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Your friends and touhou
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Do you have any friends who are touhou fans? Have you tried to introduce your friends to touhou?

I have 2 friends who are touhou fans like me, though only one is actually into it (his favourite character is suwako!) :cirnotan:
yup, got a ton of frens that love touhou, even introduced some, sadly i have no IRL friends that know touhou, id doubt any person in my school knows what a "reimu hakerei" is lel. maybe i havent seen them but id doubt it.
I wish I had IRL friends who are into Touhou. I've introduced it to plenty of them, but none of them really look into it. The only person who actually formed an opinion was my ex-girlfriend, who ended up hating Touhou because I wouldn't shut up about it. Whenever I wanted to listen to the music while I was near her, I had to use headphones.
So this board isn't dead after all :meiling:

--- Quote from: Vance_croowa_08 on March 31, 2023, 07:21:32 PM ---So this board isn't dead after all :meiling:

--- End quote ---

It's only as dead as people let it be. I'm a big proponent for independent forums, revitalizing this one only needs a few regulars to be on and posting every day.
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