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A new beginning for Maidens of the Kaleidoscope

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Welcome to Maidens of the Kaleidoscope v3! We hope to make the site transition as smooth as possible.

For the sake of helping members feel familiar despite the fresh start and change of leadership, we've started with a similar color scheme and layout, as well as including all the forums that were still active on the previous site.

If you have any suggestions on changes to make, or features you liked that have not been ported over, they would be appreciated. We've created the Resurrection Butterfly forum for the purpose of open discussion about the site.

Please feel free to recreate ongoing threads. However, for informational threads that haven't been updated recently, please rewrite them instead of copy-pasting the first post. This will help catch any information that is out of date.

Forum roles have not been carried over. Feel free to discuss any roles you might like to revive from the old MotK (e.g. is there any interest in the return of the idiot hierarchy? What about the symbolic artist/writer roles?), or make new proposals.


MotK is dead, long live MotK!

I chuckled when I saw the registration dates of the Touhou characters on the forums.


Huzzah!  :) Glad to see it is here.

--- Quote ---phone typing is hard, okay

--- End quote ---

Agent BSoD:

Wow that was fast. I wasn't expecting v3 to come to fruition for a few more weeks at least. Nice job everyone.


We're back baby!

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