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Turnabout Touhou Gaiden (逆転東方外伝) English Patch
« on: March 10, 2023, 12:01:48 AM »

Here is my English translation patch for a side tory of the circle Suicayasan's Gyakuten Touhou series,
Tournabout Touhou Gaiden. It's contains one main episode starring Marisa and one bonus episode.

The full series can be purchased from DLsite here:
This is a link to the all-ages side of DLsite, but standard precautions should probably still be applied.

The Turnabout Touhou Gaiden english patch can be downloaded here:(updated 2023-03-13)
Installing the patch is just a matter of pasting the patch2.xp3 file into the same folder as "逆転東方外伝.exe",
which is found in the folder of the same name. The game will still need to be run in Japanese applocale.
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