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Re: Touhou Accomplishments Thread 24: v3 Edition
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Still haven't got my Lunatic 1cc, but Touhou Replay Showcase were asking for players to take part in a live event and while I felt too out of practice to give MoF Lunatic a go, I decided to submit UM Hard to see if I could get my first 1cc live, on a stream where I would only get a single attempt (but, of course, I could practise as much as I wanted in my own time).

And I did it. Four official games cleared on Hard now, and a huge confidence boost. The run started to take a downward turn in the middle, but I held my nerves and captured Yin-Yang Suffocation, and that was when I felt pretty sure I was turning things around and could still make it. Got a ridiculous dodge just after st6 midboss by complete fluke, but I finished with 3 spare lives (could very nearly have been 5, just misjudged how much health Chimata's 2nd had left) so I don't have to feel that it was a lucky win.