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Neko Project 21 Kai: Percussion not audible
I'm on Linux, running _Neko Project 21 Kai_ over Wine, and in _Highly Responsive to Prayers_ none of the percussion channels are working.
I don't understand a lick of PC-98 emulation. My personal research into this issue has lead me down a labyrinth of broken links and Japanese websites. I'm pulling my hair out here.
I followed this guide for setting up NP21K: https://gang-fight.com/projects/98faq/
Could you please specify in what way are they not working?
Do they just produce garbled sound or no sound at all?
They were not present at all. I did manage to get it working just now.
For anyone else struggling, visit
https://web.archive.org/web/20101208195033/http://www.ylw.mmtr.or.jp/~hosino/ma-net/bins/archive/game_sample/m88/, download ym2608rl_fmpmd.zip  ,
and extract the files to the folder with NP21K.
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