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Shingyoku Quest - Part 1

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> Gensokyo has finally been calmed down. There doesn't seem to be any more immediate anomalies, apart from the increased amount of entities in the realms commonly thought of as afterlife. Hell, Heaven, even supposedly the animal realm.
> You've heard that of those sort of places, the Animal Realm might be the most troublesome for those of the outside world.
> "You're thinking about this a lot, huh? Thats not a lot like you."
> "To be fair, it does involve me a bit."
> "Same for me."
> "I doubt there's anyone as capable as you out there. Weren't you one of the best?"
> "So you're worried about them."
> "Fine, that too, I guess. Are we doing anything about it?"
>Though you wonder this, you've got a strange feeling. Ah, have they lost their drive? Must it be your turn now?
> Maybe you should check up on them in case they worry about it too much... it'll ease their minds, maybe.
> You're used to having another sort of will alongside you. It's at a disadvantage againdt you, however... hough you'll still let it have a shot.

> Who's getting the spotlight? The guy, or the gal?

> The gal, as is customary for Gensokyo.


--- Quote from: Kilgamayan on April 10, 2024, 02:37:41 AM ---> The gal, as is customary for Gensokyo.

--- End quote ---
> You are, for the time being, Kinan, the female half of Shingyoku.
> Once a powerful Kishin of hell, or at least "Jigoku", your attempt to reach another realm known as Gensokyo was thwarted by a feeble human.
> This wasn't any ordinary human. This one seemed to be a powerful spiritualist of some sort.
> Of course, it was absolutely nothing compared to you. Though this man wasted no time once he realized he was no match, sacrificing himself just to contain you.
> Being the extreme calamity that you are, you could easily destroy this formation - yet no matter how you did so or how many times, he would restore it good as new before you could finish.
> It was a counter to you...a stalemate was born
> However, through that stalemate - through the many years you were stuck with him, two people as one, you took a liking to him. He seems to think likewise. The both of you would rather be together like this than apart again, funny enough...

> "Are you done reminiscing?" Your partner and other half, Anzen, asks. Of course you're sure he's fine with you taking more time to refamiliarize yourself with... yourself - or with him.

// I was wondering who the main character was!
> In addition to our male and female halves, can we transform into an orb?


--- Quote from: Tom on April 10, 2024, 09:58:00 AM ---// I was wondering who the main character was!
> In addition to our male and female halves, can we transform into an orb?

--- End quote ---
> Yes. It's not really something either of you brought to the table, though seems to be a boon from sticking together so long, maybe...


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