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Final Fantasy XIV - Three expansions and we never had a thread for this?
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Added my lodestone in the previous post but I already had everything at 70 by the time Shadowbringers dropped, and now all 80 before 5.2 dropped. Having to find other ways to keep busy.

Which now boils down to Diadem 3.0 and when my friends that came back drag me through eden story raids and roulettes.
Mr. Sacchi:
"Three expansions and we never had a thread for this?"



Still, I play this game a lot (As you can probably see by my lodestone: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/10948708/) so if any one of you want some company or even some simple crafting done, and you're on Aether, hit me up.

How are you guys liking Diadem 3.0, anyway? I'm personally in love with it.
I honestly probably missed that thread because I didn't start playing until 3.2-3.3 so um. whoops.

I have actually never touched Diadem ever, despite having all my gatherers maxed out. Is there any particular reason to do it compared to say, chasing down LV70-80 collectibles for scrip and aethersand?
Mr. Sacchi:
It's really good for getting materials to level your crafters, EXP is plentiful from the Ishgardian Restoration crafts.

It also helps your server continue the Ishgardian Restoration efforts. Admittedly, we're not quite sure where those efforts will lead yet, but it seems like at the end of the day (somewhere down the line at some patch in the future maybe) it will unlock Ishgard housing on that server.

Otherwise? You do it for Skybuilder Scrips, which can be exchanged for cool stuff like glamour, minions (including a Cerberus pup), hairstyles, at least three different emotes (/read, /bread, /lean) and two mounts, including a pegasus. It's also the only way to get umbrellas, or the new Kupo housing items.

There's also some achievements related to it that end up giving two minions and a Kupo Crown. So if you care about any of that, then yeah, it's pretty worth it.
Dormio Ergo Sum:
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