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How to setup/run touhou 1-5


So I'm getting into TouHou and I wanted to start from the beginning, only thing is Its a PC98 File and the emulators I'm trying wont work or don't have instructions to set them up, if anyone could help that would be great thanks!

you may search win transkated versions in chinese or japanese,I've seen those somewhere....

First, you should have the dsi files for each of the games:
<Link removed>

Then you should find a pc-98 emulator. I personally use anex86e1.

Then when you open the emulator, you load the dsi files.

If you have any problems feel free to ask

Don't link directly to official game free downloads. Discussing them is fine; linking them is not.

We realize the PC-98 games aren't practically available any other way, but it's better to be safe.

First, obtain the rom files somehow.

Next, find an emulator and boot the rom files. Done.

Emulators vary greatly in quality. I spent years hopping between Anex, np2 and its variants, and Next, but only Dosbox-X offered performance that was actually playable.

Fortunately, they have a very good setup guide that happens to use Touhou as an example, so I'd follow that https://dosbox-x.com/wiki/Guide%3APC%E2%80%9098-emulation-in-DOSBox%E2%80%90X


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