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Magic the Gathering/TCG thread: Secret Lairs and Oko scares
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Anybody playing any TCGs? This thread is for Magic, Yu Gi Oh, or whatever else you got if it's pieces of paper or JPEGs that you shuffle and spend too much money on.

 I've been playing a ton of Magic lately, as usual. Mostly super casual Commander and some Brawl, the Pauper scene in my area seems like it kind of fell apart (I'm assuming because Tron is way too oppressive in Pauper and Wizards doesn't feel like doing anything about it), and I want to build a Pioneer deck soon. Pioneer is looking pretty spicy, I like the look of Orzhov Vampires, but some of the key cards have been spiraling upward in price lately.
I kind of want to do a monogreen deck for Pioneer like the budget one I used to have in Modern but I'm not sure what if anything could replace the lack of Rancor in the list.

I've mostly been playing draft for the last few months and I am ultra-hyped for Mystery Booster next week. Really been loving Theros, but I keep drafting it wrong and dismissing cards like Final Death that are solid removal because I mistake them for overcosted
I only did a couple of Theros drafts but the removal seemed crazy powerful. I pretty much just unilaterally grabbed all the removal I saw and it took me reeeeal far.

Yeah, the mystery boosters sound great. I'm much more interested in them now that I know they're $5 a piece. I might even buy a box if my tax return comes in on time.
I only really play cEDH anymore myself.
Aw man I was going to go to Magicfest Detroit tomorrow but it got canceled.

--- Quote from: Framboise on March 13, 2020, 02:14:37 AM ---I only really play cEDH anymore myself.

--- End quote ---

Oh yeah? I'll admit I'm one of those casuals who silently judges competitive Commander players because I've never been able to wrap my head around why spending a ton of money to break an ultra-casual format that isn't really meant to be balanced would be fun or worthwhile, but I haven't ever really given it a chance.

Is it fun? I guess it must be or you wouldn't play it. What's the benefit of playing Commander competitively over playing Legacy?
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