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Purity in Touhou.
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I think the reason the Lunarians were so averse to the impurity the fairies in LoLK produced was a matter of degree, not difference. Junko's power brought out the fairies' latent life energy/impurity to its greatest extent, to the point where the Moon gained a breathable atmosphere. Because the Lunarians are hypocrites, they're okay with going to the earth for a night or dealing with the occasional human or youkai, but this level of impurity was presumably a different story, to say nothing of what Junko herself could do if they fought her directly. Or it could be the amount of exposure would be beyond what they could tolerate if they had to wage a proper war.

Also, I would argue that anything we know about celestials cannot be reliably applied to theories on Lunarians or purity, as we don't know if they're pure beings or even if heaven is classified as a pure land. ZUN remarked in his SoPM interview that Lunarians are "closer to hermits or celestials than humans," which taken another way means that all three are different types of beings with their own distinctions.

We know remarkably little about heaven or its residents compared to hell or the moon, but it is known that celestialhood is something you're "promoted" into, and that enlightenment itself does not a celestial make. Long-time hermits like Seiga can be passed over for celestialhood, and untrained humans like Tenshi can be made into celestials if they're chosen for whatever reason, and the physical difference is large enough that they go from delicacies to poison for youkai. The process that makes one a celestial is completely unknown, but even if heaven were a pure land, there's no reason to think it is the same method the Lunarians took. My personal theory is that hermits and celestials pursue a different path towards agelessness than the Lunarians do, as neither care about impurity or spending time on Earth - just averting death itself. But there's such little information on them that I'd be cautious about making any assumptions one way or the other.
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