to Youtube video: Teaser
Translated Theme titles:

--- Quote ---1. The Players Enter the Venue ~ Let's start with tuning.
2. To the Cool and Refreshing World Directly Below
3. Berry Berry Jellysweets
4. Cold of Chemocline
5. Tranquil Buccal Cone ~ Sweet Angel?
6. Unmanned Pleasure Cruise ~ Pay for life.
7. Echo to the Sea of the Heart, Like the Sound of a Kemari Ball
8. A Great White Shadow Creeping Closer ~ 1819.
9. Signal Flag Enticing Into Fantasy
10. The Dimly-Lit Backstage Waterway
11. Rachmaninoff in the Deep
12. The Doors Will Open Shortly ~ Ladies and Deepfish.
13. Listen Well to the Concerto of Revival ~ Sound of Soul.
14. A Bright Cavern Walk in the Depths of Night
15. Sightless, Tri-less Blind Red Eyes ~ Pleiotropic.
16. Dozing Amidst Lingering Sound ~ Fuyofuyo.
17. The Players Leave the Venue ~ finale.
--- End quote ---
Music composed by various artists.

--- Quote ---A sequel to Artificial City. Can't share since I don't own it. Stage 4 and its Boss' theme sounds really good from the crossfade and the tweets though.
--- End quote ---

Previous thread here - https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php?topic=21513.0
If there’s something that fits the criteria, but isn’t here, then it’s because:

* I don't personally recommend it or I straight up dislike it, sorry.
* I don’t own it/can’t currently link it or I’m too slow and it’s bound to happen, especially with recent releases, I’m only one man and I can only do so much.
* Some recent stuff I didn’t have a chance to listen to fully like ‘Fractals of Infinite Cosmos’.
* Nansei Project and albums by Lenk64, because of my former affiliation and because that would be at least 30 albums-worth of spam.
* Some albums are without cover art, with two prominent examples that are predictions or fake OSTs for during that time unreleased Touhou games, such as
* Useless’ TH17 Stage 4-6 OST ( https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm35516516 and DL link is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C6vRcUYnMFpWwwbtztu1jSyHlLaPHsDV?usp=sharing) or C&D’s TH19 fake demo OST.
* There are albums that only arrange stuff by ZUN/not by the arranger and I’m on the fence with these for different reasons with each:
* JynX’s Touhou PC-98 albums remaking LLS, MS and PoDD as well as the twoparter album featuring Evanescent Existance’s OST alongside arranges and few new themes, made back when I had hopes for Len’en and its fandom, are alright, mixing in folks/electronic elements, but still having the infamous sound mixing issues from JynX. I still sadly remember the last time someone shared these albums and was harassed for this. https://tricknostalgie.bandcamp.com/ All of them can be found here, but you will sadly have to rip/record it yourself and I can’t share the attached files. Once again, special credit goes to aggressive Len’en fans!
* Paradise of Boundaries` albums remastering several Touhou OSTs, I don’t think with any of the tracks there I preferred the new version sadly and even with usage of different styles of eras (for example one PCB track being in LoLK or WBaWC) it just never felt memorable enough for me to give a good enough recommendation. It also feels weird how some of them can be only DLed from their discord server. Are they bad? No, someone has already mentioned them here and if you want to DL or listen to them, you should try looking for them. I strongly prefer PoB’s more original stuff.
* https://booth.pm/en/items/2849715 This free SA remaster album, again, I don’t think any track is better than the original. I know it tries to update each track for modern stuff. I just don’t know how to rate it considering the originals.
* The Last Comer’s remasters: which might be used in a remake, might be not? Some updates are interesting, but the arranger completely missed the point of Stage 5 Boss’ theme imho and I think it is tied to a fangame/release that is just not public for now, so that’s why I’m hesitant to put it here.[/list]
Hi again! I'm back. :D
I also don't have any copy of The Artificial City (yet..... ;w;), so I can't give details on that, but I do have a summary for Sweet Smells and Foolish Evils! The 'full version' is planned for Niconico Dousai in summer 2021... which is a bit of a wait, but oh well. (;; ^^)

The plot is basically that everything in Gensokyo's been turned into sweets. Reimu's broom is a pretzel. The shrine gate is a candy sculpture. The path tiles are tarts, the shrine's made of biscuit bricks, the trees are chocolate with cherry blossom fondant... and don't get anyone started on the smell. After a couple stages of meandering around to investigate, the protagonists find and venture into a giant Nutcracker-esque Kingdom of Sweets.

--- Quote ---Shrine Maiden Who's Not Sweet Towards Youkai - Reimu Hakurei
Magician Who's Not Sweet Towards Herself - Marisa Kirisame

Stage 1 - A Sweet World and a Sour Society ~ Overworked Employee (Sky over Gensokyo, presumed)
"Black shadows wriggling atop a strangely sweet world. Could they be connected to the incident?"

Boss: One of the Top 20% of Hardworking Ants, Nimuni Ookuro. A hard-working youkai ant with the ability to carry home sweets, who mistakes the protagonist for a giant ambulatory dessert. (If one applies the usual pattern of "stage 1 boss is small-scale foreshadowing of the game's overall theme", then 'ants crawling all over sweets' seems kind of ominous...?)

Stage 2 - Lab Animals' Paradise ~ Mouse Park (Forest of Magic, presumed)
"You mustn't let sugary sweets loose in the wild. Humans aren't the only things they'll attract."

Boss: The Bizarre Seven-Brained Mouse, Shiroko Nanazu. A genetically-engineered lab rat who passed into fantasy, and who has seven brains as a homage to The Nutcracker's seven-headed Mouse King. A local hero to outcast mice; she likewise mistakes the protagonist for a giant cake, and seems genuinely surprised to discover that they're human.

Stage 3 - Inedible Sweets ~ Sweetheart of Tin (Kingdom of Sweets - In front of castle gate)
"The towering walls of a candy castle. Just who is it that stands before the gate?"
("So that looks like the wall of a candy castle to you? Very well! Very well indeed!")

Boss: Fake Sweets Built of Tin, Moe Suzuki. Andersen's titular Steadfast Tin Soldier, now a human-hating doll youkai who's been assigned to protect "Her Highness" and friends by guarding the castle's gate. Though she's made of tin through and through, the protagonist seems convinced that she's made of candy; upon noticing this, Moe changes her attitude and lets them pass. The sudden gray-out in the stage title intro also seems to indicate that the castle isn't as saccharine as it looks...
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---BGM listing
1. Sweet-Scented Fantasy Nation
2. A Saccharine-Strange Dreamworld
3. Formication Upon Waking from a Dream
4. Chocolate Forest
5. Happy Sweet Water
6. Torte of the Castle Gate
7. Fake Sweets Soldier

--- End quote ---

Like UI, Burnyuho's described SSaFE as an exercise in making something that's still "Touhou-shaped" while being a big departure from official series fare (possibly even moreso than UI was :V). Each track is likewise conceptualized as a mix of Touhou-style and another distinct genre or instrument; so far it's 'walking pace' -> 'slap bass' -> 'conga' -> '8-bit' -> 'drum march' -> 'big band'. I'm really interested in seeing where the latter half goes.
(Speaking of the latter half... there's actually an entire disclaimer in the video's "manual" saying that story elements in the latter half might be particularly weird/horror-esque to some people?? Though nothing particularly dark ever happens "on-screen", as it were. Kind of sounds like a Hansel & Gretel thing to me.)
Aw yea I've been waiting for this thread. This sorta stuff is excellent and really helps pass the time between official releases.
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