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> Seija Quest Part 4

> You're Seija Kijin the rebellious Amanojaku.

> Tonight you were supposed to be accompanying Shinmyoumaru to the Full Moon Festival at the Hakurei Shrine, to help her feel a little more comfortable around these powerful and influential humans and Youkai.  She's pretty much your only ally in Gensokyo who hasn't forgotten you after your exile so you accepted helping her, even though you're an Amanojaku.

> However while walking up the long stairway to the Hakurei Shrine you spotted one of Aya's newspapers under the shrine's gate and the headline caught your attention, it read:
                             A Competition among Gensokyans
                                      To Fulfill all Ten Desires
Wealth? Knowledge? Prestige? Magic? Longevity? Any one of them can be yours~
Whoever can successfully cause an Incident without being caught will have their
greatest wish fulfilled~!
Everyone interested should gather at the Hakurei Shrine Grounds at Sunset.

Also in this Bunbunmaru issue:
>Another year of excellent crop yields thanks to Minoriko's blessings. (Page 2)
>The Kraken confirmed!?  Eyewitness reports from fishermen about strange sightings
under Misty Lake's surface! (Page 3)
>Reading Tarot Cards 101!  5 cards link you to your past, present and future, according
to an expert.  But which cards provide the highest accuracy of readings?  We compare results
from 5 different sets of cards across 30 individuals. (Page 4)
>An exclusive interview with Village Physician Unshou about the health benefits of
smoked herring, a village delicacy. (Page 5)

> The details about this competition were revealed during the Full Moon Festival.  A doll named Iris claimed that incidents have become mere nuisances and troublemakers are only dealt a simple slap on the wrist for causing them by a weak, misled by Youkai Hakurei Maiden.  Iris has promised that whoever causes a successful unresolved incident will get their greatest wish fulfilled, thus sparking conflict among the major forces in Gensokyo.

> The first incident happened shortly after Iris' announcement when the Hakurei Shrine was thoroughly destroyed by Mima with the assistance of Marisa and Yuuka.
// Since this quest is "chapter-ized" into different incidents full summaries won't be included for each one, though they are linked below:
> First Incident - The Hakurei Shrine destroyed once more: Thread 1 Thread 2
> Investigating - The mysterious doll named "Iris": Thread 3

> After the incident's conclusion Seija invited Reimu to spend the night at the Shining Needle Castle as Iris repaired the Hakurei Shrine.
> Following concerns from the librarian and princess, Mokou spent the next day investigating Alice for a possible connection to the doll Iris.  This unfortunately was inconclusive though some potentially interesting communications were found.
> After having met the librarian Patchouli during the Full Moon Festival (and subsequent incident) she quickly took interest in you and invited you to visit her at the Scarlet Devil Mansion's library.
> At the Scarlet Mansion's library you helped Patchouli learn about your magical "swapping" abilities, and in return she gave you a necklace with a crimson gem that appears to amplify your power.  You then met the "young mistress" Flandre for a duel arranged by the librarian, which you where you came into possession of a sword named "Excalibur".
> Upon leaving the Scarlet mansion you ran into a short blonde girl named Rumia who was really impressed with your duel against Flandre and really, really wanted to meet her!  After escorting her to the mansion for a playdate with Flandre you decided to head back to the Hakurei Shrine, only to find it empty.
> Deciding it was time to undo the size & location "swap" with Mokou you had performed earlier (to find out more about Iris), you wrote down a message telling her to rendezvous at the Hakurei Shrine to share findings.

> After undoing the swap you found yourself in a stormy foreign world, following a shadow you later came to know as "Sariel".  Not only is she exceptionally tall with *six wings* but she also claims to be a sort of "bounty hunter" that slays demons and mages!  Sariel agreed to help you return to your world, if in exchange she could search for any demon fugitives hiding there.  On the way back you accidentally found stumbled upon the Oni's Ancient City and had to trade your way up to something the bridge princess would consider "adequate payment" to permit you to leave.  In the Ancient City you visited Momoyo's Mining & Gem store, and purchased an odd metallic cylinder with a wheel and a red crystal that shoots real fireballs when struck against something.
> During your time with Sariel you learned that she used to work together with a powerful partner who disappeared long ago while hunting a powerful demon.  The only thing left was a sword with mysterious symbols on it.  Intrigued by her story you decided to help investigate and took a picture of the blade using your Tengu Camera so you could make further inquiries.

> Upon leaving the Ancient City you emerged from a cave behind the Hakurei Shrine which had a sign reading "Cave to the Ancient City".  Upon closer inspection Sariel noticed that the "Ancient City" part appeared to be nailed on top of an older sign, which when made semitransparent (using your inversion ability) revealed that the old sign read "Hell & Makai".

> You then decided to travel towards the Human Village to visit Suzunaan and met Meiling the Scarlet Mansion's gatekeeper.  After showing her the picture of the mysterious blade she suggested visiting the Scarlet Mansion's head maid, who is apparently "quite the knife collector".
> At the Human Village you ran into Tenshi, who tried to convince you take a step into to the village casino to "find your fortune".
> Wanting to avoid getting sidetracked you politely declined and headed off towards Suzunaan, who identified the script on the knife as an ancient Western script which spelled "Darkness".
> On the way out of the village you popped into the blacksmith's workshop where you met Kogasa.  Upon showing her the sword given to you by Patchouli she was immediately impressed by the foreign craftsmanship and wished to study it some more.  You then learned it may in fact be a legendary sword from West known by many names such as "The Sword of Light" or "Excalibur".

> Wishing to introduce Sariel to Shinmyoumaru without revealing the Shining Needle Castle's location you decided to repeat the "swap trick" you performed earlier with Reimu to instantly transport her to the castle.  Only this time Sariel is thinking with portals and has a trick up her sleeve to save you the return trip!
> While waiting for you to reach the castle Sariel observed the puppeteer Alice, accompanied by two dolls named "Shanghai" and "Hourai" making an 'illicit exchange' with a third small figure.  The puppeteer appeared to receive a disc-shaped object that she's been clutching tightly ever since.

> At the Shining Needle Castle you found Shinmyoumaru in the observatory, who was very impressed with how tall you've gotten from swapping size with Sariel and is really eager to try being that big herself!

> Chuckle.
> "Okay, sure. But let's get Sariel swapped in here first, okay? I don't want to leave her hanging more than I already have."

> "Sure!" she nods.

> "Alright. Make sure to mention you're the Princess I've told her about. See you again in a bit."
> Undo our swap with Sariel.


--- Quote from: Kilgamayan on February 09, 2024, 11:42:54 PM ---> "Alright. Make sure to mention you're the Princess I've told her about. See you again in a bit."
> Undo our swap with Sariel.

--- End quote ---
> "I certainly will!"
> You disrupt the magical energy maintaining the switch and end up back at the bridge near the village, only this time you're apparently hiding up in a tree!
> Surprised by the change of scenery you lose your footing and fall ... into a portal on the ground!
> Which leads back to the Shining Needle Castle's observatory!  Where you're shot out of the other end (preserving your falling momentum) and make yet another mini Amanojaku-shaped hole in the wall...


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