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In Defiance Of Transience (Tenshi Quest)

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>You are Tenshi Hinanai, The Celestial of The Aurora, The Girl of the Sphere of Neither Perception or Non-Perception, and other grandiose titles both made by and given to you. Right now, you're on the way to the Shining Needle Castle to have a small (heh) meetup with Shinmyoumaru Sukuna and Shion Yorigami, two friends you've made since that incident involving Urban Legends that lasted way too long.
>Shion is with you on this journey, both because you like being with her and vice-versa, but also because you're worried her bad luck might manifest unfavourably and cause her to miss this gathering.
>You can see the Shining Needle Castle from here and it's only a short flight away, but you still have time to take stock of some things.
#Okay, life was very difficult, but I hope that this can prove a good outlet and actually be consistent for a long period of time unlike the other one.

> Inventory
> Relationships beyond the immediately-relevant duo
> Is there any specific purpose to this meet-up?

>Are we riding on a keystone? If so of what size.
>How much of a grandiose entrance can we make without stirring up conflict?
>Did we bring any gifts? We gotta have good courtesy.

> How infinite is our supply of peaches?


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You decidde to take stock of your belongings...
"Tenshi's Inventory": >Sword of Hisou: A Celestial artifact that chooses its wielder, in this case, you. It can Identify one's Spirit and manipulate weather phenomena utilising Spirit and Scarlet Energy. It can also morph into different shapes and is bonded to you so it's always on hand and convieniently takes practically no storage space. It can also Manipulate and seal a person's Spirit.

>Keystones: You have a near infinite supply of these. Only the Nai Clan (that you belong to) can manipulate Keystones, they're essentially large slabs of black granite wrapped in shimenawa rope. You use these in a variety of ways, as a platform for flying, as a shield, as bullets, as options, the sky is the limit as they say. You surprisingly haven't had to use their main purpose, supression of earthquakes over a long period of time, all that much.

>Heavenly Peaches: You're sick of these but you still keep them on you. These peaches are the only food in Heaven and over a long period of time of eating only them they give you superhuman endurance and strength. Eating one immediately gives you a huge surge of endurance and strength as well as healing most wounds. Ignoring that your hat continues to grow these things everytime they're plucked, you could quite easily go to your portion of Heaven and grab more, not that you would unless you were desperate.
--- Quote from: Kilgamayan on December 21, 2023, 03:48:35 AM ---> Relationships beyond the immediately-relevant duo

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You also think back to some of your relationships, mostly with Gensokyo residents. Most of them aren't positive...
"Tenshi's Relationships": >Iku Nagae, Oarfish of the Typhoon, A.K.A. Your glorified nanny: This woman is a servant of the Heavens and was told to watch over you in particular. You know she has your wellbeing in mind but you don't like how she butts into your business sometimes and ruins your fun. You still can't bring yourself to hate her, mostly because she is nice and polite when not chastising you which is rare but always good when it occurs.

>The Nai Clan, Your family, For better or for worse: Your family who ascended with you into Heaven after their servitude to the Nawi-no-Kami. Because they didn't have any of the training or rigour typical of a Celestial, they were ostracised by the rest of the Celestial community. Despite this, they adapted to the land well, at least, better than you did. You don't meet with them often anymore due to your delinquency reflecting badly on them, you just know that they're going to tell you to stop going to Earth and you don't want to hear that.

>Suika Ibuki, Oni of The Sprinkle, A.K.A.  Your forceful neighbour: Suika still has that slice of your Heaven from when she defeated you during the Scarlet Weather Incident. You would be a bit more upset or worried but the oni doesn't seem to do anything nefarious or scheming with that plot of land, she just holds parties that last really long and doesn't invite you, which you think might be her way of snubbing you. You give her your peaches sometimes to make some sake but you still get sick of the taste.

>Komachi Onozuka, Shinigami of The River Mist, A.K.A. Your partner in crime: A Shinigami that helped you break into a Hermit's Senkai and subsequently into Avici. Since then, you've had a decent relationship with her, chatting about whatever happened recently whenever she's on break (which is often), sending inquries to the Yama through her (which is rare) and having friendly spars for fun. Despite both of you liking each other a bit you two don't really go any further, probably due to the relationship between Celestials and Shinigami in general...

>Reimu Hakurei, Maiden of Kaisei, A.K.A. The Incident Resolution Specialist: You point out this relationship due to playing a part in saving her life when you and her were in Avici against an Oni. She may not like you due to the events surrounding the Scarlet Weather Incident, but she does know that you wouldn't try to endanger her again.

>Yukari Yakumo, Gap Hag of The Sunshower, A.K.A. Your (im)mortal enemy: This hag hates you specifically out of all Celestials, and the feeling is mutual. This may be due to your behaviour in the Scarlet Weather Incident, but she isn't going to be happy or nice whenever she sees you. Thankfully, you two have a untold truce: you don't mess with her, and she most likely won't mess with you.

--- Quote from: Kilgamayan on December 21, 2023, 03:48:35 AM ---> Is there any specific purpose to this meet-up?

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>Not really. You three meetup decently often to talk about recent happenings, eat some food, and have fun. Very casual.

--- Quote from: degradingwindow on December 21, 2023, 06:21:53 AM --->Are we riding on a keystone? If so of what size.

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>Yes you are riding a Keystone. It's about a "Medium Size", most people would describe it as a small boulder instead of a Keystone if it weren't for the unique shape and the shimenawa.

--- Quote from: degradingwindow on December 21, 2023, 06:21:53 AM --->How much of a grandiose entrance can we make without stirring up conflict?

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>Pretty grandiose you would say. Any entrance you make is grandiose in your humble opinion, but when you want to make a show of it you drop down from the sky on a keystone, brandish your Sword of Hisou, and announce your entrance to all!
>Shinmyoumaru doesn't need this much pomp and grandeur because she already knows you well, but you have done it once and she didn't really seem that upset except for asking you to fix anything you broke. Which you complied with easily.

--- Quote from: degradingwindow on December 21, 2023, 06:21:53 AM --->Did we bring any gifts? We gotta have good courtesy.

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>...No, you didn't. This is a big faux pas from you. If you were a bit more proud and arrogant you would say that you arriving would be a gift in and of itself, but you're not. Shinmyoumaru deserves something better.

--- Quote from: Tom on December 21, 2023, 06:51:18 AM ---> How infinite is our supply of peaches?

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>Quite literally as big as the Heavens. These things grow all over the place and the Celestials don't really care if there are five or five-thousand of them. As long as you have access to Heaven, you have access to peaches.


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