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Re: Nitori Quest 2 - A Z-Machine Adventure
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> Stand ourselves (so that we can get a better sense of how much shorter than her we are).
> "I'd be disappointed in myself if I gave you any less, Miss Iizunamaru."

>You almost but not quite come up to her chest.
>The daitengu nods, unreadable as ever. You want to think she is amused by your confidence, but perhaps that is wishful thinking.
>"As would we," she says. "I'm sure you can show yourselves out?"

> When the situation relaxes and there is no risk of impoliteness or disrepect,look at Koakuma Peacefully...

> is her expression and body language ?

> Does she still seem to take "social interaction's opportunity, to Iizunamaru the Daitengu" in the "misunderstood and exaggerated sense"?

>Koa seems to be confused about what happened, if anything. JUdging from her expression, she seems to feel something went over her head.



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Re: Nitori Quest 2 - A Z-Machine Adventure
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> "We're gone."
> Look at Koa and nod our head toward the exit.
> "Let's go, Koa. There's still work to do."
> Head back out of the building.
[22:40:12] <Drake> "guys i donwloaded esod but its not workan"
[22:40:21] <Drake> REPORTED
[22:40:25] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> PROBATED
[22:40:30] <Drake> ORGASM
[22:40:32] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> fire truck YEAH