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Reitaisai Delayed Due to COVID-19
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Reitaisai had previously they would attempt to go on as scheduled, as cancelling would place a huge financial burden on several parties, However, the Japanese government strongly urged for no large-scale events to be held for the immediate future a couple of days ago, prompting the venue itself to ask the organizers to reschedule, so they complied.

They're currently determining the new date for the event. Also, the catalogs which were released a few days ago can still be used.
Disappointing but not surprising, and absolutely the right call.
Suspicious person:
Lowkey hoping for an Air Reitaisai tbh
I wish circle just release their stuff directly to Melonbooks/BOOTH instead and I would have just cancelled the event straight up. The Coronavirus is serious business.
A lot of circles are indeed doing that, selling what they were planning to release through Booth, Melonbooks, and the like.
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