Author Topic: Atelier Resleriana: gacha crafting game with (some of) your favorite protagonist  (Read 2652 times)

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So it turns out there's an Atelier gacha game that just released in English. Still JP voices only, though. Sucks, but considering the Star Ocean (defunct) gacha game's constant use of sound-alikes, I'm not quite as salty about that. What I am a little bit salty about is the fact that everyone uses the same few sets of facial animations regardless of their personalities - Linca and Vayne look very strange looking smug. Also like in post-Dusk era, basically no one is wearing anything resembling a solid bra, so expect DoA jiggle physics from anyone bigger than a B cup.

Get it on mobile through your relevant Google Play/Apple Store app; or get it on PC through Steam. Cross-play is available, though a little tense setting up the first time because it's a little badly worded. Expect to need at least 4GB initially on your phone/tablet, 8GB on Steam.

Gacha rates/prices are kind of meh: 4% for a SSR character, .5% for one of the four rate-up characters. One free pull per day. Pity can be redeemed after 150 summons using stones (free stones are okay, getting 3*s won't break pity, getting a duplicate of a rate-up increases the pity by 50 instead of 1, and pity carries over). Presumably it's the standard 3* set plus whoever's on rate up, but I don't have knowledge of that. At 3k stones per 10-summon, the single-use x2 max pack for $80 USD is precisely 40 summons; the regular max pack is only 24 summons. There's no monthly pass as far as I can tell, so $2 per summon is about the best you can get if you have to spend money, with $3.33 being the "best" value if you exhaust all the x2 packs.

(In case you care about referral codes: 4mjxt7ixeoyr is mine)

I've had my eyes on the Atelier series for a while. I've only played Riza 2 and Mana Khemia 1 so I'm still on the tip of the Atelier iceberg. This looks like an alright game to pick up to get a surface level understanding of the Atelier protagonists before I play their respective games. File size doesn't look bad (for now), due to some recent issues of mine I've been having to cut back on having big files so I've had to purge a lot of gacha games from my device.