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Hello! Call me Ale or Nish, either is fine. 18, he/him, going into 1st year of uni next year.

For a long time I had a very rough idea of what Touhou was ("that bullet hell game based on Shinto"), and I had been exposed to a lot of Touhou content on the internet, sometimes without realizing (there have been multiple occasions while playing the games where I go, "Hey, I've heard this song before"). However, I only became a fan about a month ago.
I'm part of the Googology community, an amateur mathematics community dedicated to set theory and large numbers; Touhou is really popular in the Japanese side of that community, theming large number contests and even a Googology-based manga around Touhou. I don't speak Japanese, but at the time I had a lot of interest in googology works from the Japanese side of the community (using machine translation to understand them), and that led to a curiosity about Touhou; eventually I decided to try EoSD, and I fell in love with the series.

Since early this year, I've been avoiding social media and algorithmic content: I stopped using YouTube, Twitter and Reddit, accessing them through frontends that remove/have an option to remove algorithms (e.g Nitter and Piped), and only use Discord very sparingly if I have no other option to communicate with someone. The sheer amount of ways in which these sites try to optimize themselves for engagement through A/B testing and psychological manipulation, even to the point of silently breaking some of their basic features, is really disturbing to me (not to mention unhealthy for everyone), and I've sought to regain that control through frontends; but I haven't really experimented much with other forms of social media, so it'll be interesting to try talking on forums for the first time since I was a child

With that said, nice to meet you all, and I hope we can get along ^_^

Welcome  :meiling:  :meiling:  :meiling:

 A lot of mathematicians/programmers get into Touhou, it's probably in their DNA.

I'm glad to see that other people are starting to see forums less as a relic of the past and more of an alternative to the modern social media atmosphere. For example in China, forums aren't as dead as they are in the west (maybe it's because of their lack of social media, but that's just another can of worms I don't want to get into). So to me forums aren't dead, they're simply dormant for the time being. Don't shy away from starting a topic or responding to a post, I'd love to see other's opinions on the topics posted here.


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Re: Introductions thread
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A lot of mathematicians/programmers get into Touhou, it's probably in their DNA.

From what I've seen, a lot of mathematicians/programmers get into anime stuff in general, so it's not surprising :P

Don't shy away from starting a topic or responding to a post, I'd love to see other's opinions on the topics posted here.

Thank you ^_^ I'm still new to Touhou, so I might not be able to contribute that much, but I'll try to be active regardless


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Re: Introductions thread
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Hello, I'm Readydaer. Many shorten it to Ready. I'm an amateur writer woman and I live in the EST area of the United States.

Like many, I mostly experienced Touhou in background radiation snippets in childhood; I remember listening to a Bad Apple midi cover on youtube over and over again without knowing what it was from. From then on I was just vaguely aware of what it was, being occasionally reminded of its existence when I heard melodies or the zunpet. In late summer 2021 I came across a veggietales meme that used the climax of Idolatrize World, instantly recognized it as touhou music, and fell in love from there. Now touhou is my autistic special interest. I found this website a few months ago when I was looking up touhou theories and decided to join now because I enjoy my time on the wrongplanet forum.

I've read Forbidden Scrolley and own the english volumes, read Wild and Horned Hermit, the fairy manga, Silent Sinner in Blue, Cage in Lunatic Runagate, and a little of Lotus Eaters and Foul Detective Satori. I've listened to all of ZUN's Music Collections and read their stories. I've played most of the games and got at least easy 1ccs on them, and got Lunatic 1ccs on Wily Beast and Weakest Creature with YoumuWolf, Unconnected Marketeers with Sanae, and Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost with Seiran and some others. I also cleared every story on Overdrive in AoCF.

My favorite characters are Yukari, Mokou, Joon, and Hisami, my favorite game is UDoALG, and my favorite song is Beast Metropolis

I also like Transformers, philosophy/psychology, and reading/writing. I've even published my own book.

I hope to have fun here chatting
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Re: Introductions thread
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I signed up a couple months ago, so I suppose I should have gotten around to this sooner, but alas.

My name is Faye, though you can refer to me by my username (inunaki) if you want. I'm an 18 year old female NEET from the UK.

I've heard of Touhou here and there throughout the years but never looked into it fully until 2020, where I became obsessed with the music, likely as a result of exposure to Alstroemeria Records and Sally. I also read all of Foul Detective Satori thus far, and read doujinshi or fanfiction of Touhou daily. Unfortunately I haven't played much of the actual games due to a lack of skill as Touhou is my only exposure to bullet hell games, I have played PFC and UFO but have yet to beat either.
I can't recall how I found this site exactly, though I think it may have been due to seeing a discussion about an English translation of the game Demonophobia from a previous iteration of this forum, however my memory is bad so I may be misremembering.

My favourite characters are Parsee Mizuhashi and Seija Kijin at the top, though I have other characters that are sorta tied at third place (Hatate, Sumireko, Reisen, Okuu, and Medicine, Mizuchi Miyadeguchi too if you count her even if she doesn't appear in the games)

My other hobbies are reading and writing fiction, anime and manga, music (techno music, DnB and J-rock mainly) and the occult.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #154 on: December 22, 2023, 09:18:06 PM »
Well, seems like I'm pretty late here :/

But anyway, My name is Rozevamp, I'm 24, I'm autistic (have Aspergers) and I've been a long-time Touhou fan, I'm from France so English isn't my native language.
First time I've discovered Touhou I think it was in 2012 with Bad Apple and UN Owen Was her remixes on Youtube. I felt in love and became obsessed with the universe in 2018 when I discovered vocal arranges on "Alice Margatroid" channel before it got taken down (RIP), I played and finished most Touhou games, and I also read the mangas.
I frequently listen to Touhou music, I discover new arranges everyday on Youtube, I also own some fumos and figurines.

I've joined there because I'm looking to meet other Touhou fans, and I don't really use any social media besides Discord, even though it seems this place isn't really active, I thought I could maybe give it a try ?

My favourite characters are Remilia Scarlet, Fujiwara no Mokou and Yuuka Kazami.

I like video games, anime, writing, history, geography, psychology, philosophy, annd learning new things everyday.

Hope to have fun and meet new people even though I'm really shy, and I apologize if my english isn't great !

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #155 on: December 24, 2023, 01:59:48 AM »
Well, seems like I'm pretty late here :/
Yep, you're about 10 years too late, but there's still people here so we have to appreciate it while we still can.

My favourite characters are Remilia Scarlet, Fujiwara no Mokou and Yuuka Kazami.
Remilia and Mokou are also some of my favourite characters. They're one of my favourites of all time, even outside of Touhou.


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Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #156 on: March 31, 2024, 01:56:39 AM »
Oh Hey Hi

I'm VanillaCake, or Vanilla if it's more comfortable to you, i'm a 21 year old woman who's been loving touhou for quite a while now

Matter of fact, i can't think of The First touhou thing i was exposed to, nor what pushed me to actually play the games, but all that matters is that i'm here now, and i've been enjoying them quite a bit (my favorites being a close competition between 8 and 15)

As for how i found this forum, it was through the LunarCast website, while trying to troubleshoot the AoCF netplay patch i found out that there was a forum mentioned, and since i have quite an interest in the old internet and spaces like these i thought i'd jump in :p

There's not much to say about myself really, so all that's left is hopes that i have a good time in here!

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #157 on: June 05, 2024, 01:46:53 PM »

I participated in the previous iteration of this website and got reminded of it today. I had no idea someone re-made it! I'm so glad. I remember this place very fondly!!! Like a decade ago I tried to get into the big scroll project that was given to ZUN in 2013 (I couldn't get in, but oh well). I wonder where's everyone else -- I was never able to really talk or get close to many people, but I lurked a lot. It's good that the site is getting new people too :)

Anyways, hi I'm Hyn, I'm from Colombia, I've loved Touhou for like... half my life basically?!?!  It's been soooo fun and I've gotten to meet so many people thanks to our shared love for Touhou (for example, I was able to attend thfest in April!) I like many other things! Life is so fun and the world is full of wonder. I'll try to post more this time around :)

Re: Introductions thread
« Reply #158 on: June 06, 2024, 02:27:49 PM »
Hi! I'm super late to this party but that's ok... Despite the fact I'm in my late 20's and have been constantly exposed to Touhou, in 2024 I'm finally taking the time to understand what it's all about. I've been slowly working on getting better at the games and have been inspired to draw again after a long period of burnout. I'm excited to see there is still an active forum as I tend to prefer this sort of fandom interaction over modern social media. I hope to see you all around ^^

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« Reply #159 on: July 06, 2024, 05:54:38 PM »

I got into Touhou some time ago when I got to try Lotus Land Story on an actual PC-98 while at a LAN convention, and it stayed with me. Mostly since the arrow keys were a bit exotic. Later on I got interested in PC-98 emulation and Dosbox-X happened had a big and helpful guide on Touhou right at the start of PC-98 emulation guide, so of course I used it as a test. Haven't really even touched any other PC-98 games.

I've since then tried all of the PC-98 ones (I have only reached the end at 2, and got the bad end). Recently I got into the newer ones through Steam. I'm not very good at danmaku, but I find Touhou games more relaxing than some others that I've tried. I also really enjoy ZUN's music.

Since I like forums, I thought that it wouldn't hurt to join.


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Hi I am darkninjaabc but most of my posts here are as Nucleus Waffles for playing Na No Wri Mo. I am now looking for the buy things post that has unlimited data for playing granbluefantasy