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Rock Maiden 2/3 - Error 38


That Guy:
So I had Rock Maiden 2 and 3 working on an older Windows 7 computer, and have transferred them to a new Windows 10 computer (just straight up right click -> move files, no full reinstall or anything). Now both of them are giving me "Error 38" any time I try to play them, though I'm in Japanese locale. Any known solutions?

Note that I also transferred Rock Maiden 1 but that worked right out of the box.

heres a quick checklist to try
make sure youve downloaded any and all dependencies the game uses (directx stuff, vc, .NET)
try running in compatibility mode for windows 7
try copying those files you copied to win10 in a windows 7 vm, if they still dont run, something important is likely missing
if you get to this step, try full reinstall the game

That Guy:
As it turns out it was a .dll file issue; I was missing MSVCR71.dll and the game was dependent on that. All has been fixed.


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