Author Topic: Touhou 19 UDoALG P2P Netplay patch  (Read 2036 times)

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Touhou 19 UDoALG P2P Netplay patch
« on: September 13, 2023, 05:53:19 AM »
Decided I should post this to archive it somewhere that isn't a walled-off Discord so that search engines can see it.

RUEEE, a Chinese fan, has released a p2p netplay patch a couple days ago. From testing with other members of the UDoALG Discord, this netplay is quite reliable and the best we have at the moment. Desyncs pretty much never happen in-game, only occasionally in the menus.

Here's the GitHub repository which has a readme you should read thoroughly and has the download link:

Some extra notes:
  • If both the host and guest have IPv6 addresses, that's the ideal. Things should just work.
  • If port forwarding, only the host needs to port forward
  • To minimize menu desyncs, always make connections from the main menu screen, with the same item highlighted
  • Make sure both sides have all characters unlocked before playing netplay
  • Low delay gives you less input lag but lower framerate depending on network conditions, higher delay the opposite (higher input lag but smoother framerate). From experimentation, 6-9 is a good range depending how far you are from your opponent. The default of 3 is too low.

Happy netplaying! Join the netplay Discord if you want to find a match
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