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Touhou Fan Characters
« on: May 20, 2024, 02:36:40 PM »
(Fully stolen inspired by this thread)

What Fan Characters do you have for Touhou that is in your mind? I know I have some in my mind, so I would like to read yours. By the way, here is a character sheet for you to make:

Current Location:
Original Location:

Physical Looks:
Spell Card/s:
Weapon of Choice:
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Re: Touhou Fan Characters
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Right, I might as well put the OCs that I made for Minor Existence Quest in this. I should make something similar to that one day...
"Wow, I made a lot of characters for this quest":
"The Moth":
Name: None (Of her own choice). Usually called The Moth or The Onmyouji when in Human disguise
Species: Beast Youkai (Moth). A Shinchuu to be specific, though she doesn't exactly know that.
Gender: Female
Age: ~1200. Though her current memories only go around ~300 years back.
Current Location: Gensokyo. Living in the Great Youkai Forest.
Original Location: Enbutai (or Jambudvipa)

Physical Looks: The Moth has light-grey hair that is fashioned straight and goes down to her neck. She has moth-like attributes, Antennae and Wings. The Wings could be mistaken for a cape if the observer didn't know better.
Her normal outift is a Yukata with a White and Grey pattern reminiscent of insect scales, with no headwear.
Her Human disguise is a white kimono with a black floral print, an obi to tie it together, and a white sun hat to cover her antennae. It almost completely disguises her as human.
Occupation: An errand worker. But an Aspiring Incident Resolver the most. She mainly works in the Human Village at the moment before moving back to the Great Youkai Forest.
Personality: A woman with a strong sense of protectiveness. Works to help others while making sure she only gets paid in exposure. She's also very motherly with her companions, which helps with her disguise. She wants to make sure her and her companions become well known for their exploits.
"Spell Card/s:":

Instinct "Transverse Orientation"
Description: The Moth throws her lamp forward and summons Moth Familiars from the edges of the 'screen'. The Moths are attracted to the Lamp and the enemy has to dodge Danmaku from all angles relative to the Lamp's position, giving a swarming feeling. The Lamp moves around throughout the Spell-Card. (Required Slave: Lamp)
Additional Notes:
   This is a very offensive Spell Card, forcing the enemy to focus on dodging rather than attacking her. Good against fast moving enemies.
   "Transverse Orientation" is a name given to an ability of certain insects, such as moths, to maintain a fixed angle on a distant light source for orientation. Usually this light source is The Sun or Moon. But this also might be the reason why moths go crazy when a lamp is nearby.

Transmogrification "Bombyx Mori Cocoon"
Description: The Moth covers herself and her surroundings in a Silk Cocoon, protecting herself. Then she shoots lasers from her position. The Cocoon soon explodes, exposing her and sending Danmaku in all directions
Additional Notes:
    A defensive Spell Card, focusing on giving her space. She can also protect any nearby allies with this.
    When the Cocoon explodes, The Moth is completely exposed.
    "Bombyx Mori" is the scientific name for Silk Moths.
    This Spell Card represents a Silk Worm transforming into a Moth. What's that? She's already a Moth? Perhaps she's still in her metaphorical cocoon...
Weapon of Choice: A Lamp/Lantern powered by minor sorcery she keeps on her person. There's nothing very special about it, she just likes the light. She uses it for certain Spell Cards.
Backstory: Back in Enbutai, the continent surrounding Shumisen, The Shinchuu's job was to protect Hermits from Demons and Evil Spirits by devouring them. Every morning she would devour three-thousand demons, and every evening she would devour three-thousand more. As Shumisen was weakening due to waning knowledge of the Cosmology, less Hermits were able to enter and eventually the Shinchuu would lose her reason to exist.
The Sages considered her eligible for migrating to Gensokyo, and she would pass through the Barrier anyway without their intervention. But she would irrevocably change the power dynamic of Gensokyo in her usual form. The Sages compromised by sealing the "Shinchuu" side of her identity the moment she passed on, making the "Insect" side more prominent. She doesn't remember her reason for existing, she doesn't remember Enbutai or Shumisen. At this moment she is a Minor Existence with a large appetite purely wishing for more recognition.
Ability: Capable of Consuming anything. This surprisingly includes Misfortune. The extent of this ability is that she can eat anything and convert it into Spiritual Power to sustain herself.
She also has the ability to create Silk out of her Salivary Glands, create moth familiars, and use her aforementioned abilities through her familiars. (This comes with being an Insect Youkai)

Name: Black-Apple
Species: Fairy
Gender: Female
Age: ~70
Current Location: "The Shrine of Life and Death" (A Treehouse in The Great Youkai Forest)
Original Location: Originally just wandering the Great Youkai Forest

Physical Looks: Black-Apple has a pair of semi-transparent wings, with a black dress that shifts to brown near the bottom, and black hair. Her Human disguise is a black kimono with a leaf print and a cloak to cover her wings.
Occupation: An Errand worker alongside The Moth. Also has aspirations of becoming an Incident Resolver, or at least the partner of one.
Personality: Headstrong and forward. Fairly street smart and knows anything about the effects of decay and entropy on objects. Is willing to admit her mistakes when confronted about them. Prone to risky, eye-catching actions
Spell Card/s: None so far. She doesn't have the skill to create any yet.
Weapon of Choice: A Bouquet of White and Red Roses. Carrying plants can sometimes strengthen a Fairy's power, so she's hoping this works.
Backstory: Black-Apple is a Fairy born from the Natural aspects of Decomposition and Entropy, but curiously not necessarily death. She mainly wandered the Great Youkai Forest and decayed anything close to dying, before finding and teaming up with Worm-in-Red, a Fairy with an ability that synergises with her's along with an ambition to become stronger and well-known. After a problem involving Nagashi-Bina Dolls, they met The Moth and subsequently became her companions.
Ability: Capable of creating and manipulating Decomposition and Entropy. This can involves slowing down the effects or speeding them up. Causing entropy also releases energy stored by the target.
Name: Worm-in-Red
Species: Fairy
Gender: Female
Age: ~78
Current Location: "The Shrine of Life and Death" (A Treehouse in The Great Youkai Forest)
Original Location: Originally wandering the Great Youkai Forest near the Genbu Ravine.

Physical Looks: Worm-in-Red has a pair semi-transparent wings and wears a red dress with no discernible details other than an accessory that looks like a worm in her brown hair. Her Human disguise is a simple red kimono and a cloak to cover her wings.
Occupation: Errand worker alongside The Moth. Also has aspirations of becoming an Incident Resolver, or at least the partner of one.
Personality: Calmer and more snarky than Apple, she's the one who thinks things through (usually) before acting. Though she gets nervous when caught off-guard or when feels pressured.
Spell Card/s: Rampant Life "Overgrowth": Causes plants to go through uncontrollable growth, restricting enemy movement and spreading danmaku in the form of petals.
Weapon of Choice: An Ivy-Hydrangea Hybrid, purposefully made for her. These plants are known for growing wildly without control, enhancing the strength of Rampant Life.
Backstory: Worm-in-Red is a Fairy born of the Natural aspects of regeneration and regrowth. She wandered aronud the Great Youkai Forest, near the Genbu Ravine. Unlike other fairies, she did not gain a prankster streak due to the lack of humans to prank in the area and the Youkai being very vigilant. Instead she wanted to gain more strength to make a name for herself. She found another wandering Fairy, Black-Apple, and joined forces with her. Eventually she created the "Shrine of Life and Death", a Cherry Blossom that perpetually blooms all year due to her ability. After a problem involving Nagashi-Bina Dolls made the shrine uninhabitable for a moment, she joined forces with The Moth as thanks for Purifying the shrine and as a punishment from Hina for stealing her dolls.
Ability: She can cause growth and regeneration in living beings. From plants, to Humans, to Youkai. This doesn't "Heal" the target per se, it simply accelerates any natural processes that the target has for recovering from injuries. But more severe injuries may cause supernatural effects like limb regrowth and take a lot of energy from the target.

There's so much more. But I'm just going to leave it here for now since these are the core characters.


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