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Final Fantasy XIV - Three expansions and we never had a thread for this?
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XIV is the ongoing MMO installment of the long-running Square RPG franchise. Starting with the continent of Eorzea, the game has had three expansions of content to add new regions, new areas, and new classes, with many throwbacks to FF games past and present, guest appearances by other RPGS, and so many fashion options.

If you're currently playing, add your name and which server/data center you're on if you want to be added to the player list below.

If you're not playing but interested, there is a free trial available.

Forum Name                               Ingame Name                 Data Center/World
T-A-C                                         Lorian Hazelwood                   Primal/Ultros
Trickysticks                             Mima Truelastboss            Aether/Midgarsormr
Cadmas                                    Phos Fizzleboom               Aether/Midgarsormr
Mesarthim                                 Atui Shyahoro                      Primal/Leviathan
Mr. Sacchi                                  Sacchi Hikaru                        Aether/Cactaur
Dormio                                        White Witch                       Crystal/Brynhildr
Think Komachi with a Rifle       Ayrix Skriya                        Chaos/Cerberus
Oh look other people play this game.

My main is Trickysticks Gardner on Primal/Lamia, but since all of my friends are on another server I made an alt (Mima Truelastboss, Aether/Midgardsormr) to help them out. If you list any name, Mima Truelastboss should probably be it.

Edit: Here's Mima's Lodestone.

I'll start the discussion by saying that anyone who didn't choose Twin Adder is wrong it really is shocking that there was previously no thread for this, especially since I've seen a lot of Touhou names around.


--- Quote from: Trickysticks on February 26, 2020, 02:37:38 AM ---Oh look other people play this game.

--- End quote ---

Ha, ive seen you around
I'm a current active player, on leviathan.

Atui Shyahoro, Leviathan/Primal. I don't spend as much time as I used to logged in but I'm hoping the new relics fix that a little bit.

levelling up all my off-classes to try and get everything up to 50. I forgot how much this sucks when you're not taking a class through MSQ and you only have two roulettes and Palace to rely on for EXP
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